kabuki (ac)

i didnt like how i drew kabuki so i went and tried making him more like an animal and not a circle with triangles attached to it + a human body


*exhausted sigh* Finally finished all the cat villagers found in new leaf (fun fact they happen to be the most popular species which means **a loT** of villagers to draw) The bottom image is *huge* and I highly suggest clicking it to see all the details.
I’m very happy with how this turned out overall owo
ps i’m going to start bell commissions soon! if you’re interested feel free to drop an ask ^^


i reached 5k followers about two weeks ago, thank you everyone!!!🎉 i’ve been working on some tutorials but they’re taking longer than i expected (my throat is swollen so voice-over is hard) - they’ll be up at some point, sorry for the delay 💕 but thank you again to all who have helped me reach this milestone⭐️