kacper goldman



Kacper, what are you going? And why are you dressed in a suit?

Let’s get married.

I’ve already answered this question, remember? At the park? You got down on one knee & I said yes, I will marry you. What is this all about?

That’s not what I mean.

So what do you mean?

Kerri, marry me. Now.

Now? Don’t you want to invite your family?

I don’t need anyone but you. And our baby. You’re the only ones that matter in my life. I love you. I’m ready to be that family that we’ve dreamed & talked so much about. Let’s just be crazy. Let’s just BE married. What’s stopping us?

I’m going to be Kerri Goldman. Today. Wow I guess I’ll never be a Queen again.

Oh c'mon…You’ll always be my Queeny. And I assume that means you will.

Oh please…like there was any chance I was going to say no.

Well, son, do you feel any different?

Actually…I do.

This is the most important thing that will ever happen to you. Life as you know it will never be the same. Are you sure you can handle it?

I know I can. I will. I’m a father now. Kami & Mady are my family. They’re the most important people in the whole world to me. I know I’m young but I’d damn determined.

Good to hear. I’ve always liked you, Gavin. Well…except for when I found out you knocked up my princess so young…