Timed Prompt (30 min)

  • Prompt: Jongin works as a police officer, and he misses his husband Kyungsoo who’s been neglecting him lately. So he goes to arrest Kyungsoo while he’s out with his friends.

Jongin walks steadily, eyes locked on his husband as he sits in an arciform booth with his friends. He slips into a table three mere feet away and opens a menu. Stealthily holding up his phone, he uses the reflection to peep the scene behind him.

He isn’t a creep, he swears, although this position would presume otherwise. He’s just in dire need of Kyungsoo. He misses his husband and how they used to hang out, but work gets in the way of their time together. With him being a police officer, he’s called into the office all times of the day and night to work on a case. It’s a demanding job, yet, Kyungsoo has never once complained. He’s been Jongin’s strength since high school, a steady rock by his side.

But, Jongin just wishes he was by his side at the moment.

Now, when Kyungsoo does have time, he spends it with his friends and Jongin doesn’t fault him for it. Being a firm believer of personal space, he knows a healthy relationship requires space from the other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder–or some shit like that, he thinks.

However, as of late, he’s been missing their time together and it shows. Especially when he chooses to follow Kyungsoo to the restaurant which he and his buddies frequent. The sunglasses on his face scream stalker but he doesn’t mind, and he confidently glides a hand through his hair.

He’s still watching in the reflection of his phone but soon realizes this is fairly stupid. Who uses a damn reflection? His lips upturn into a clever smile. Who uses a reflection, when there’s a front camera?  He turns on the camera and spies behind him to see what his husband is doing.

This is also the smarter option as it serves as a precaution, so if someone happens to walk by, he could feign to be taking a selfie- yea but first, let him take one right now- click. He frowns at the photo. He looks absolutely creepy.

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anonymous asked:

do you think kaisoo love at first sight?

Well , I don’t think that was from Kai view but it could be from KS side , you know some people attend to ignore the person who make their heart unstable, like if he just saw the one that make his heart beat and make him feel uptight he will ignore that person because ~~ he don’t like to feel weak upon this exact person REALLY many people do that , ignores their crush or pretend they don’t care or be a little bit aggressive to them why ! Because they like them and they make them feel weak and confused … Especially if they were at young age or they didn’t loved before..
So , KS did something similar to KAI ;
He ignored him , and not everyone it was just him..
And Kai said he not only didn’t looked at him he even wasn’t talked back to him , like he never exist..
Kai noticed and that should be obvious, so KS was like that just when he see KAI he was Okey and cute to the others , that means there is something different about KAI for him , and I guess KS is the type who don’t know how to delver their feelings right cause he is shy and he is not very social like Chan or Baek …. I guess KS liked Kai to the point that he was so obvious, I don’t know how he made his feelings clear and right to KAI so they end up sticking to each others all time like Baek-friend said or some people who were on that company said they were since training days side by side ,always together … I guess KAI felt something waking in his heart when he saw KS changing to be real and clear that he find Kai attractive and lovable , maybe he change his attitude and they get more interested in each other …
I think that was fast for them , getting closer day by day and want to see each other , eat with each other and practice , its very common to have this strong closeness between lovers in a long-term relationships.. I think they really love and know each other more than we can imagine , Kai said once when some of Exo choose KS as the less talker between them : ( he is not , you just have to know how to make him talk or what to talk about with him ) lines like that , so he knows him and he can tell the others how to deal with him ..! Is there is something clearer ? He give words how to deal with KS ! And he give permeation to give KS questions and he answers the answers that was meant to KS to answer ??
I believe KS start this love story but Kai make it live longer and stronger , I believe they have strong bond really and by looking at each others eyes they can know whats running in their heads and heart .. And no one can reach this stage until they have been amazingly close and heavily in love ..
Sorry long answer.. I can always talk about them and words always not enough T-T …
( this is my point of view and it could be wrong or right , who knows ) thumbs up ❤️


D.O knows things ;-)


The cutest thing happen on earth ♡