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Hi! If you’re open for requests, can you do one of Bakugou with a s/o who’s really chill and relaxed and unfazed by his outbursts or anger, but one day he goes too far and they snap back at him? Could be based around his jealousy and their friendship with Todoroki. Happy ending please!

This is angsty! I love it but sorry the angst took over😅

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“Hi (y/n)”

Your attention diverted to Todoroki as he sat down in his seat next to you.

“Hi Shouto”

you replied back with a smile. Your eyes shot at Bakugou who had been eyeing you since Todoroki walked in the room. You and Todoroki were great friends even before you started dating Bakugou, but somehow being around him made Bakugou extra angry towards you. He would sometimes tell Todoroki things but most of the time his anger would be directed towards you. The lecture began and you tried your best to give Mr. Aizawa attention but your mind kept thinking about the times Bakugou would act up for no reason. He would get mad so easily with everything you did. It made you feel incompetent to be around him. After class Bakugou came over to your desk.

“Let’s go” he said coldly walking ahead of you making you follow him.

“I’ll see you around, Shouto” you said waving at Todoroki as you followed Bakugou out the classroom.

He always walked slightly ahead of you whenever he was angry and you were never fazed by his outburst but your patience was now being tested since all you wanted was to be happy with him and you felt like you deserved to be. You tried talking so the long walk home wouldn’t start to feel awkward but walking outside of the school reminded you about something,

“So there’s a funny story I have to tell you.” You said already chuckling

“During training yesterday Shouto had built ice with his quirk and Midori-”

“Can you shut the fuck up about icy hot!” he yelled as he walked ahead of you not slowing down to even look at you. Your blood began to boil as he began to yell,

“You’re always running your mouth about that extra and its fucking annoying!”

He stopped and turned around to face you. His eyes were now glowing with hatred and anger. “You know what..better yet, tell me!”

There was an awkward silence

“Tell you what?” You said still confused about why he got so upset. Bakugou clenched his teeth

“Tell me what is going on between you and icyhot!!”

The people around you suddenly stopped walking to listen in the drama that was unfolding. Your eyes scanned the faces that started gathering and saw Todoroki looking at you confused about what is happening.

“Katsuki! Can we talk about this later?” You said still looking at Todoroki trying to speak in a hushed tone so no one found out about Bakugou’s accusations.

“This is fucking rich, He’s here so you’re trying to shush me!! You like him dont you!” His words echoed through the crowd and everyone’s attention diverted to Todoroki and back to you.

“Katsuki….please….” you whispered pleading for him to stop accusing you.

“You’re always fucking smiling at him and talking to him. You look fucking stupid talking to that shithead while dating me!!” He turned now walking to where Todoroki was standing.

“ILL FUCKING KILL YOU” he threatened Todoroki as he grabbed him by the collar of his uniform. Bakugou was now emitting small explosions from his palm warning Todoroki not to move. Your heart began to race with anger. Your adrenaline rushed and you ran towards Bakugou. You stood in front of him placing your hands on his chest and moving him back as you pushed against him.

“FUCK OFF KATSUKI!!!” you yelled now looking into Bakugou’s crimson eyes. You saw that this made things worse and ignited the fire that was already burning inside him.


“NO! I’m-” when suddenly you were interrupted

“Man you even talk like a moron, if you think that (y/n) likes me. She always talks about you, but frankly she’d be much better off with someone that treats her better.”

“THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING!?!?” Bakugou hissed pushing against you while your hands pushed him back

“I’m saying she deserves someone like me who will treat her right.” Todoroki answered back causing you to turn to look at him with a shocked expression on your face. You looked back at Bakugou who was now visibly going to explode

“NOW YOU SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS!! I FUCKING KNEW IT! YOU DO LIKE HER!!!” Bakugou yelled at Shouto pushing you aside to confront him.

“(Y/N)! DO YOU REALLY NEED THIS?!!” Shouto yelled at you as Bakugou stomped closer to him. Bakugou growled and You couldnt take it anymore. You clenched your teeth as you saw both of them begin to activate thier quirks. You clenched your fists and activated yours. The ground began to quake and you smashed the ground between them causing them to stumble and fall back.

Their attention diverted to rock that was now scrunched between them.


Now they were both looking at you

“KATSUKI YOU’RE A FUCKING MORON AND TODOROKI THIS DOESN’T INVOLVE YOU!!!” You body felt numb and your heart felt heavy. Your breathing intensified due to the relapse of your quirk and You began to feel water drip down your face as you saw Bakugo look at you

“KATSUKI! I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!” you yelled with a piercing sound. You noticed as Bakugo began to stand his anger faded substantially and he looked at you again with a hint of regret.

“Y/n?!” Todoroki said as he took a step forward

“DON’T!” you yelled at him as you wiped away your tears.

“I DON’T WANT TO SEE ANY OF YOU!!” you yelled again making sure it was louder than the last time.

You walked home breaking your heart accepting what had happened. Somehow you found yourself looking back hoping Bakugou would be the one to follow you this time but he didn’t.
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