kade art


I decided to doodle up some of my oldest and most treasured characters, Kade (top) and Chris (bottom)!! HAH.

And after finishing these, I decided to compare them to some of my old work.
The improvement is ridiculous, so I figure I’d share it with you guys:






So to all the artists out there who feel they’re not improving, trust me you are!

Improvement happens very gradually, and you often don’t even notice until you look back on your older work. Just keep at it, and you’ll be rewarded. Art is a journey, and learning to love the journey and stop racing for the finish line is the first step to being a content artist. We’re all learning new things every day.

And as usual, never stop drawing!! <3

Do not edit/redistribute without proper credit.

so earlier today I found out that ‘objectified scotsmen thursday’ was a thing from @mad-maddie and since eru’s usually scottish in modern aus i thought it’d be fun to draw maddie’s Kade and Eru by each other since they’re both burly, long haired and redheaded scots w/ tattoos, and then I found out Kade is 6′5″ and it got hilarious 

eru will never not be plagued by ridiculously tall people it seems


Model: Rose, Calyx, Vase

Designed by: Naomiki Sato (rose), Kade Chan (calyx), Lee Armstrong (vase) 

It’s been some time since I made another origami piece, I haven’t been really having a good month in general so it ended up being kind of slow. These roses take quite a bit some time to make, but it ended up helping me keep my mind off things for a little while. 

I usually don’t make a lot of single sheet origami, mainly because I just feel like I can’t make them really well (because I suck at it). But the roses look nice with harmony paper.