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Shut Up and Dance with μ’s


tbh i don’t know anything abt roller derby

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( @68bears‘s roller derby au )

i decided to do something a little different: i’m adding some n girl posts too! i won’t do too many unless i get requests though. anyway, have some nozomom and her two pups.

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… somebody give Professor McOtose a break please. Rescue her from those stupid kids. 

then again this is what you get for voluntarily teaching kids.. amirite, thehairypeach

Ahhhhh~   vwyn19, fukinaway, gintamajustaway - senpais  and everyone else thanks for reblogging/ liking my stoopid ginwarts doodles and for the awesome tags I love you guys  >o<   .. sorry I’m answering like this I have no idea how to communicate with ppl on tumblr..OTL I won’t be bothering you again bye

N over.

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     i’m doing ALRIGHT this semester  ––  really.   he warmly smiled, stifling the YAWN threatening to emerge from his lips.   i… don’t have a lot of time for SCHOOLWORK, but i’ve got it under control.   he was smarter than his GRADES indicated  ––  which was one of the only reasons he was passing any of his classes, between his CHORES and jobs.   you don’t need to WORRY about me this year.  i promise. 


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My first Speedpaint


rabeanie thank you for tagging me in this!

Apparently I have a thing for rappers… Neo is one you can fight me on this.

So here are my top ten biases all from different groups.

So now I’m gonna tag some peeps. rapm-nster thighfuckingsoo cumgodkai bangtanhustlelife theycallusdirtybaby

I want to see your guys top ten biases! Happy choosing!

“No! Stop, please, oh my god.” Cami bites back a smile, eyes narrowing in joint horror and amusement. They aren’t listening. Her friends, always bolder, turn once again to look at the group camped at the back of the bar. At one person in particular. Cami hasn’t worked up enough courage to look back, still convinced the guy in question is NOT, in fact, staring at her. 

Still, it’s hard not to giggle when Alexa makes a very loud, very pointed kissing noise. 

“You guys are like, so weird.” She tucks her hands into her lap with a little shrug, smoothing at the crease in her dress, blinking and smiling in a distant sort of way. 

They said he was cute. 

“He’s gonna think I’m weird too.”

She doesn’t frequent bars like this. Clubs. Nightlife in general. Still, it’s been fun, a lot of fun, if only her friends would stop with the teasing. Nobody, thank you, is looking at her!