To her next love

She’s stronger than she appears to be. She’s very independent. Give her space when she asks for it, give her love when she needs it.She’s always stressed so don’t ask why, just listen to her. She loves head scratches, they calm her down and help her sleep. She loves to drive so always give her the keys. She controls the radio, no matter what. She loves surprises. Give her little things like flowers once in a while.She’s a queen so treat her like one. Give her all of your time, your love, your patience because it will be worth it. She’s worth it.


Inhuman of The Day

July 5th - Kacy

A young NuHuman who was transformed by the Terrigen Cloud.  Kacy has the ability to take in large amounts of air, causing her head and body to inflate like a balloon; she can then expel this air in a rapid gust of extreme force.  
Kacy was recruited by Lash and brought to Orollan.   Lash had amassed a group of NuHumans whom he ruled over.  Lash convinced Kacy and the others that Medusa and Attilan represented an evil faction of the Inhuman populace who sought to exploit the others.

Medusa led an attack on Orollan and Kacy fought against them alongside Lash.  She fought well and used her abilities to create a massive gust of wind that extinguished Inferno’s flames.  In the end, however, Medusa’s forces won the day and a tenuous peace treaty was forged between The Inhumans of Orollan and those of New Attilan. More recently, Kacy participated in a breach of this treaty when Lash ambushed Medusa in a trap orchestrated by Lineage.  Kacy used her wind powers to imbue Lash with greater energy, allowing him to generate a force blast strong enough to break through Elligea’s force filked, killing the advisor to the queen.  Elligea’s sacrifice bought Medusa and the others the time they needed and they were able to escape the trap.  Kacy’s current status and whereabouts remain unknown.

silly face to show off my makeup, so you know what that means! Makeup post! So my lips I’m wearing Essie’s “barely there” and I swear if you like kat Von Ds studded lipstick, this is a perfect dupe for cathedral. I threw on Snow White by NYX just to rosy up the nude color. On my eyes it’s the natural eye palette by too faced with a little bit of NARS “Persia” just to peach up the colors. I used my IT cut crease brush for blending the shadows! If you have any questions or wanna see the actual products used, DM me :) id love to answer whatever! #makeup #NYX #Essie #toofaced #katvond #aspiringmua


Just some Neighborhood AU doodles to pass the time… mostly Unstoppable Nerd Force: Jeff and Loid. I like to imagine somewhere along the way “Apple Kid” was shortened to “A-K” and eventually, with Ness’s help, “AK-47.”

Also Lucas and Ness like the same fighting game and that’s how they became friends. Pu is a Cool Older Kid who also hangs out at the arcade??

closetextrovert asked:

Okay but Ness watching all of Little Mac's fights on TV and when he was announced as being in Smash 4 the kid spends two weeks figuring out what he wants Mac to autograph

I LOVE THIS I was just thinking yesterday how Lil Mac could be like a cool older brother to small but enthusiastic Ness. Maybe he can teach him proper boxing techniques and how to stop running like he’s in an anime.