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                   three word heavy scenes in 4x15

❤゜・。。・゜☆゜・。♥ 。・゜☆ *: ・゚✧*: ・゚✧☆ ゜・。♥ 。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜♥

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i think i’ve run out of klaine wips that aren’t too embarrassingly shabby to post, so… this is going to be a kurt/adam/blaine threesome with established kadam and platonic klaine, but it’s not up to the blaine yet. or the threesome. uh.

“Do we have wine?” Kurt calls, buttoning his cuff and twisting his torso from side to side, eyeing his reflection in the full length mirror.

He hears a cupboard door bang in the kitchen. “Yes.”

He smooths the fabric at his sides and cocks his head a little, contemplating adding a scarf to his ensemble. “Do we have enough wine?”

For a moment there’s nothing but the soft, unmistakable padding of Adam’s bare feet on the floorboards, his head poking in around the doorframe and catching the eye of Kurt’s reflection.

“Enough wine for three relatively sensible adults to share over dinner, or enough wine for things to get a little bit messy?”

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I'm not a multi-shipper. I stan Klaine so hard but, dang. I feel so much for Adam during that scene. How many times has he heard insults against his glee club? Here's a nice guy just trying to enjoy himself with his friends, and he's judged badly because he doesn't play that popularity game. So yay for Kurt for defending that.

*kisses your hand* it was so absurdly sweet. i’m the first to admit i’m kind of prematurely head over heels for the whole shebang, so it was one of those ‘thank you for giving little bitty insights into a character who might not even be around for very long, and probably won’t even pan out as all that important in the scheme of things, i appreciate it,’ moments. and it was probably mostly there to show how much of a sweet pea Kurt is, but just:

Kurt Hummel has a cute older blonde haired squeeze who runs a dorky show choir at a prestigious performing arts college and shakes his little pancake butt and is sweet and dorky and wears beanies and raggedy scarves and ‘epic to the power of epic, we’ll all probably die while singing it’ (◠‿◠✿) *: ・゚✧

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I know that Kurt and Blaine are getting back together and I love that, but there must be a reason that they are going together as a copel to Wemmas wedding. I thought about it yesterday and came to the conclution that maybe Adam isn't in to Kurt or maybe he has a boyfriend... What do you think of that idea or do you have another teori? I would like to see more to him, he talks funny:)

i don’t really like speculating, i always end up disappointed in some way. i am vaguely terrified that there’s going to be a ADAM’S A TIT, SURPRISE KURT HUMMEL ACTUALLY CAN’T EVER HAVE A GOOD THING, MORE FOOL YOU situation, but yeah, who knows.