Bwatiye (Bachama)

The Bachama are a tribe from the Numan area of Adamawa state.

Calabashes with Bachama patterns.

The Bachama are known for their warrior past. Being in between two emirates and remaining unconquered even during the Fula Jihad.

traditional instruments.

maize grinding competition, the smoothest maize wins

photos by Angelo Mindapa

of the Kwete festival

They speak: Bacama

Numbers: (approximately) 300,000

Religion: Protestant christianity

Bachama history is one of fierce independence from its neighbouring tribes, the Hausa-Fulani/colonial dominance of the region and a mixed relationship with Europeans.

The tribe is governed by a chief (Homun) who is selected from 6 royal clans( Zomye) called Kowo, Magbullaron, Nomupo, Nokodomun, Waduku and Impang and elders from non-royal clans(Kabye).

You can read about Bachama History in more depth here including an explanation on the origins of the Bachama tribe, the various dynasties (pre-colonial, colonial and post-independence) and of the process of the ascension to the throne of the Homun.