kadhal konden


“People always trolled me”

Once when we were filming for Kadhal Konden, there was this guy who came up to me and asked who was the hero of the film. Not wanting to get insulted further, I pointed to the second hero, Sudeep. He then went to greet Sudeep and took pictures with him. After a while when he came to realise that I am the hero of the film, he started laughing and said things like, “how can he be the hero”, “he looks like an auto driver”. Not only him but the whole crowd started mocking at me. I was only 17/18 at that time and I did not have the maturity to handle that kind of situation. I went inside my car and started crying. I was so angry with my dad for making me join the cinema industry. I could have just joined college peacefully.

Whoever with talent can be a hero.