Blue-Eyes White Dragon
‘This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.’
Can Be Found In: Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution (SKE-001), Dark Beginning 1 (DB1-EN098), Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (LOB-EN001), Forbidden Legacy (FL1-EN001), Anniversary Pack (YAP1-EN001), Duelist League 2010 (DL09-EN001), Duelist Pack: Kaiba (DPKB-EN001), Legendary Collection (LC01-EN004), Dragons Collide Structure Deck (SDDC-EN004), Gold Series: Haunted Mine (GLD5-EN001), Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck (SDBE-EN001), Starter Deck Kaiba - Reloaded (YSKR-EN001), Premium Goild: Return of the Bling (PGL2-EN080), Duelist Pack: Battle City (DPBC-EN016), Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack (MVP1-EN055), 2016 Mega-Tins (CT13-EN008), Legendary Decks II (LDK2-ENK01), Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba (SDKS-EN009), Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Gold Edition (MVP1-ENGV4, MVP1-ENG55), Duelist Saga (DUSA-EN043), 2017 Mega-Tins (CT14-EN002), Kaiba’s Collector Box (KACB-EN001),  Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories (DDS-001), Starter Deck: Kaiba (SDK-001), 2002 Booster Pack Tins (BPT-003), Shonen Jump Vol. 1 #1 (JMP-001), 2003 Booster Pack Tins (BPT-009), Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge (PCK-001), Duel Terminal - Preview Wave 1 (DTP1-EN001), Dark Legends (DLG1-EN002), Duel Terminal - Previe Wave 2 (DTP1-EN001), Duel Terminal 1 (DT01-EN001), Weekly Shonen Jump March 2014 (JUMP-EN068), Jump Pack 2014 Issue 2 (JUMP-EN068), WSJ Jump Pack Spring 2016 (JMPS-EN002), Swedish Shonen Jump 2004 #3 (JMP-EN001), Retro Pack (RP01-EN001)

One main feature of the card game and the franchise overall is how it keeps old yet famous creatures having a prevalent use among many Decks. With more than 20 years in the market starting only as the OCG, keeps fan favorites on the spotlight no matter how much the game changed by introducing new rules and mechanics. From obtaining counterparts to compensate the original’s weaknesses to gaining an entire archetype of its own, if a card is famous enough among the fanbase soon or later will keep gaining new options to keep the pace against current strategies.

“Blue-Eyes White Dragon"is undoubtly the most famous monster in the entire franchise, staying on the peak of its kind as the strongest Normal Monster in the game for two decades. Due its iconic status in both the series and the card game "Blue-Eyes” keeps its prevalence right from its debut, starting back when all the game had to offer was Normal Monsters to the present where most builds focuses on Extra Deck setups. This is thanks to the constantly growing number of options “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” can work along with, making it a flexible creature able to cover both offense and all sorts of setups as a material of costs and bigger setups. While not seem much different to other old school monsters like “Dark Magician” and “Red-Eyes B. Dragon”, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” has several privileges that makes it a valuable creature regardless if is the main focus of the Deck or is supporting other themes with its pressence.

Almost every year “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” gains at least a pair of new tools to work along with and become available right from our very first turn, pretty much becoming the most supported creature in the whole game by a massive margin. Starting from searching effects to add “Blue-Eyes” into our hand by “The Melody of Awakening Dragon” and “The White Stone of Legend” among others, while “Paladin of Felgrand” will instead equip “Blue-Eyes” on himself to later on be revived. Despite the high Level of “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” there are several ways to summon it straight from the Deck without any effort, ranging from disposing “The White Stone of Ancients” to Eyes of Blue monsters targetting each other with effects to bring out “Blue-Eyes” in the process. Alternatively “Blue-Eyes” can work along the Hieratic archetype, monsters that by tributing themselves will summon Normal Monsters for their Xyz Summons and other purposes. But “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” will really stand out once hits the Graveyard, not only doing so by milling effects like “Dragon Shrine” and “Elemental HERO Prisma” but also by the dozens of revival options at our diposition. Several copies of “Silver’s Cry”, “Return of the Dragon Lords”, and “Swing of Memories” will constantly bring back “Blue-Eyes” and any other copies turn after turn, Traps like “Birthright” and “Call of the Haunted” can answer the opponent’s actions with its sudden pressence, and monsters such as “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” and “Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand” will bring it back to work together under their respective circumstances.

While “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” has an archetype of its own, due the several tools arround it we can fit it in all sorts of builds and have an important role depending of the situation on the Duel. “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” easily becomes the main cost of “Trade-In” to draw cards with in many Decks, specially due “The White Stone of Legend” searching for it after taking the same purpose by the effect of “Cards of Consonance”. As any Normal Monster “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” easily can work as material for all sorts of setups, using its high Level for Rank 8 Xyz Summons and expensive Synchro Summons. Obviously that includes its own counterparts, working along Fusion options and/or being banished from the Graveyard by “Dragon’s Mirror” to bring powerful Fusion Monsters such as “Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” and “Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon”. The same goes for Ritual Summons, not only with “Advanced Ritual Art” using “Blue-Eyes” right inside our Deck but also “Chaos Form” using it in our Graveyard as material for “Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon”. Obviously as a Normal Monster with many ways to be summoned from early to late game and its high ATK, we can work along cards like “Skill Drain” and “Heat Wave” to restrict common strategies while cards like “Honest” cover us against any stronger enemies.

From simply providing drawing support to taking a classic approach with its high stats, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” remains a powerful creature by two decades of gaining effects with sinergy and exclusive cards to create its own archetype. Starting the first years as one of the main targets for “Monster Reborn”, the current “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” is a flexible creature that takes all sorts of purposes with zero effort required in all kinds of themes and builds to work along with. One turn can be the core material for big summons including its several counterparts, while in other will take advantage of the many Special Summons at its disposition to keep the pressure even in the worst scenarios. Obviously as any Normal Monster “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” is extremely dependant of the cards assisting it on its many objectives, but even when compared to other classic monsters with support of their own is very rare for the most famous monster in the game to not have a chance to come to the field for any goal we’re aiming at the moment. As technically the mascot of the whole franchise, “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” remains prevalent no matter what Decks or new strategies must face against.

Personal Rating: A+

+ The strongest Normal Monster in the game
+ The most supported monster in the game with many summoning options and an archetype of its own
+ All sorts of purposes depending of the situation and the Deck is working with

- Completely dependant of other cards to work efficiently