Broke night,11:25am, and I’m about to go to bed.

That is until I saw THIS MATCH being donated! Originally it was going to be  Flareon, Bidoof and Bibearel vs Ditto, Kabuto and Kabutops. As soon as I started to connect the dots, the match turned to Team Flareon vs Minun, Marill and Azumarill. AAAWWWW I KNOW WHAT YA DID THERE!!!

Agent 006, Flaredoof, and Solareon vs C3, Z. F MT, and M4 !<3

Long story short, Marill (Z.F MT) just bowling balled his way through Flareon (Solareon) entire family. Hilarious to see cause I always pictured M4 and Solareon families always having some type of rivalry. M4 and Solareon compete against each other, like best friend rivals Sunshine and C3 are always talking to each other like best friends, and Flaredoof and Z. F MT are already true blue childhood best friends.

If I wasn’t tired, I would have drawn something about this most definitely. Probably for another day or time. Thanks for making a match like this out of nowhere donater! Also thanks for liking the series to make it a reference in PBR! That already made my morning. Now off to bed.~


Presenting~ Pokemon Trainer Jean and Pokemon Breeder Marco! 
Of course Marco has an Eevee goodness. 
This was so fun oh my god I want to draw them and the rest of their Pokemon but that takes so much effort and I don’t have that anymore. asjdflk. 
It’s 3 A.M guys and I can’t sleep and ugh this AU! I haven’t seen any SNK Pokemon AU/crossovers which disappoints me. Either I haven’t looked enough or they’re sparse. WHATEVER


An underwater Pokemon scene by request. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I’VE BEEN DYING TO POST THIS. I implore you to check out this artist if you have the time, they’re amazing.

Another piece in my “Ordinary Day” series of Pokemon pics. This one focusing mostly on aquatic fossil Pokemon, “living fossil” type species, and other ancient species that likely haven’t changed a lot, though some have a slight prehistoric spin (ie. Lapras). At least 19 species are pictured here.