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Game Center CX’s Arino in Super Mario Maker! ⊟ 

A Kacho sprite! From what it sounds like, players in Japan will be able to unlock the Game Center CX host’s skin by completing the stages he created for NicoNico Cho Kaigi, according to Kyle McLain. It’s rad to see more content (Famitsu’s mascot will also receive a Mario skin) being released for the game!

You can watch Arino kill himself in Super Mario Maker below:

There’s also a nearly 40-minute video of Arino playing Super Mario Maker!

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Today’s a day for playing lots of games together as a family until you can play no more, only to do it all over again tomorrow. And as we do that, those games will light up our rooms. That’s how it should be, we can’t keep them in the dark because in my mind, more than anything, that’s what games are all about: keeping the house lit up.
—  GameCenter CX host Shinya Arino on Satoru Iwata’s death (via Twitter). 

“Good evening Mr. Arino. I watch Game Center CX all the time.

You said something during the Super Mario World challenge:

‘I’m going to keep at it, for the sake of all the kiddos and middle aged folks in the country.’

Your words left a strong impression on me.

I’m sure there will be more challenging games, and you might sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Even so, please don’t give up and keep trying for as long as you can.

I’ll be cheering you on.

- Tadashi, age 12.”

Anyone who says Game Center CX isn’t one of the greatest shows ever created are lying through their teeth and are not to be trusted under any circumstances


A common question I get is, “What does this character’s joke text say in Japanese when they’re revealed to be in the new Smash Bros.?

In English, there’s usually a pun of sorts, like “Little Mac punches in!”

But in Japanese, it’s always just “___参戦!!” for every character, which is something like, “____ joins the battle!!

Basically, the puns are added in by Nintendo’s localizers. Hopefully that answers lots of people’s questions!

(Also, whoa, Arino and Lincoln!)

anonymous asked:

Could you explain what Game Center CX is all about?

Game Center CX is a show about a guy, Shinya Arino, aka Kacho, challenging retro games, and attempting to beat them in a day. He’s also famous in Japan as part of the comedy duo, “Yoiko”. In the show, he usually spends an episode attempting to defeat a game, while also having segments on arcades, interviews with developers ( Satoru Iwata, Satoshi Tajiri, and Keiji Inafune to name a few have appeared on the show), hardware showcasing, and other things.

There are also special episodes of the show where he has visited countries such as the US, South Korea, and Cambodia to see what games are like there.

Some of the games he challenged include Street Fighter 2, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Punch Out!!, Megaman, and many more.

I definitely recommend the show if you’re a fan of retro games, arcades, or just need something to watch to kill some time. Its definitely a fun show, and Kacho is just hilarious in general.