Kaisoo Analysis : Body Language ( Part 2)

3 - Physical Intimacy :

In the human body, the most vulnerable areas, are considered the neck, the face and the torso ( it contains most of our vital organs such lungs and heart ). If you do not like someone or if you are not close to them ( in other words, you don’t trust them), you will not give them access to those ‘vulnerable’ areas. You will always angle your torso away, cover you neck or look away even without realizing it. For example, in metro/subway stations, you will notice how everyone is almost always ‘curling’ into themselves around strangers. That’s mainly because the brain signals to the body whether that someone is 'safe’ to be around or not and the body reacts accordingly. Therefore, the more comfortable you are around someone, the more trusting and open your body language would be with them. 

By observing Kaisoo for several years now, I noticed how unguarded their bodies seem to be around each other. Personal space is not much of an issue in their interactions. They don’t flinch away from physical contact, even if it is initiated by either of them in a unexpected way.

 I find this is quite interesting because out of all the EXO members, I would say that those two are the most conscious of their personal and physical space. This can be seen in the way they shy away from fanservice, unlike some of the other members. They also tend to stick to the ‘corners’ in crowded stages, areas or choose to remain behind the rest, slight pressed to them. Those are all clues/indications of an introverted body language. So for them to be perfectly okay with little to almost no personal space between them, that’s an undeniable sign of how close/intimate they are. 

Note the pictures below.

Notice how they heads almost always angled towards one another in most of the pictures/gifs above. There is an evident natural ease in their bodies when they’re touching.

I also observed how they tend to press up against each other when seated or standing next to one another.

Also, in most off-stage group pictures they take, they are often maintaining bodily contact, gravitating to one end of the queue or to the corner.

They also maintain physical contact when there is no reason for either of them to be close.

 In this picture below, Kai had no actual reason to press up against Kyungsoo. As you can see, there is enough space for him to stand elsewhere.

Also, technically, if Kai wanted to balance himself, he didn’t have to wrap his hands around Kyungsoo’s waist in this picture below. He could’ve easily folded them behind his back.

Same observation :

In here, I can’t see the need in Kai wanting to hold Kyungsoo’s hand. They were already next to each other.

Also, Kyungsoo had no immediate reason to cling to Kai’’s back/waist in here either.

 or here

What I found most intriguing is how receptive Kyungsoo is of the contact. He almost never pulls away or rejects Kai. It’s incredibly trusting how he even allowed Kai to touch his neck in several occasions. The neck is the part that we ,as humans, feel most protective of. Even if a family member were to try and touch your neck directly, you will unconsciously flinch or pull away because it is an instinctive response. However Soo displays no such hesitance. It’s interesting.

Something else to note is that whenever they whisper to each other, they expose their necks to the other person easily and without much though. You don’t notice a flinch or a hesitation in the contact. 

I have one more section left to cover in my analysis and I would like to leave it for another last post as I seem to be unable to upload anymore pics for some reason. I apologize for having to stop here. 

As always, I’d love to thank all the creators of the gifs and pics used in this post, none of them are mine. Also thank  you to whoever reading this :) 

Kaisoo Analysis : Body Language ( Part 1)

When you are attracted to someone or feel a certain intimate pull towards them, whether you are conscious of it or not, your body will expose you.  Unlike the mouth, the body does not lie. It essentially behaves upon instincts, therefore bypassing the process of filtering that thoughts/mental conceptions systematically go through in conversations. For example, someone frightens you, you jump away while screaming. You don’t plan your reaction, you just do. Someone is saying something that you do not like or disagree greatly with, you fold your arms tightly around your chest without even realizing it.

I’ve been studying psychology for 5 years as an option class alongside my main Masters in literature and I was fortunate enough to have great psychology professors. We talked about various themes and aspects of the human mind as well as the body. What I am going to use in this analysis is knowledge that I’ve gained through the courses and my own personal opinions/readings. I wanted to apply that on the case study of Kaisoo. The conclusion does not matter as much to me as the freedom to explore this option.

I’m going to provide a list of clues and behavioral patterns that the body of a male exhibits when attracted or feel emotionally connected to someone else. Those clues must not be taken separately but it’s rather the whole of them together that might signal an attraction/pull of a certain depth/degree.

1) The head tilt :

Whenever a certain someone is speaking and you always find yourself unconsciously titling your head ( to one side, sometimes alongside angling your body as well) while looking at them. Not once or twice but often around them and for a considerable period of time. That means that they hold your interest, in more than one way. It might not be interest in the physical sense but  they do somehow  ‘fascinate’ you, whether intellectually or by just being who they are. It mostly translates into you liking that person,appreciating how they speak and who they are in general.

I noticed that Kai does have a tendency of doing this while staring at Kyungsoo. I’ve observed Kai in several interviews and he does pay great attention to whoever speaking ( due to his personality/polite upbringing). However, what made me decide to add this in here is the fact he does it even when Kyungsoo is not talking or the focus of the conversation, like in here :

In the gif below,  I want you to take notice and compare the difference between Kai’s posture and Luhan’s ( The blond behind Kyungsoo). Both are actually looking at Soo. Who looks far more interested/engaged in your opinion ?

Now, Note the way Kai angles his head and body in the examples below.

His body is displaying clues of interest. The torso and the legs angle at where the person unconsciously want to be. 

2 - The Eyes

Eyes are a fundamental part of how we communicate with one another. . A glare, a glance, a gaze, a stare, the direction/duration of it ( up-down, down-up, brief, long, darting, fixed..) all mean different things. In case of attraction, how you look at your interest and how you feel about them usually go hand in hand. Also, personality and self-confidence play a great role in determining how you look at someone you like/admire.

If you’re confident and usually the type who’s open about how they feel, your stare would be long, fixed and ‘open’. In the case of Kai, he does stare at Kyungsoo quite often. However what’s peculiar about his staring is how deep and honest it is. He does not hide it nor does he seem to be conscious of it at times. Some believe that he stares at everyone the same but I do believe there is a difference. 

Here are some pics/gifs of what I have mentioned above :

His eyes also tend to ‘soften’.

Now Kyungsoo is different, he seems almost unable to hold Kai’s gaze for too long when he is looking at him directly. In most of the instances I found, Soo is almost always staring when Kai is not looking back or unaware, which I find quite interesting.

The gif below is clear indication of how  flustered he seems under the attention. Form the darting eyes, to the evident gulp and the tight timid smile. He is projecting typical clues of being nervous. 

However, note how ‘open’ his face is when he meets Kai’s eyes. His smile always genuine, teeth shown. 

I think there isn’t much to say on this :) I will prepare the second part next as this post got too long and it’s getting quite late here. There are still some other clues to cover. I will get to it as soon as I can. I will see you soon. 


PS : I would like to thank all the creators for the gifs and the pics. They are not mine, they belong to their respective owners. 

So, another weird thing happened. Kyungsoo, who was avoiding interactions with Kai since June, as I said in previous posts, suddenly became Kyungsoo from January.
Kyungsoo who can’t take his hands off of Jongin, who is jealous the moment Jongin talk or touch someone else.
As usual when Kai was interacting with Taemin Kyungsoo was following them.
When they were receiving an award and bowing while holding hands, Kyungsoo immediately grabbed Jongin’s hand.

A video posted by cuddlekaDi (@cuddle_kaisoo) on Dec 2, 2016 at 9:11am PST

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Dec 3, 2016 at 4:45pm PST

For short time it seemed like Kai is angry about something and Kyungsoo is trying to steal his attention, to make sure everything is alright.
When Kai touched Sehun’s hand, Kyungsoo immediately looked at their hands and seemed very pensive.

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Dec 2, 2016 at 5:56pm PST

When they were taking photos, you can see that Lay, who usually stands between them is between Chen and Xiu, while Kyungsoo puts his hands around Kai.
What’s interesting is the fact that Lay is trying to go back to his usual place. He is stepping out and back like he doesn’t know what to do.
My theory is that when they took their places, Kyungsoo deliberately put his hand on Kai’s shoulder and didn’t let Yixing stand between them.

A video posted by cuddlekaDi (@cuddle_kaisoo) on Dec 2, 2016 at 12:04pm PST

Then backstage, when they were recording a message after the have won, Kyungsoo just grabbed Kai by his shoulder and arm. You can se in the back, that Suho is doing exactly the same thing to Lay. (We all know he’s just trying to show they all are doing it all the time).

A video posted by cuddlekaDi (@cuddle_kaisoo) on Dec 2, 2016 at 9:31am PST

And on the airport back from Hong Kong, Kyungsoo was holding on to Kai’s waist. He haven’t done such things since early summer. What happened then?
We all know that Kyungsoo was only avoiding Kai in the public. We have a lot of fanacounts where Kyungsoo was holding Kai’s hand in the dark, before Kai’s solo dance during concert or how he was asking for Kai’s cup, when buying cafe at SUM.
But suddenly he is out open about him and Kai again.
The question is why.
Well, maybe we will find out very soon. :)

Flustered Kadi Analysis

Hello anons,

So while I was typing out both of your guys’ response, I noticed that I started putting very similar information so I combined them! So here it is:

Kyungsoo is quite an intricate person to examine. If I had the time (I might actually do this in the summer or my next break), I would like to study Kyungsoo’s body language so I (and you guys of course) can understand him better. He has said that he likes to show a different person than who he truly is based on what he’s doing (e.i his ‘D.O’ persona, his ‘Do Kyungsoo the Actor’ persona, his public person and his at home/personal/true persona aka, his core persona). And it’s actually quite easy to do but can get confusing when it’s something you made and not your brain, which is why when he’s doing interviews and they ask questions he’s been asked before, some of the details are changed/come out different. this sections is getting too long oops i’ll talk about this more if i do the d.o personality analysis

Now Jongin, as we’ve seen is very confident on stage. He has a persona that intrigues us all and we love that persona very much. But even the most confident people falter! And it most certainly happens to Jongin in a form called Do Kyungsoo :)

I would like to say that I do kind of agree that Kyungsoo seems to be the type to get very flustered but, after time it’s only natural for him not to get flustered anymore. So what we will be observing is kadi becoming flustered,shy and giggling messes due to an action done by the other.

[Quick Note: I use the terms dominant and submissive (and related words) to describe certain gestures. I would like to point out that those gestures do NOT reflect in anyway towards their sexual relationship. Please do not tag this post with top!soo or top!jongin simply because I said one of them did a dominant gesture.]

Angel Performances - Kyungsoo’s giggles

In the performances of Angel you can see that Kyungsoo becomes a giggling mess whenever Jongin is facing him and dancing in front of him (who wouldn’t I mean look at the way Jongin is looking at him, personally i’d melt and faint)

It’s more clearly seen in the video but whenever this moment of the dance is about to happen, Kyungsoo is already holding back a small smile; he knows he’s about to see Jongin, he knows what’s coming. Then once he turns around and faces Jongin, his heart bursts and the giggles explode out of him. I’ve truly never seen Kyungsoo more happy than in this moment right here. This is the moment where Kyungsoo lets himself go, it’s the moment where he looks the most free, ethereal, and happy. 

Then of course, Jongin starts smiling because who doesn’t want to smile when the love of their life is looking at them like that? Again, it’s more notable in the video, but Jongin starts of his usual serious, focused on the dance, sexy self. A couple seconds later though, he sees Kyungsoo’s reaction to him and he starts to smile real big and chuckles at the sight! He breaks out of his kai persona and becomes Jongin for that little amount of time and I think that’s really beautiful.

Now back to kyungsoo haha, in the video you can see that after Jongin leaves, he realizes that it’s almost his time to sing. But… he’s still on the high of happiness! So what does he do? He expands his mouth in order to calm himself down. This gesture is usually done for this very reason, to stretch out your mouth and force your laugh/smile into another gesture. This can be done to conceal a laugh/smile due to it no longer being normal for the situation or because you have to speak and don’t have time to let your laugh/smile die down by itself. Kyungsoo is about to sing so he obvious has to do this but I have a feeling that he also does it because he knows it must look it a bit unnatural for him to be the only other member smiling like that.

(bonus: @ 1:45 kai bites his lip when d.o makes his way over to him)

Jongin’s Stare - Causes even the most serious of hyungs to falter

Originally posted by kaidoscopes


In this glorious gif we see Kyungsoo laughing about something and we also see Jongin staring at him (per usual) And like most lovers, Kyungsoo’s first instinct is to look at Jongin. This is because, when in a group of people, you will instinctively look at the person you are closest to while laughing. I know a lot of people say this but no one’s explained why so here we go:

The reason people look at the person they are closest to is because humor initiation and appreciation is sort of a way that people initiate and maintain social relationships. Humor is in a way a form of people trying to express their interest and gauge a corresponding level of agreement with others. There has been a repeated case study (where the outcome is always very similar), that showed that most people will laugh more/express themselves more when the person they are with is someone they have a interest in or they know really well. This is again, because you are trying to maintain a steady relationship with that person you are looking towards. It already knows the person really well/wants to get to know the person and so you feel more free to show this positive side of you to them. (in this situation of kd) This then turns into the idea that someone that has interest in you (and vice versa) will repeat an action you have done because of wanting to show that you are interested in them. You want to show that you are alike and are to be trusted because of that. Kadi do this a lot, especially while laughing, and this gif shows that too.

Now that we’ve covered that haha, we can see that Jongin finds this adorable side of Kyungsoo very amusing. He especially shows this by bursting out in smiles and turning to show the audience, almost like “look, my Kyungsoo is so cute!” This causes an immediate burst of flustered-ness and giggles from Kyungsoo who even goes as far as bend slightly because of all the emotions. 

Jongin’s “I love you” - *Kyungsoo forcing himself to not get flustered*

Originally posted by minyoangi

Ah I absolutely love this but it also makes me mad that Kyungsoo had to strictly only say “ah i see” because we could see a proper reaction :((

In this gif, all of Kyungsoo’s true emotions to what Jongin has just said are shown through his eyes. The eyes are very good indicators at true emotions. 

First we see Kyungsoo’s eyes go down and to the left. This means he’s deep in thought/thinking to himself. He’s probably doing this because he’s trying to create a way for himself not to properly react to Jongin’s words and make it seem completely banterish and normal rather than romantic and meaningful. His eyes, then stay down and move to the right which indicates that he is attending to his internal emotions. This is very expected since the person he loves just told him “I love you” on a broadcast(?) and so he is experiencing an overwhelming emotion aka causing him to get flustered and shy. 

Then we see him adorably and lovingly look at Jongin. From the way he swoops his head to make eye contact with Jongin to the way he glances up at him, he is replicating the gesture done by people when looking at someone in a submissive manner (this has nothing to do with sexual submission). It’s just a gesture of shyness like when Person A compliments Person B and Person B turns to the ground for comfort then slowly half looks at Person B since they are all shy and flustered. 

Jongin’s Menacing Stare - Poor Kyungsoo just wants him to stop 

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I’m sure we’ve all seen this gif at least one time in our kadi shipping lives and I’m pretty sure we’ve all read an analysis on this moment at some point or another so I’ll keep this one kind of short (or at least try to)

First let me point out that Baek is looking at the ground, Suho is speaking and looking towards the camera, Chanyeol starts off staring into space but then turns to face the camera and kadi, well they’re staring at each other. Jongin here, has the evident dominant gesture as he is the one causing the fluster in Kyungsoo. Jongin seems all chill about it but of course Kyungsoo is being heavily affected.

So let’s start with his eyes. You can see that he immediately starts blinking rapidly which is a sign of nervousness, a unconscious rapport, anxiety and/or stress. In this case we can combine his other gestures (pupil movement, gulping, mouth twitch, all of which I will talk about in a sec) and assume that he feels nervous, anxious and possibly unconscious rapport. In summary, this point alone is key to him being flustered. Then of course, his pupil movement. Eyes express more than we want them to and Kyungsoo’s eye movement that floats down and to the right shows that he is attending to his internal emotions. This is his body trying to control the anxiousness/nervousness caused by Jongin’s strong stare. 

Next, his gulping, also another sign of nervousness/anxiousness. Gulping in moments like these is because of a sudden rush of adrenaline that causes excessive saliva to build up in our throat. And, on top of that, his mouth twitches upwards, another means of nervousness/anxiousness. 

In general, this boy is just a flustered nervous mess under Jongin’s stare haha.

Kyungsoo’s Aegyo - Jongin’s biggest fanboy moment

I really like this moment because of not only Kyungsoo’s adorable aegyo but because of Jongin’s reaction! Jongin getting giggly is fav just saying haha  I’d just like to quickly point out that Kyungsoo getting embarrassed and flustered over his own aegyo is so beautiful haha

This is quite the legendary moment because it was such a grand moment. Jongin is the only member who reacted to such an extent, well, really reacted at all. All the other members laughed of course, they thought it was funny! It’s no big deal to them, obviously. But to Jongin, it seems to be. This man literally became the fandom when Kyungsoo did his aegyo - I for one know I reacted the same way. 

First, he has to turn away because he can’t handle the emotions and he’s trying to find another person to share this huge emotion with (he doesn’t find anyone lol which I’ll talk about in a sec) Then we have his legs that are stomping the ground, another form of trying to let out a huge emotion when you can’t totally express it. It’s almost like the same gesture he does when he’s laughing so hard, he starts hitting something to let out the (positive) frustration of the huge emotion of laughter. It’s just so much that his body’s instant reaction is to hit something as another form of letting it out since simply laughing won’t do. This is also similar; he’s in a position of not being able to fully express his love/excitement for Kyungsoo’s aegyo that his body has to show it through exciting his legs into movement. 

Finally, when he notices that he’s the only one with such a reaction, he runs his hand over his thigh in a form of comfort/ to calm him down. Then he adjusts his legs by spreading them open a little bit, a form almost similar to the feeling of restarting oneself or in simpler terms going back to your original position (in Jongin’s case a relaxed position in which he is being interviewed along with his members). 

Kyungsoo’s ‘Chocolate’ during My Lady - Jongin has to turn away

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Dec 10, 2016 at 8:25pm PST

Ah, I’ve already talked about this before (x) so I’ll keep this short:

First, the way he tilts his head away (again because he is in a position of restricted movement that his body is trying to contain the emotion). This is commonly seen when person A compliments person B and so person B has to turn away so that person A won’t see them smiling/blushing. It’s a form of not wanting to show the other person this ‘weak spot’ of yours which is why you turn away. Though here, I think Jongin was trying to keep us (the fans) from noting that he couldn’t contain his emotions but in reality it made it more obvious. For one, because he was the only member that was looking at Kyungsoo. Second because he turned while none of the other members were moving and when no other thing except Kyungsoo could’ve caused him to move. 

Then obviously we see Jongin’s little smile pop out. He probably thought something along the lines of ‘ah kyung, why do have to do this to me~’ . He probably knew that if he stayed looking at Kyungsoo that he’d be reprimanded so he turned away. I love this moment so much

Kyungsoo saying Kai-sshi - Jongin losing it ft. exo members also losing it

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jun 15, 2016 at 10:08pm PDT

This one is kind of here for fun. The video itself is very self explanatory as to why this is here (even the show/broadcast could tell jongin got flustered/nervous by Kyungsoo lolol). This was supposed to not be this long lmao

The first major gesture we see here is that Jongin freezes up. When this happens it’s usually your body going into a state of shock. In this case, it appears that Jongin is very shocked by Kyungsoo’s “Kai-sshi”. In fact, it seems that Kyungsoo purposely emphasized it that way. His tone raises slightly and his voice is a little louder. He even had a little smirk but that camera flashed to Jongin before we could fully see it. Kyungsoo (in the video) is in a position where he is ‘in control’ of the whole interview. He has quite some power right now (obviously to a very small extent lol but still) and he is enjoying it. He takes this opportunity to be a little tease toward his members and this is a great show of it. Kyungsoo’s smirk which showcases that he is feeling very smug right now definitely threw Jongin in for a loop. It even surprised the whole of exo! Jongin especially acknowledges Kyungsoo’s teasing by doing the continually movement of raising and lower his eyebrows which is an invitation or acknowledgement, it can be friendly or sexual, in this case it’s a friendly acknowledgement. Almost like saying “Well how about that !”

Jongin proceeds to laugh it off (and so do all the members) but now he’s nervous. You can tell because he starts rubbing his left ear. Though rubbing the ear can mean lying as well, due to the above paragraph and our knowledge of Jongin and his hardworking-ness, we know he isn’t lying about what he’s talking about. Anyway, it doesn’t take long for him to regain posture and answer the question properly… but after he’s done talking, MC Kyungsoo strikes again.

Instead of being smug though, he is very playful this time. He’s straight up messing with Jongin to elicit a reaction. Jongin laughs again, but not because he finds it funny but because he finds it amusing. You can tell because when he finds things funny his laugh pitch is raised but when things are amusing to him, his laugh pitch is a lower tone (this is a more general observation). Then Jongin does the iconic ‘raising and lowering’ of the eyebrows. (as stated previous) This suggests an invitation or acknowledgement. In this case though I believe it’s a more sexual, teasing “oh ;)”. This is also emphasized by the slight tilt of the head and movement of the jaw (and possibly the tongue but the video isn’t great quality so I can’t be for sure)

And, if you’ve seen skam, it is very similar to Even’s teasing towards Isak in this moment (and we all know where this leads to lol):

Originally posted by obartell

Jongin’s Dancing - Kyungsoo can’t handle kai’s dancing

A video posted by @alvabear94 on May 20, 2016 at 8:21am PDT

“D.O": Although kai is my dongsaeng, he’s really cool and sexy to the point where you can’t help but fall in love with him when you watch him performing on stage. His facial expressions are not rookie-like at all. When I ask him questions during dance practice, he doesn’t act tired by it at all and really teaches you step by step.” 

Whereas the other gifs/videos I’ve talked about have flustered kadi in an adorable or teasing way, this one is more sexual.

First, let’s start with Kyungsoo’s bedroom eyes. This gesture is shown through the whole video, it literally never leaves his face. This look (as you may have guessed it or known), is used to describe a person who looks at another with sexual longing. This is even more supported by the fact that he blinks less, and every time he does, it’s slow. This is also in combination with how he prolongedly stared at Jongin. (also if you watch carefully, you’ll notice that he blinks when Xiu_min covers Jongin from his view).

Then, we see Kyungsoo gulp or swallow and as mentioned before, this is a sign of nervousness. But, this is a different form of nervousness. This isn’t nervousness due to someone’s stare and you don’t know what to do but a nervousness due to sexual want (as the expression goes, ‘he is thirsty’ lol pun lowkey intended). This only gets more sexually implying as many have noticed that Kyungsoo looks towards his crotch after he gets up. And really, the only reason people look at crotches is (especially as a male) 1) because they are attracted to it 2)  to compare sizes 3) check for a boner. And I’m pretty sure Kyungsoo isn’t attracted to his own crotch nor does he need to compare it since it’s his. So the only other thing he could possibly looking for is for a boner. Especially after being as aroused as he was with Jongin, who wouldn’t?


Cockblocking Suho - Kyungsoo trying to be indiscreet but being caught

Since this is only two pictures and not a gif or video, I can’t really comment too much on it. But, for general purposes: 

Kyungsoo, in the first picture, is staring at Jongin (casual bro things you know?) He seems to be finding something funny so it brings us back to the ‘people stare at the person they are closest too in a group while laughing’. (I’ve explained this above so reread that if you forgot or care why). He seems to not have expected Jongin to notice (as seen through the second picture). but he might’ve forgotten that Jongin appears to have a “Kyungsoo alarm” so Jongin ended up turning towards him and smiling at him. Kyungsoo of course, who didn’t expect this, reacts by looking down, a shy smile on his face as he looks down and to the right. The staring to the down and to the right, as I mentioned previously, is a showing that he is attending to internal emotions. Needless to say, he got very shy and flustered by Jongin haha.

Well, there you have it. I apologize for any typos (especially if they cause misunderstandings). I’d like to quickly credit dika-dika  and dohkyeongsoo for some of the gifs I needed, very much appreciated! 

I hope you anons see this and I hope everyone enjoyed!!


To those who said Kyungsoo wasn’t looking at Jongin at all when he did the indirect butt-slapping thing, now you have it your prove.

Quit denying any little moment between those two.