Wonderful Days by Masahisa Fukase

Masahisa Fukase and his wife, Yoko, began their new married life moving in to Matsubara-danchi residential complex of Soka, Saitama in 1964. they were soon joined by a Siamese cat named Kabo. A few years later Fukase brought home a black cat that he had picked up on the way home from fishing- a cat which he named Hebo. From then on the couple lived their day-to-day life with these two cats.

There’s a scene in the Celia Cruz novela in which she goes to a Tambor in her dreams and speaks to a couple priests. They tell her that Obatala is her father.

In the dream she realizes that she knows some of the songs of the Orishas but doesn’t know how, then we are told that she snuck into a drumming as a child but her father forbade her to go.

In the dream, She also spoke to Mercedita Valdes, one of the most important women Akpwons (singers) and they explain that her destiny is to recognize her heritage as an Afrodescendiente.

She then sings a chant for Chango “Kabo eh, Kabo Eh, Kabo eh, Kabiesile O Chango.”