Justification // Kate Beckett/Addison Montgomery oneshot

justification (1/1) by youngerdrgrey
fandom: castle x private practice || characters: kate beckett, addison montgomery
summary: AU (yet oddly canon compliant). Kate was seventeen when she first met Addison. Kate Beckett/Addison Montgomery. // inspired by this gif by pullingmypigtails

Kate justified their relationship by calling it part of her rebellious stage. It was a stupid thing to say seeing as it lasted through the majority of her lifetime.

She was seventeen when she first met Addison. Her boyfriend at the time, a ‘tough’ nineteen-year-old with a bike to match hers, had played chicken with a lamp post. Kate wandered the halls of the hospital while Trevor was in surgery. She eventually found herself watching the newborn babies through the glass window in the hall. One in particular caught Kate’s eye, one a little smaller than the rest with red hair and a sign that read 'Emma.’ She was gorgeous. No one had really held her yet. No one had hurt her. But someone did love her. Kate imagined there was a woman somewhere in the hospital, wondering the same way Trevor’s mom was, the same way Kate’s mom would be when she heard the brunette’s rushed voicemail. (“Hey, Mom, at the hospital. Don’t freak out. Trevor crashed his bike. At least it wasn’t me who did it, right? Don’t say I told you so on this one. Call me when you get out of court. Bye.”) Actually, Johanna would probably just kill Kate.

“They’re something, aren’t they?”

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Stripped // Kate + Addison (Crossover) [freshandrea; 1/13/11]


She smiled back at me and got up. I did the same and realized I wasn’t much taller than her. I took my glass and followed her to the end of the bar, standing next to the pool table. She took a cue and handed me one. We started playing while chatting. She told me about her childhood, that she used to play pool with her father sometimes, and talked briefly about her mother’s death. I didn’t want to go further in the subject, because I could clearly see she was uncomfortable with it. She just said it was the main reason to her decision to become a cop. I commented about my failed marriage and about my affair with Mark, but then I changed the subject, talking about my job.

“Do you like being a doctor?” she asked, while positioning and hitting the third ball.

“I love it. And I’m good at it.” I leaned and hit the sixth ball, pocketing it. “But I miss the thrill of being in an operation room. The sensation of feeling…”

“Special…” she completed my sentence, leaning on the table, ready to hit it, and then gazed my eyes. “For saving a life.” She smiled. I was hypnotized from that look for a while; I smiled back, answering her.

“Exactly. Do you…”

“I understand.” She hit the ball fifth, straightening, and supported herself in the cue, resting her head in her hands while talking, “I have this same feeling sometimes. I love the investigation, to assemble the puzzle, the adrenaline in my veins of the suspect chase… To be able to save someone, just like I would like that had happened with…” she stopped talking suddenly.

(Stripped part 01)


“She laid down, feeling the sweet cold air caressing her skin, hearing the sound of the waves hiting against the rocks, and she couldn’t help but think of Kate. The perfect smile draw at her face, her soft skin, her heated kiss… The traveling touchs always driving her mad… The sound that came out of her mouth crying out Addison’s name… Her perfect teeth biting Addison’s shoulder… Her breathe making her shiver, the sweetness of her awesome personality… She missed all of it, she missed Kate with all her heart. If she could only come back time… And make things different… If Kate had asked her, she would stay. That weekend would be marked at her skin as a tattoo forever.”