kabuki restaurant

Thoughts watching tmwfte

Opening scene : ooo thats a nice type…DAVID BOWIE …. * dinah shore voice * ooo I  like that   

*movie officially starts * Tommy walking for 500 years! 

Me : ooo nice very warm arent yeh 

Tommy : *almost gets hit by a car *                                                                        Me : Y U NO LOOK BOTH WAYS DO THEY NOT TEACH THIS IN SPACE KINDERGARTEN 

Nearly 5 mins in : hair and face reveal                                                                  Me * falls off chair * : YASSSSSSSSSSSSS YASSSSSSSSSSS YASSSSSSSSS 

Tommy * goes to little store bench * 

Me : Ermmm r u okey is u good r u okay 

Tommy : selling his ring at the store                                                                      store lady : “20$ “ “ take it or leave it “                                                                 Me : looooool he wanted to smack her so hard 

Tommy * takes 20$ and gets water from teh lake*

Me : EWWW NOOOOOOOOO ur gonna die u are going to die of ebola ,malaria ,gangrene  , syphilis and the plauge Y U DRINK LAKE WATER 

Tommy : * shows up in nice suit w/thousands of dollars in an envelope out nowhere *

Me : what have u been doing….. selling crack cuz boiiiiiiiii

Tommy : *comes behind farnsworth and picks up paper*

me : that was creepy 

Tommy : i need more money

farns : what the hell for 

me : I wanna know too bc what in the damn hell 

me * skips part w/nate whoops * 

tommy : at kabuki restaurant 

Me : lerl much cute 

* at teh hotel *

Mary-lou : * takes suitcase *

Me : where ARE YOU GOING .. r00d 

* in the elevator *  

tommy : * sounding like hes abt to die * “ no ill take the stairs “

Mary-lou : * Already started this elevator WHOOPS * “ its 5 flights                       Tommy : *passes out * 

Me : “oh god “

*mary-lou stops elevator *

me : okay good slowly go back downstairs and call someone

Mary-lou *moves tommy out of elevator *


*mary-lou picks up tommy *

Mary-lou : “ are you okay is this good “ 

Me : Lmaooooooooo obviously not hes bleeding 

* mary-lou puts tommy on bed *

Me : noooooo y u do this y u put him flat on his back if he cant move and he gets sick he could choke and die ermagerd 

Mary-lou : mister r u okay 
Me : aww her voice so cute tho                                                                             Tommy : * act like he is fine * “ oh i must have fainted lol “                                   Mary - Lou “ I thought you were dead “                                                           me : nobody is gonna die that— lemme not   

Mary-lou “ ill call a doctor “

Tommy :“no dont call a doctor”    

Me : lol okay if u wanna sit there nd die

Mary-lou *hangs up phone * 

Tommy * throws up *

Me : See this is Y … tsk tsk tsk poor bby

Mary -lou * starts cleaning tommy up *

Me : ummm.. she has no gloves or anything … blood borne pathogens r alive and real up in this piece 

mary-lou : * touching tommys hand * 

Me : nooooooo he clearly threw up on his hand Y R U TOUCHING IT GURL 

Me * takes a second *


Tommy * wakes up * : can I have a drink 

Me : lol no 

Mary-lou : “ r u sure you should drink  * in her mind : lol no bc i just spent 2 hours cleaning and i dont have time for u to throw up again “

Mary-lou * offers alcoholic beverage *

Me : girl what is u doing 

Tommy : Just a glass of water *starts getting up * 

Mary-lou * lol boiiiii if you dont sit yo as- * “ no no i’ll get it “

20 seconds later 

Mary - lou * thirstily * wats ur neme 

tommy : “ sussex “

Me : LIAR thet is a place in england LIES 

LOL part 1 is done will do more parts if yed like lmao <3 made partially to cheer up  @bowieakajohn hope this makes yeh smiles bby * hug *