“Kadic was founded by a wealthy Jewish man after World War II as a memorial to some of his family members who died during the Holocaust. (Some of that family included people who disabled and people that lived in Poland) The school was founded in hopes of creating “a school where anyone, no matter who they are, can learn as equals."” (submitted by anonymous)



“Ulrich, will you… uhhh.. would you - would you be my date?”


“I’d be glad to, Milly! I’ll see you here at eight.”




“Why, sure! You’re not too mad at me, are you, Yumi?”


“Not at all. Anyway, my secret admirer will take me tonight.  Right, Odd?


"What?! But, Ulrich! You- You’re gonna go with that- that silly baby?!”


“That’s right. I sure am. But don’t worry, when your brain gets another neuron or two, maybe I’ll go out with you, too.

“Kadic Academy hosts ‘preparatory’ classes for 5th grade students entering 6th grade, because Kadic only carries grades 6 - 12. 3 days a week for the month of April, these classes teach students about owning a room, rules, and also partake in educational activities, like the science project Mrs. Hertz assigned in 'Hot Shower’. These classes are important for students who have not yet attended a charter school before.” (submitted by anonymous)

Kadic’s Vampire


i ffucking deleted the post on accident, this is that vampire starter]]

Dunbar leaned heavily against the wall behind his bed, fingers clenching his stomach tightly against the racing pain of cramps. He needed to feed. He’d gone long enough, just to allay Kadic’s floating rumors and accusations of a Beast or Monster roaming the halls and attacking the populace. It was hard enough to feed as it was, and if everyone was wary and distrusting of everyone else, he’d likely starve.

His eyes raked over the clock on the wall, and he was faintly aware of the red glint to his eyes in the reflection. Barely there, but come morning or tomorrow even, his eyes wouldn’t be that slate grey everyone was aware of, it would be a deep, bloody red. The same thing he craved.

Ten o clock at night. Everyone would be asleep, and in their dorms by now. But, if they weren’t.. Well, Dunbar would feed off them. It’s plain and simple. He slides off the bed and makes his way to the door.

Out he slinks, gliding down the hall as silent as ever. Taking in the closed doors along the hall, and dim light that made everything just barely readable, if you tried. Or you were him, built to be in the dark most of your life now.

He wondered who he’d find? Who would sate the hunger he held? Not a teacher, certainly. That lilting hypnotic speech that he held would not work on them. Not that he’d tried. It had worked well enough to get his prey close, to get his prey quiet, calm, as he fed. If they panicked, he could hurt them far more with those fangs of his. Best to keep them subdued.

Who was in the halls for him tonight?

Rising from the ashes of the Code Lyoko fandom, I give you those chibi characters I’ve been working on for a potential open-world video game that’s never going to happen ; allowing you to play as a new Kadic student chosen between each lyoko warriors there ever was.

Most of you should already know Odd, Yumi, Aelita, Ulrich and Jeremy. A few more perhaps are familiar with William, who was introduced during season 2 and only joined the group after a rough journey.

As for the two last female characters, the first one is none over than the famous Eva Skinner, introduced as an American young girl with a very important role in the book serie following the events of season 4 : Code Lyoko Chronicles. She only exists in the universe from these novels, so I had to improvise with the 3rd volume cover (that features her in the front) for her look.

The last character is Laura Gauthier, a new Kadic student as clever as Jeremy but a lot more self-absorbed. She kind of forced her way to the group in the live-action serie : Code Lyoko Evolution, which proposes another continuation of the main storyline, and has nothing to do with the story told by Code Lyoko Chronicles. Once again, I had to improvise while drawing her because she was played by a real-life actress an never existed as a cartoon character.

So here they are, all Lyoko-warriors from all universes at last united in one picture ! Hope you like this silly and pointless drawing. Enjoy~

Cryptic Heart (closed RP with brokenxana)

Naomi was a new student at Kadic Academy, having been sent here after her adoptive parents decided she’d be better off at a private school following a few incidents at her previous school. Naomi pulled her luggage, consisting of one large suitcase, a backpack and a smaller suitcase, down the halls towards a room currently housing one student, but since she hadn’t met this student yet, she was a bit nervous about this place, something just seemed…off… She didn’t know what, but she was intent on making sure she wasn’t going to get into any trouble while she was here. That’s when Sisi, the Principal’s daughter, walked up to her,

“You sharing a room with that weird cousin of Jeremy’s? Good luck, she’s just unbearably annoying…” Naomi ignored Sisi and knocked on the door, half eager to meet her roommate, and half nervous as she held the paperwork that she was supposed to show her roommate from the Principal about her having to room with the current resident.


There’s never a wrong time for a fashion upgrade.

Mettaton, Papyrus- Me (cancerousuniverse.tumblr.com)

Alphys- Dusty (dustyoldroses.tumblr.com)

Undyne- Afina (celestialtoxophilite.tumblr.com)

Art- http://egophiliac.tumblr.com/post/144849082411/i-was-gonna-go-to-bed-but-then-my-brain-said

Music- Kadic 2 (Code Lyoko), Death By Glamour (Undertale), Up Up Up! (Catherine), Russian Bodyguard (Durarara), Bonetrousle (Undertale)



The absurd squawking of animals cause discomfort within the samurai warrior, startling him awake. Gleaming amber pupils glancing around his surroundings in apprehension…. and that’s when… no, wait… this isn’t the tower in Kadic! He no longer saw a futuristic building with blinding neon lights, but pockets and pockets of trees and plants. Vines coil around the trees and across the ground. The muggy, still hot air pricks on his skin, causing him to feel clammy. Lines of ultraviolet rays are coming far from the treetops. Rumbles of thunder go on and off every now and then. He isn’t at Paris anymore, oh no…. this has to be a huge tropical rainforest. To make matters worse, it may as well be the Amazon. Gripping tightly on his katana, he begins to speculate on how he got here. It was… peculiar. All that he can recall is a violet battle with XANA’s mechs… then everything went black. Though, he felt something warp through his body… as if he was brought here on purpose. Teeth gritting tightly, he came to the conclusion. “XANA did this….”