kacie sheik,


Here comes my favorite - Michigan
sung by Eric Michael Krop & Kacie Sheik

I could use a drink


The Hair tribe (Public Theater, Broadway revival, and Tour) singing at the Public Theater’s relaunch on October 4



The Flesh Failures/Let The Sun Shine In - Hair.


Facebook Graffiti App. - HAIR (2009 Broadway Revival)

Normally I don’t like digging up old art, but I braved my old facebook page recently and discovered that I rather like these strange pieces after all. These were made with the Facebook Graffiti App - a frustrating and limiting drawing tool that I, for a small period, threw myself into as a challenge, because I’m like that. 

I made these for my fellow HAIR hippies. Because HAIR is a cramazing show with a fantastic cast and I love it! And I know I sort of just stopped this project halfway, but I just realized I’m missing Sasha Allen!?!!?!? I have NO IDEA HOW THAT HAPPENED, THERE IS JUST NO EXCUSE FOR THIS MADNESS. O_O


Hair at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre (With Gavin Creel, Will Swenson, Kacie Sheik, etc)

It is unsigned, and free of bends or imperfections.


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