the latest arc of The Adventure Zone has got me ITCHIN’ to explore Refuge like some good ol point-and-click adventure…..

btw, if you haven’t yet, I would solidly recommend checking out @theadventurezine . It’s going to be killer ✌️

The Realization - a WOY Drabble

A/N: With a Skeleton Dance bent because itโ€™s me and Iโ€™m obsessed. Yeah, I wrote this in the middle of the night because I was stuck on everything else and inspiration struck me. Time period is just after the events of My Fair Hatey.

Rating: General Audiences

Word Count: 713

Summary: Wander canโ€™t figure out why he isnโ€™t more upset that Dominator and Hater didnโ€™t get together.

The stars shone out against the vast blackness of space. Colorful planets of all shapes and sizes spun in their orbits around glowing suns. Nebulas, great blobs of hazy hues and dust, drifted past outside the confines of the orbal, but for once Wander wasnโ€™t admiring the view as he and Sylvia continued their travels. He was deep in thought which was to be expected. A lot had happened of late, but Wander wasnโ€™t usually the sort to let it get him down.

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i have spent my money erroneously and need to find work for my horrible hands. in other words, i could use some spare cash right now and would love love love to draw for some’a you folks!

If you have any questions about anything listed above, or are interested in something not specifically listed here, feel free to hit me up! Easiest places to reach me are an ask here or over here on twitter

I take half payment at the start, half payment upon completion, and will try to keep you updated with sketches etc. as the Thing is being made to ensure a satisfying result!

thanks for your interest y’all ✌ love ya

My favorite WOY character is Wander and Iโ€™ve already written three emails to Disney as to why so have a gif spam

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Heโ€™s literally too cute. I cannot. Send help. I love him so much.ย 


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Emails under the cut if you wanna read those lol

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