i saw that kabuki was the eldest of 3 so i couldnt help making his brothers be named after japanese theatre styles as well!

one would imagine his siblings to have red facepaint too (i sure did) but i also thought it would be cool if i made them have kabuki paint, but not the same one as their eldest (iirc red paint means theyre the hero?)

bunraku’s facepaint = a spirit or ghost and noh’s facepaint = a demon!

i didnt like how i drew kabuki so i went and tried making him more like an animal and not a circle with triangles attached to it + a human body

Uhh this is for my graphic design class? And it’s not graphic design-y at all it’s like 100% illustrative? I HECKED UP…

Anyway I love Angel she’s great. This file is named “BABY.png.” I’m an adult.