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FIC: Plenty of Pressure

Title: Plenty of Pressure, But Good Hair

Pair: Kadam

Summary: While trying to make the sign-up sheet for his senior project visible, Adam takes a moment to reflect on the only name signed up for The Apples this year. That’s when he hears a voice from behind, telling him it’s “super fun.”

AU Season Four Post- The Quarterback. Kurt didn’t let Rachel and Santana take over his band, and he didn’t get a tattoo while drunk.

Kadam Week Prompt #2 Hair dye/Haircut

Adam scanned over the bulletin board in the common area. He’d put up a sign-up sheet here for his senior project… but apparently people weren’t so hard up as to sign on for post-apoc Geek Theater. Or at least, not from Adam Crawford. There were three other flyers pinned up on top of his sign-up sheet.

Not that bowling night, the spring performance of Too Damn Hot (the men’s acapella choir), and the campus Baptist prayer group weren’t important, but it would’ve been nice if they’d cleared away some expired flyers instead of covering up Adam’s.

Adam sifted through the layered mess, moving a few to the side and repositioned his flyer so it could be seen. With a moment’s hesitation, Adam removed the Apples flyer. No one would be signing up this late in the semester.

There was only one name on it, anyway.

“That’s NYADA’s premier show choir,” a voice drawled behind Adam. “You should join.”

Adam turned in surprise.

“I hear it’s super fun.”

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classifiedarchives's Kadam prompt fic

Prompt: Adam is working as a stage hand/ related to the producer/ or as a character in the upcoming Broadway play “Peter Pan”. He gets Kurt on the Stage when everyone had gone home for the evening and lets Kurt play. Kurt does an amazing job singing and acting as Peter and some of the casting directors/produces who were staying late see him. Maybe they ask Adam who that enchanting boy was and do whatever it takes to cast him in the play.

Hope you enjoy it! :D

(Note: I am no Stephen Sondheim! :P )

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Kadam Request - So British

Prompt from captainpihkal: Adam really, really tries not to play into British clichés, because he’s been made fun of for typically British things he enjoys ever since he got to the US. But he can’t help that he really loves tea and enjoys Doctor Who/Harry Potter and he just happens to be polite to a fault etc. Kurt figures out that Adam is trying to suppress his Britishness and assures him that he can be himself and that he likes him just the way he is.

A/N: For this prompt, I must say that I’m REALLY glad that I lived in London for a few years! Hope you enjoy :)


“Morning, love,” Adam greeted as he watched his boyfriend enter the kitchen, his lids still heavy with sleep. He wrapped his arms around Kurt and trailed a kiss down his temple, the tip of his nose and eventually his lips.

“Coffee?” the blonde offered, running his fingers gently through Kurt’s messy brown locks.

“Sounds great,” Kurt replied, breaking out into the soft smile that Adam knew he would never get tired of seeing. There really was nothing like starting the day with the smile. And well, a nice cup of tea that he had brought from London the last time he was back. As for the coffee, it only began existing in his apartment because his boyfriend needed it to function every morning.

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Kadam Request - Sweet Apology

Anon Prompt: kadam: sweet apology first time!sex after Klaine hookup at Will’s wedding

A/N: I’m not completely sure if I got the prompt 100%, but I’m guessing it’s about Kurt kissing Blaine and Kurt telling Adam and what happens afterwards? (I hope so) Anywho, hope you enjoy!


Kurt felt sick.

And it wasn’t the kind that any medication could fix.

He had been so caught up in the spirit of the wedding, the heartfelt duet and the familiarity that was Blaine that he had somehow, in his state of near trance, ended up kissing his ex. The same one that had cheated on him and broken his heart into million pieces until Adam made him whole again.

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Kadam request - The effects of alcohol on one Kurt Hummel

Prompt: some drunk guy tries to start a fight with adam in a bar, adam doesn’t rise to the bait so the guy tries to hit him as adam walks away. kurt epically steps in and fends of the punch before adam even realizes what was about to happen. ‘thank you for saving me from a drunk guy’ smut happens.

A/N: I realized the prompt asked for smut…but sadly, I have NEVER written smut before and I don’t think I’m at that stage yet (sorry!) But I tried to get somewhat close! Hope you enjoy! And thanks for the lovely prompt :) I enjoyed writing it immensely.

On with the story!

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