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Daiya Fanfic

The first chapter of my Daiya no Ace fanfic inspired by kjunginger Papa!Mochi AU is now up on AO3!  It’s (cheesily) titled “Ace of Fatherhood” and can be read here.  Any feedback is more than welcome (though I’d prefer it to be done nicely).  The only pairing is Kuraryou and mainly centered around Kuramochi being a single father so yeh.  

untitled adasou prompt

It’s nearly half a year since Souji left Inaba and he’s barely said a word to anyone. Yosuke and Chie have attempted to contact him, Dojima’s even called his sister to make sure the kid is ok. He’s fine, or so he says. But he waits, glancing around anxiously like he’s being watched. Of course he’s not but still. He can’t help but feel an empty pair of eyes baring into the back of his head.

He sits and waits, deciding that maybe a quick trip will clear his head and so he buys the first round trip train ticket to anywhere. He doesn’t care where, tells his parents it’s for school, makes up a reason and leaves. Souji loses sight of his town and then there is nothing. No skyscrapers, no cars, just fields on one side and water on the other. For the first time in a long time, he feel’s somewhat safe.

It’s only at that moment that he feels a buzzing coming from his cell phone. Reaching for it, he pulls the cellular device out from his pocket and stares at the name calling. Tohru Adachi.

He hesitates for a moment before flipping the phone and placing the receiver near his ear.

And just where do you think you are going, Souji-kun?“ His voice is low, almost a purr and then there is a slight chuckle. Souji can’t breath, his mouth is dry, how could he have known? ”Last car. Now.

Souji almost doesn’t go to the last car of the train, but he isn’t stupid, he knows the consequences. So now he stands, face to face with the man who has plagued his thoughts since his last night in Inaba. The last person who’s bond was still intact. 

“Adachi-san…” He manages to breathe, a smug grin spreading on the older man’s face. “How did…”

“You didn’t really think I wouldn’t keep tabs on you, now did you?” Adachi chuckles, taking a step towards Souji, the younger stepping back impulsively. “Now…would you kindly tell me where in the world you think you’re going, hmm?”

Souji felt the wall of the train car hit his back and now Adachi had one hand pressed against the wall near his face and the other a tight grip on his collar. In those moments, Souji felt as if time had stopped as he and the young detective stared at each other intensely. 

And then, all at once, it seemed to speed up. Lips against one another, hands desperately reaching, grasping onto clothes, hair, at one point Souji felt Adachi’s grip around his neck. They fought for control of the other, rolling against the wall and onto the floor, aggressive and needing. The scene quickly turned as Adachi soon had the younger pinned to the floor, hair a bigger wreck than normal, his tie loosen, shirt unbuttoned, bite marks running up and down his neck. He laughed darkly and tilted his head slightly, clicking his tongue at Souji.

“You little brat…You’re such a pain in the ass…” He tighten his grip on Souji’s wrists, leaning close to kiss him once again. “You never answered my question, Souji-kun…" 

"To see…” Souji was breathless, gasping against the older man as he started to work the younger’s shirt off, biting and kissing on his neck, cheeks and lips.

“To see..?”

Souji sucks in a breath slowly, trying to relax before muttering. This causes Adachi to stop what he’s doing. 

“I’m sorry, care to share? I couldn’t quite hear you.”

Souji whines before closing his eyes. “To see you.”

Adachi’s laugh sends shivers up and down Souji’s spine. He watches as the man takes his tie off, grabbing the younger’s wrists and using the tie to keep his hands together. He glowers=s down at him, his eyes hinting yellow as the glare of the setting sun bounces against the inside of the car.


Double Agent Vader Fic: Optimal Functioning

Ahsoka is planning a major Rebel action, if only she can be sure Darth Vader won’t interfere. Leia thinks she knows someone who can help.

Fulcrum, meet Ekkreth.

(Notes: Because what this ‘verse needed was even more painful irony.

As per Rebels canon, Ahsoka knows that Anakin is Vader. But she doesn’t know that Vader is Ekkreth. (His emotional shield works just as well on her as it does on the Emperor, unfortunately.)

Meanwhile Anakin knows that Ahsoka is alive and part of the Rebellion, but he doesn’t know that her codename is Fulcrum.)

Optimal Functioning

The connection was encrypted seven ways, the signal rerouting too fast for her to follow. Its ultimate origin could have been anywhere in the galaxy, from Coruscant itself to the depths of wild space. It was the most impressive scrambling Ahsoka had ever encountered.

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Double Agent Vader fic: Trickster Steals the Moon

I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while, and finally did it: a fic that’s half Ekkreth trickster-tale, and half Anakin’s history as a double agent, where the stories interconnect and Anakin’s actions exist within the sacred tradition of storytelling.

For this one, we’re going back in time a bit. This is set almost immediately after Optimal Functioning, and just before ANH.

The myth in this is the origin story for the holy week of Marokkepu, of which Maru is the central hero. Her name means “water,” and she’s considered one of the great prophets.

I’m blaming this one on @nimblermortal, who may or may not know why.

Trickster Steals the Moon

There are as many Ekkreth stories as there are slaves on Tatooine, which is to say, there are stories without number, and more every day.

This is one of them.

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Spookstar and 2.

2. Cheek kiss.

It’s a bad night for Jericho Chavez. It’s a bad night and he’s slowly falling and breaking. He keeps replaying the moment in his head, meeting the alternate Johnny, beating the ever living hell out of him and watch him take his last breath. He remembers panicking, thinking that it was his Rocky that he just killed with his bare hands. But everything is okay now, right? His Rocky is back, no need to panic and shake but he is and he can’t, won’t let go of his Rocky’s pant leg.

But Rocky doesn’t mind. He never minded. He just keeps eating from his little can of food, his legs crossed over his best friend’s and just keeps smiling at him. He’s glad to have his Spook back, glad to be back and glad to know he’s not fucking dead. 

So they sit in a comfortable silence. Spook’s slowly started calming down and he’s no longer shaking, but his grip on Rocky’s leg hasn’t loosen and it’s okay.

Rocky is scrolling through his phone when he notices Spook’s head bob once…then twice…and it hits him that he must be exhausted after everything that had happened recently. He laughs lightly, scooting close to Spook and putting an arm around his shoulders, making him lean against him. He reaches for the blanket near Spook and pulls it over their shoulders, adjusting it ever so slightly. Spook’s head begins to bob again and he finally stops fighting the sleepiness that’s coming over him, letting out a big sigh of defeat and lets go of Rocky’s pant leg only to grip the bottom of his shirt instead as he lays his head against this best friend’s. 

It isn’t long before Spook is asleep and Rocky slides his mask off the side of his face and places it to the side. It’s hitting the rockstar how exhausted he is too as he rubs his eyes with his free hand. A small smile plays upon his lips as he leans over and gently kisses Spook’s cheek, softly humming a song as he falls asleep.