So writing has been on my mind a lot lately, so I've decided to make a list of 110 Unique/Uniquely spelled boy and girl names just in case anyone needs a lift with names. Enjoy!


Female Names

Amina [Ah-mean-ah]

Ambrelle [AM-br-elle]

Angelise [An-jeh-lease]

Aspen [ASS- pen]

Ashlynne [ASH- lin]

Brandie [Brand-E]


Bria [Bree-ah]

Blüme [Bloom]

Betzabeth (knew a girl with this name) [Bet-sa-beth]

Caila (Kayla)

Crista [Kr-IH-s-t-uh] 

Cadence [KAY-dense]

Casey [KAY-SEE]

Ceirra [SEE-air-uh] Bwahaha 

Danea [Duh-KNEE-uh] or [Duh-nay]

Dahlia [D-AH-LEE-ah]

Dalon [Da-lawn]

Dracie [Dray-see]

Darcy [D-ARGH-see]

Dacey [DAY-see]

Emelin [Emmy-lin]

Eimi [Amy] (Again, I know someone with this name)

Emeralda [It’s like ESmeralda without the “S”]

Ezria [Ez-REE-uh]

Farrah [Fair-uh]

Farliee [Far-lee]

Falyn [Like Jimmy Fallon]

Feiron [Fair-run]

Franklyne [Frank-lin]


Fivel [Five-ill]

Gwendolyn [Gwen-dough-lin]

Graelin [gray-lin]

Gia [GEE-ah]

Glidyn [Glide-in]

Gaea [GAY-uh]

Hailey [Hay-lee]

Haide [HI-dee] or [Heidi]

Harlin [H-ARGH-lin]


IIiya [ILL-e-uh]

Isaiely [EE-sigh-ellie]

Itza [IT’S-ah]

Jaycie [JAY-see]

Janeth [Jan-ith] 

Jaiylee [JAY-lee]

Jenabelle [Jen-ah-bell]

Kacia [KAY-shuh] (mom’s name lol she has a pretty unique name)

Karigan [Care-IH-gan]

Knightlee [Night-lee]

Karson [Car-sin] or [Carson]


Lainey [Lay-KNEE]

Liela [LIE-lah] or [Lilah]

Langley [Lang-lee]

Maribelle [Mary-bell]

Michaela [Mikayla]

Marabeth [Mare-AH-beth]

Marlow [M-ARGH-low]

Na’tara [N-UH-tar-ah]

Naveah [N-UH-vay-ah]

Nyx [Nix]

Nyla [Nye-lah]

Xyla [ZIE- lah]

Male Names

Alek [Like Dalek without the “D”]

Adonis [AH-DON-is]

Andreus [AWN-DRAY-us]

Arion [ARGH-EE-on] or [Air-EE-on]

Arland [ARGH-land]

Bryceton [B-RICE-ton]

Beckham [Like David Beckham]

Buckley [Buck-lee]

Brantley [Brant-lee]

Cairo [Kye-row]

Caspian [CASS-pee-an]

Castiel [Cass-TEE-elle] (I mean of course! I love supernatural!)

Dixon [Dick-son]

Draysen [Dray-sin]

Dyson [Die-son]


Easton [EAST-ton]

Finnley [Finn-lee]

Fulton [Full-ton]

Garland [GAR-land]

Graedon [Gray-done]

Garrison [G-AIR-ih-son]

Heller [H-EH-l-er]

Henley [Hen-lee]

Holden [HOLD-in]


Irving [Er-vee-ng]

Izaeah [Eye-ZAY-ah] or [isaiah]


Julis [Jew-L-ih-s]

Jules [Jewels]

Kadin [Kay-den]

Keaton [Key-ton]

Keighan [Key-gan]



Layth [LAY-thuh]

Layton [Lay-ton]







Xathan [ZAY-than]

Happy TAUmas to @theauthorswife who requested triplet bonding. Enjoy!


They were the first to know: not Mommy and Daddy, not Grunkle Stan, not even Uncle Dipper.


Later, when they were grown, none of them could ever precisely pinpoint what event made the switch in Willow’s brain flip from off to on, what sparked her fire. That day, from what they could remember, was… kind of boring. No weird trauma or explosions or Uncle Dipper being demony.

They couldn’t remember the cause, but they did remember getting home from school, throwing backpacks on the ground and chattering as loud as possible and Willow… stopping. While Hank and Acacia moved around her pulling out toys and homework and climbing on beds and jumping off of them, Willow stood still in the middle of the room, muscles locked tight. The only movement she made was to turn her head from side to side, looking around like she had never been in their room before.

Hank was the first to notice that something was wrong.

“Will? Will-will are you okay?” he asked, doing a spectacular jump off the bed and landing on the floor next to them.

Grunkle Stan’s voice rang out from downstairs. “Kids! Your beds aren’t trampolines, knock it out!”

“Yes Grunkle Stan!” Acacia yelled back, before jumping off the bed. They heard Grunkle Stan grumbling and swearing from downstairs, but they didn’t laugh, not when Willow was starting to shake.

Acacia joined her younger siblings and poked Willow in the stomach.

“Does your tummy hurt?”

Willow shook her head.

Hank frowned. “Did someone say something to you at school?”

Willow shook her head again.

“Then what is it goober?”

“Kacia! Daddy said no name calling.”

“Acacia. You’re red all over,” Willow finally managed to say. Acacia looked down at herself.

“Am not.”

“Are too. You got a red cloud all around you.”

“Willow…she doesn’t.”

She turned to look at Hank. “And you’re all bluey and yellowy and there’s a weird purple spot on your chest.”

Her head whipped back and forth between the two of them.

“You… you guys really don’t see them? At all?”

Acacia shook her head. “Nope.”

Willow looked at them, her eyes funny looking. “But… but they’re right there and I can see them!” Willow frowned. “Why are you scared Acacia?”

Acacia crossed her arms and frowned. “I’m not!”

“Yeah you are because you’re getting mad,” Hank pointed out. He looked at his younger sister. “How could you tell?”

“I… I don’t know. I just….Kacia your eyes got more redder and-“

Willow’s legs gave out from under her, and she sat down hard on the rug.

“What… what’s happening to me?” Willow asked.

Hank and Acacia looked at each other. Then as one they grabbed their sister by an arm each and dragged her to her bed, climbing onto the mattress with her. Hank pulled the blanket over the three of them, and the three of them curled together, just like when there was a storm or Uncle Dipper was doing weird stuff with the forks. They curled together and held Willow while she cried, shaking under their arms.

“Do you believe me? I’m not lying, I promise,” Willow finally managed to say once the tears stopped.

“Yeah, we believe you,” Hank said, speaking for both of them.

“You wanna tell Mommy?” Acacia asked.

Willow thought about it for a minute. “What if I get in trouble?”

Acacia scowled. “You haven’t done anything wrong dummy!”

“I know that! But what if I did? What if this is cause we drink out of Uncle Dipper’s cup all the time or that time he took me out with him to that dark room on accident or-“

“Calm down Will. You’re going to start breathing funny if you don’t,” Hank pointed out.

She burrowed her head into Acacia’s shirt. “I don’t want to tell. Not yet.”

The three of them stayed under the covers like that for another minute or two, and then Acacia asked, “We should go see if Grunkle Stan has colors?”

Willow pulled her head up. “Why?”

Acacia grinned. “Because then we can tell when he lies.”

Matching grins quickly lit up Hank and Willow’s faces, at the thought of what they’d be able to con out of their Grunkle in the near future.