dec. 6- fav rock poke- KABUTOPS! (with an honorable mention to Dwebble)

i’m having fun doing these mini spot illustrations of these pokemons!!! I don’t really like rock pokemon, but kabutops is TOPS (heh) and dwebble is really cute, so…

i almost put omanyte in there too but i thought that might be pushing it.

Presenting~ Pokemon Trainer Jean and Pokemon Breeder Marco! 
Of course Marco has an Eevee goodness. 
This was so fun oh my god I want to draw them and the rest of their Pokemon but that takes so much effort and I don’t have that anymore. asjdflk. 
It’s 3 A.M guys and I can’t sleep and ugh this AU! I haven’t seen any SNK Pokemon AU/crossovers which disappoints me. Either I haven’t looked enough or they’re sparse. WHATEVER