I finally finished reddit requests! ;v;  Took about a month but I did it.

I will be taking requests again, not sure how many. If you have a request, message me and I will consider it! Later I will post the complete list of requests I will draw.

FE6-FE14 is fair game, nothing explicit or inappropriate. Please keep in mind that I will be drawing these in my spare time, so you will not see the complete pieces for a while!

How Corrin’s husband wakes her up! {Headcanon}

We all know how Corrin wakes up her hubby when she finds him sleeping unexpectedly… sometimes it’s gentle, other times not so much! So, how does he wake Corrin up? :) Note: I’m only doing my faves~


  • Gentle: Usually touches his forehead to hers and whispers “Wake up, little princess” as he nudges her arm.
  • Forceful: Used only as a last resort, but will grab her arm and shake her awake urgently.


  • Gentle: Loves to kiss her earlobes and rub her back.
  • Forceful: Has a naughty habit of slamming Brynhildr shut by her ear. (Leo you little sh!t…..)


  • Gentle:A single kiss to the forehead always does the trick.
  • Forceful: Shakes the bed with his knee until she almost falls out.


  • Gentle: Jostles her shoulder and smiles when she opens her eyes.
  • Forceful: Flings the door open into the wall and runs in yelling.


  • Gentle: Literally hugs her awake.
  • Forceful: Pours yesterday’s tea into her open mouth. (I can see him doing this to Dwyer too tbh)


  • Gentle: Hates to disturb her, so he starts with kisses to her eyelids before nudging her.
  • Forceful: Says her name loudly and shakes her a bit.


  • Gentle: Leans over and nuzzles her, talking her awake.
  • Forceful: Taps her face… He really doesn’t like to startle her.


  • Gentle: Grabs the fat part of her cheek and gives it a tug.
  • Forceful: Yanks the covers up and slaps her ass. (guess which one he does most often… XD)


  • Gentle: Gathers her in his arms and recites dismal poetry until she can’t stand it anymore.
  • Forceful: Runs in screaming about how his aching blood requires her assistance. (does anyone see a link between him and Takumi or is it just me?)


  • Gentle: Gets in bed with her and cuddles with her a while before waking her up with kisses.
  • Forceful: Kneels and jostles her while saying her name gently so he won’t startle her.


  • Gentle: Strokes her face then hides his embarrassment by fussing that she slept too long.
  • Forceful: Will pinch some part of her body.


  • Gentle: Nuzzles her awake then insists on brushing her hair.
  • Forceful: Grabs her shoulders and shakes her.


  • Gentle: Likes licking her face.
  • Forceful: Pounces on the bed or bites her.

“And apparently he’s like this because someone [pointed glare at Nina] left her brother with Velouria for an afternoon and she taught him to eat gARBAGE”

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