“Kadic Academy hosts ‘preparatory’ classes for 5th grade students entering 6th grade, because Kadic only carries grades 6 - 12. 3 days a week for the month of April, these classes teach students about owning a room, rules, and also partake in educational activities, like the science project Mrs. Hertz assigned in 'Hot Shower’. These classes are important for students who have not yet attended a charter school before.” (submitted by anonymous)



“Ulrich, will you… uhhh.. would you - would you be my date?”


“I’d be glad to, Milly! I’ll see you here at eight.”




“Why, sure! You’re not too mad at me, are you, Yumi?”


“Not at all. Anyway, my secret admirer will take me tonight.  Right, Odd?


"What?! But, Ulrich! You- You’re gonna go with that- that silly baby?!”


“That’s right. I sure am. But don’t worry, when your brain gets another neuron or two, maybe I’ll go out with you, too.

Rising from the ashes of the Code Lyoko fandom, I give you those chibi characters I’ve been working on for a potential open-world video game that’s never going to happen ; allowing you to play as a new Kadic student chosen between each lyoko warriors there ever was.

Most of you should already know Odd, Yumi, Aelita, Ulrich and Jeremy. A few more perhaps are familiar with William, who was introduced during season 2 and only joined the group after a rough journey.

As for the two last female characters, the first one is none over than the famous Eva Skinner, introduced as an American young girl with a very important role in the book serie following the events of season 4 : Code Lyoko Chronicles. She only exists in the universe from these novels, so I had to improvise with the 3rd volume cover (that features her in the front) for her look.

The last character is Laura Gauthier, a new Kadic student as clever as Jeremy but a lot more self-absorbed. She kind of forced her way to the group in the live-action serie : Code Lyoko Evolution, which proposes another continuation of the main storyline, and has nothing to do with the story told by Code Lyoko Chronicles. Once again, I had to improvise while drawing her because she was played by a real-life actress an never existed as a cartoon character.

So here they are, all Lyoko-warriors from all universes at last united in one picture ! Hope you like this silly and pointless drawing. Enjoy~


i found this song via a monster factory parody that someone made and now i’m crying because it’s giving me all these franz and aelita feels.

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AJ was out for a walk around Kadic Academy when he pulled out his phone, deciding to listen to some music. As he looked through the phone to find something to listen to he accidentally bumps into someone "Oh crud sorry."

The white eyed teenager with multi-colored hair was looking at her fake phone. She had a real phone in her mind. She used the fake one to make the nearby humans think she’s normal. She was reading over a text Odd sent her of Kiwi playing in the leaves nearby. She looked up at the person that ran into her.

“It’s fine.” She offered up a warm smile to him.

Code: July || Day 5

Sports || My AU

As much as Ulrich would LOVE to get his dad off his back somewhat, he has to be careful about playing soccer when he first got his powers… Due to the super speed, he could have easily shown off. But then he’d risk the whole team being exposed and XANA winning!

Thankfully the others helped him with this by practicing with him in the woods near Kadic so he didn’t suddenly zip off.

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What do you and Puppy think Sissi's Lyoko form would be like?

Like a fricking QUEEN.

Hear me out, this girl just walks around Kadic basically screaming “untouchable”. She gives herself a LOT of power over the rest of the students simply because of who her father is. So I like to imagine her lyoko form would project that onto her avatar making her a monach.

As for weapons, something similar to a chuí, but ornamented to look like a queen’s staff. I just want to see Sissi saving a “damsel in distress” Ulrich. That and just her smashing Xanwill’s face into smoke. Yeaaa. -mod puppy

“Believe it or not, Odd hates April Fools Day. The first year that he joined Kadic, Ulrich, Yumi, and Jeremie braced themselves for anything and everything Odd might do. Instead, he ignored the slightest notion to pull anything. Even Jim thought that something was up. Eventually, he revealed his hatred of the holiday (and the reason–his five sisters). Everyone just collapsed in a heap.” (submitted by @teen-lyoko-fan7777)

Adrien’s Extended Family

So now I’ve come up with this crazy mess of ideas on Adrien and his extended family SO I’m spamming all of you with them!

As we all in the Miraculous community know, Adrien is this adorable kitten right here:

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Who happens to also be this sassy little kitten who is also adorable and goes by the name Chat Noir

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And so some time ago I theorized that Adrien was cousins with Tamaki Suoh, otherwise known as the “Prince” of the Ouran High School Host Club.

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Because, well…

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Many reasons including, but not limited to, both being blond French rich kids and the theory that Tamaki is a year older than Adrien. They’re related through their mothers, and, as kids, they were closer until Tamaki moved to Japan, but they still talk all the time via e-mail (and thus where Adrien gets all his dating/flirting advice from).

NOW I have extended the family to include…

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This nerd.

Odd Della Robbia is, in my head cannon, second cousins to Adrien (his dad is cousins with Adrien’s mom), and Odd is a year younger than Adrien. THIS came about after learning that Hawkdaddy storyboarded Code Lyoko, and, well…

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I think the crazy cat thing runs in the family.

On top of the bad jokes, puns, dorkiness, and the fact that he calls his cute female friend with a sassy side “Princess.” For Odd, tho, he only saw Adrien a few summers. His dad was half-Italian and lived in Italy, married, and had Odd and his sisters with his wife there. Odd only saw Adrien a handful of summers when they came to visit until Odd was like “Hey, I wanna go to school in France” out of the blue. So they did their research and found Kadic, a boarding school, just outside of Paris. Since moving back, Odd always means to call up his cousin but… ah… Xana.

Then we have Felix.

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Felix Agreste is Adrien’s stuck-up older cousin on his dad’s side who needs to learn to loosen up. He lives in Nice where, at eighteen, he’s studying to be a Business Mogul and Economist. Sadly, he picked up a cursed ring one day and is now stuck with bad luck and an annoying little cat spirit named Vex (we have never confirmed the Kwami names from the PV so I’m taking some liberties) who tries to get Felix to defend the city from evil specters who take over normal people (Vex is willing to, well, annoy the hell out of Felix to get this to happen). Felix only really does so when it gets in his way. He also can’t get the ring off (that is until he learns to give and not take - aka, he can only take if off when he DOESN’T want to give it up, when he learns to help others no matter what). He doesn’t talk to Adrien much so neither knows of the other’s “furry” issues…

AND THAT’S what I got so far! Let’s see how Adrien family grows (。◕‿‿◕。)

“Fluffy headcanon (I have a lot of these…) When Aelita was new to Kadic, she would often get scared at the smallest noise, especially at night. When she did get scared, she would go to either Jeremy’s or to Odd and Ulrich’s room and spend the night there. Jeremy was almost always asleep at his computer and the smell of Odd’s feet was nauseating, so she spent most of the time asleep in Ulrich’s bed. Although she fell asleep in their rooms, she would always wake up tucked in her own bed, Mister Puck in her arms.” (submitted by nocturnaltracker)

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Arashi had returned to Kadic, his form in disguise, he looked very human, no tail. He smiled as he felt the air around him.

Jeremie was sitting on his favourite bench in the courtyard. His laptop was out and open as he worked on some new codes.

Other ‘Aged Up’ versions: Yumi | Ulrich | William

Odd here is a special case since there’s a lot I have to talk about with him since majority of what I have for him here is mostly headcanon rather than actual canon so please bear with me here. 

  • Baby: Only son and child between the newly wed Della Robbia family. Likes to be butt naked cause god knows why.
  • 4-5 years old: His parents decided he was old enough to be solely taken cared for by his older sisters and was regularly left at home while his parents were gone for work and his sisters had either school or work. They got him Kiwi at this time cause he complained about being lonely one time and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 
  • 10 years old: Has grown into an adorable boy to a complete little shit thanks to the lack of parents in his life and his sisters barely being able to handle how much of a bastard he is. Despite his troublesome behavior, he knows how to easily charm people into giving him slack quite well for his age.
  • 12-13 years old: ‘Code Lyoko era’. Got sent to Kadic after his sisters finally decided they couldn’t handle too many teenagers in the house. Brought Kiwi with him because he didn’t trust leaving him with his sisters and in case he was going to have a hard time at the school so at least he wouldn’t be alone. Also the time where his hormones start going crazy and he practically chases after every girl in the school at least once.
  • 14-15 years old: ‘Evolution era’. Practically stays the same height to his dismay because Puberty doesn’t like him. Forced to send Kiwi back home after he probably gets found by Jim (and with the Supercomputer out at the time, they can’t RTTP so Odd could fix his mistake). While still madly into girls, he’s unable to get back into dating as much as he’s used to in the past merely because he’s already dated all of the girls in his and Yumi’s grade and doesn’t swing for younger chicks and his reputation isn’t exactly….great. 
  • Early 20s: ‘College AU era’. Continues to room with Ulrich outside of Kadic cause it beats having to get to know a complete stranger and possible serial killer. Kiwi dies waaay early on in this AU and he’s still upset about his death to the point he can’t just get another dog (that and the apartment they live in doesnt allow pets). Like the others, he carries a horrid reputation from Kadic but he has somewhat of a functioning social life compared to them. His dating life has resorted to one night stands as he just can’t seem to find the one to fill the void in his heart.