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Dean flutters his eyes open when the sun shines through the motel window. He groans in protest, still feeling every ache from taking out a nest of vampires the night before. The first thing he sees when his eyes focus is your face, completely relaxed and carefree in your sleep. Just as beautiful as ever. He watches you sleep for several minutes, watching your eyes move under your eyelids. You’re obviously dreaming and by the small smile on your face he can tell it’s a not a nightmare. He can’t help but wonder if he’s part of it. “Watching her sleep.” He chuckles to himself. “Not creepy at all, Dean.”

Slowly and carefully, Dean reaches out and runs his fingertips over your face. He traces your cheekbones, your chin, your nose, your forehead, your eyelids. He swears you lean into it, even in your sleep. Taking a bigger risk, he pulls you close to him and presses gentle kisses over your face. He lays there, holding you, drawing the same patterns over your face with his fingertips until he feels your eyelids start to flutter open and he freezes. “Sorry.” He mumbles. “Did I wake you?” 

You shake your head and yawn, putting your head on the pillow and facing Dean, letting your eyes adjust to the light from the window. The first thing you see is the light on the side of Dean’s face, the emerald of his eyes somehow brighter in the sunlight. His eyes are sleepy, his bedhead is the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. “Did I wake you?” Your voice is barely above a whisper. You’re just as exhausted as he is from that damn nest of vamps. You’d been known to be a rough sleeper, waking him up wasn’t out of the question. 

“No.” He doesn’t elaborate, just lays there watching you, grabbing one of your hands in his and playing with your fingers. “Yes.” He finally admits. “Somehow you ended up on the other side of the bed.” He gently pulls you back over until you’re practically on top of him, wrapping you up with his arms and legs and caging you in. 

Neither of you say another word. You lie there together, running your hands over each other’s bare skin, listening to each other breathe, and letting the beating of your hearts lull you both back to sleep. 

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anonymous asked:

how much shit do you think has gone down when noctis was sleeping that he doesn't know about

ohhhhh anon bless ur soul here we go

  • you can’t tell me that gladio and prom haven’t waited for noct to fall asleep and then tried to see how much shit they could stack on him without waking him up
  • the second noctis falls asleep prompto just starts putting various snacks on his torso 
  • gladio looks up a few minutes later and just dies 
  • “prompto what the fuck”
  • shh don’t wake him up
  • gladio refrains from mentioning that he’s fairly certain noct could sleep through a battle with a behemoth and just stays completely silent for a good two minutes before he just walks away
  • prompto is kinda worried for a minute because gladio looked really menacing what’s he gonna d o 
  • he’s back in like two seconds flat with a fuckton of ramen 
  • he always has at least five cups with him at all times
  • he sits down across from prompto and starts making a ramen tower on noctis’ chest and it’s pretty damn impressive
  • meanwhile noctis is sprawled out on his back - now with a bonus of food obscuring every inch of his chest
  • gladio isn’t sure why he’s doing this but he sure as hell isn’t going to stop now 
  • they finally run out of snacks so they just add random items where needed
  • hey prom hand me that flower” 
  • the focus rapidly shifts to ‘lets see how many flowers we can put in his hair before he wakes up’
  • ignis gets back and noctis has a pile of ramen cups on his chest and half of their supplies covering the rest of his body
  • and a flower crown?? he has to admit that’s kind of cute but he can’t for the life of him figure out why there’s so much food
  • and is that a chocobo plush??
  • prompto is just taking selfies with him while gladio tries not to laugh 
  • they both freeze up when ignis gets there because oh shit he’s gonna give us another lecture 
  • but ignis just smirks and takes off his glasses and no one has any idea what’s going on until he leans down and puts them on noctis the best he can when everything is fucking blurr y
  • prom starts laughing so hard he’s almost in tears because oh gods it’s a masterpiece 
  • they all just stare at noctis for a minute because what the fuck they just covered the prince in food
  • noctis sneezes and everything just falls 
  • they hear a vague “,,what the shi t” and prompto fuckin bolts
  • noctis just sits there in a pile of food and flowers and is entirely too confused for someone who just woke up
  • he learned a very valuable lesson that day: don’t fall asleep when everyone else is awake
  • (spoiler alert: he does anyway, and it goes about as well as you’d expect)
Something in the Air.

Requests: Anonymous - Angsty Sam X Reader with some fluff at the end???
@latinenglishfandomblog - Please gimme some Sam x Reader bc it’s never enough and thank u v much ily

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Tell me something that’s impossibly beautiful.

Easy - being Sam Winchester’s best friend.

Tell me something impossibly sad.

Being only friends.

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dear readers;

there are people in this world that will hurt you. sometimes it’s on purpose, sometimes it isn’t. all i ask of you all is to pick yourself up after you’ve been knocked down- do not depend on others to do it for you. ultimately, you are all that you’ve got.

perhaps i am saying this because feel so comfortably alone now. i cannot tell if the storm has passed, or if i’m in the eye of a hurricane. either way, i enjoy this quiet, even if it is just for a moment.

i love the friends and family that i have, but i have learned that i cannot depend on them. if i want anything done here, i must do it myself. i love them with all of my heart, but this is the one life i get, and i refuse to spend any more of it beaten down by my past and things that i cannot control. 

my heart wants something only i can give it. no man, no friend, no parent or sibling- no one on this earth.

my heart does not break for love or affection. it yearns for things i’ve only dreamed of. it wants so badly to prove everyone wrong.

will you join me?

out of spite,

~ atlas