Sooooooo good!


Four amazing places that I ate at in Winter Park, Florida and you should eat there too!

So you’re at Disney world. I don’t know why. As far as I can tell it’s a terrible, soul sucking, wallet sucking abyss. However, I hear most people don’t feel that way and I respect that I’m the minority in this opinion. Or maybe you’re at Holyland. Scratch that. People who go to Holyland don’t read my blogs. Whatever. You’re in the greater Orlando area and you’d like to experience something transcendental on your pallet.
On a recent trip to the area our dear friend Asa ensured we experienced the Holyland of Orlando cuisine by taking us to these four amazing spots (in order of images from top to bottom): Croissant Gourmet, The Coop, The Briar Patch and Kabooki Sushi. Go there. Enjoy liberally.

Ignore me! lol it was such a long day and just took my helmet off XD

But my pony did amazing! A 1st, two 2nds, and a 3rd.

2nd and 3rd in hack classes, a 2nd in hunter over fences 2'3 and 1st in hunter over fences 2'6

And I had some random coach cheering me on and saying if I need help to ask him sucks that I didn’t get to know his name or his barn -.- ugh 

Everyone that came from my barn was bitchy also turning my mother into a horse show mom! lol