Presenting~ Pokemon Trainer Jean and Pokemon Breeder Marco! 
Of course Marco has an Eevee goodness. 
This was so fun oh my god I want to draw them and the rest of their Pokemon but that takes so much effort and I don’t have that anymore. asjdflk. 
It’s 3 A.M guys and I can’t sleep and ugh this AU! I haven’t seen any SNK Pokemon AU/crossovers which disappoints me. Either I haven’t looked enough or they’re sparse. WHATEVER


Illus. 吉田宏信 & 杉森建

Glitch in the System || Closed @thezzazzglitch

Cal trudged out of the ocean water, leaving her Sharpedo for a moment survey the volcanic landscape. What remained of Cinnabar Island wasn’t exactly a popular tourist attraction… but she wasn’t here for sightseeing.

“Terrence, return.”

She tucked the Pokeball back onto her belt, stepping carefully over the volcanic rock.

The last time she was here, she’d caught a strange Pokemon. It had looked like a Kabutops… but upon closer inspection, it was nothing but bones. She’d found it rather fascinating… until she stored it in the PC with her Pidgeot. After that, she simply wanted to be rid of the thing that had almost killed her Pokemon.

So she took it to her ex-superiors from her time in the army… It was the only thing she could think to do. Unfortunately, they hadn’t been able to help. So they’d sent her back here, hoping she could unearth some answers.

Part of her hoped that she wouldn’t find anything… That this was all some sort of mistake or dream or even prank. But deep down, she knew that this was a much more serious threat.

So she plodded on…

rvnclw7  asked:

What can we learn from Pokemon's fossils about their evolution history? Can we do that, like we did to horse's evolution history?

I’m glad you asked! We talked a lot about evolution in today’s entry on Kabutops, about what was happening to the ancient kabutops during their transition to land. But what became of them after that?

You might be aware of the fan theory that Genesect is actually a Kabutops modified by team plasma–

But have you heard of the fan theory that Kabutops evolved into scyther?

“Firstly, examine the body shapes of both Scyther and Genesect: a segmented thorax, and an abdomen that supports its legs. More evidence is supported by Genesect’s strong similarity to Scyther’s direct evolution, Scizor. Genesect’s shiny form is a light red, very similar to Scizor’s coloring. Also, the stripes on the abdominal area of both pokemon are similar, as well as both pokemon’s legs. The legs on both are not only segmented, but also feature only one pronged toe on each foot. This may lead to Scizor and Genesect being much similar, but due to Scizor’s steel evolution compared to Genesect’s direct modification, this would not be accurate.

Kabutops and Scyther also share one strong similarity, that being their forearms. Both are long, bladelike weapons, referred to as scythes. Genesect also features on aspect that strongly relates it to Kabutops: its head. Both have strikingly similar head structures, as well as skinny, segmented arms (a trait also shared by Scyther and Scizor). It is possible that kabutops’ pelvic area fused with its telson (its “tail”) to, over time, form the abdominal area featured in Genesect, Scyther, and Scizor.”

So that’s one cool evolution theory we can learn from pokemon fossils! Also, check out this evolutionary tree from pkmnoriginsproject!

What are your guys’ favorite evolution theories about ancient pokemon?

-Professor Julie