kadis etrama di raizel


Иииииии… полная версия!

Непередаваемая игра слов =D

Special for the English speaking readers.

Main theme - in russian яйца=eggs=balls

1# M-21, be careful, and you, Tao, don’t be so nervous.

2# Takeo, quiet please. Raizel-nim having a rest.

3# Tao, do not put yous wires anywhere you want. Especially on Raizel-nim’s spot.

4# Lady Frankenstein is very angry

5# F: OK, i’m owfully tired of three of you. Do whatever you want, but do not destroy the house and DO NOT DISTURB MASTER!

After 5 days of a precarious peace.

6# Well, i think you understood.

7# R: Don’t brake his balls/the eggs.

All: WTF, he couldn’t say so!

8# R: … Chicken eggs. For ramyon.

F: *about to cry*

P.S. Sorry for my awful English.