Wonderful Days by Masahisa Fukase

Masahisa Fukase and his wife, Yoko, began their new married life moving in to Matsubara-danchi residential complex of Soka, Saitama in 1964. they were soon joined by a Siamese cat named Kabo. A few years later Fukase brought home a black cat that he had picked up on the way home from fishing- a cat which he named Hebo. From then on the couple lived their day-to-day life with these two cats.

anzac day gothic

you are in the australian war memorial. you are in the tomb of the unknown soldier. you hear a knocking. a scrabbling. the stone slab of the stone tomb slides, screeches across the marble floor. a shape rises from the fire and shadow.

‘i have a fucking name,’ says the shape. 'i’m geoff.’

the shape stands up into the light. it is the unknown soldier. you realise you know him. you’ve seen him before. you’ve seen him everywhere.

'it’s me. geoff.’

“Somalis love nicknames. Once you receive a nickname, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. One day, when I was a teenager, I wore sandals to school for the first time instead of my proper shoes. Now both of my big toes are abnormally long, and since I was wearing sandals, they were plainly sticking out for all to see. Once I arrived in the class, the teacher noticed my big toes and jokingly said, ‘what’s with the snake looking toes?’ From there onwards, my peers called me snake-toes.”


“Soomaalidu waa dad naaneys bixinta aad ugu dheereeya. Naaneystana wey adag tahay inay ka hadho. Waxaa dhacday beriga yaraa, dugsiga sare ku jiray baa maalin kabo sandal so xidhay ayaan soo habsaamay. Labadayda suul ee hoose wey dhaar dheer yihin. Inaba caadi ma aha. Deetana macalinka ii arkay oo wuxuu igu yidhi bahalkan suulka abeesaha bal day. Dabadeedna ciyaalkii ii bixiyey suul-abeeso.”


“She used to cook for me and I taught her how to read and write. When the civil war started, I returned to Borame and became a teacher. I employed this very young girl who brought milk on a daily basis from a nearby city and sold it in Borame. After she sold the milk, she used to bring me my daily lunch and wash my clothes. After a couple of months, I asked her whether she attended any school and she replied that she works for her family and doesn’t go to school. I setup a plan where I would teach her how to read and write after I finished teaching for the day. After 3 months, I sent her to a proper school and initially paid for her tuition fees. Since her family couldn’t afford to pay for her tuition fees, I decided to keep paying it until she graduated, for the sake of Allah. After she finished school, she excitingly told me that she found a job at UNICEF in Borame. Sometime later, I was transferred to Hargeisa and left Borame so we lost contact. Then, one day, she rang me – in an elated mood –  and told me that she was going to get married soon and that I needed to be there for the ceremony. I was in a difficult position at the time and it wasn’t possible for me to go there. She swore that there would be no ceremony if I didn’t come so I left everything behind and went to her marriage ceremony. I met, for the first time, her family. Her family rushed to me and kissed me on my forehead. I felt overwhelmed and emotional. They said that if if it wasn’t for me, she would never be this educated girl that she is now. I was doing it for God’s sake. She’s now in the West, happily married and I’m still a teacher here. She regularly keeps in contact and helps me financially from time to time. She’s practically my daughter.”


“Marku waddanku burburay, waxaan ku noqday Boorame, waxaan shaqo ka bilaabay iskuul ku yaalay magaaladda oo macalin baan noqday. Waxaa jirta gabadh aad uu yar oo caanaha kasoo qaadi jirtay magaalda Dila kadib Boorame keeni jirtay. Inantaasi markay caanaha soo iibiso, aniga waxay iga caawin jirtay dhanka cuntada iyo nadaafada sida dhar maydhista . Maalin maalmaha kamid ah waxaan waydiyay inay wax dhigato ama iskuul soo martay, waxay ii sheegtay inanay waxba dhigan oo ay tahay inan reerkooda u shaqaysa. Maalintaas waxaan bilaabay inaan wax uu dhigo markaan soo rawaxo ee iyaduna qado ii keento lacagna waan siin jiray bishii, Inantii saddex bilood baan wax uu dhigayay. Markii danbe waxaan geeyay goobaha yar yare e dadka waxbarshada ka habsaama lagusoo kabo. Muddo laba sano ayaan iskuulka ka bixinayey. Aqoon umaan lahayn ee reerkeeda oo aan awoodin inay wax baraan iyo iyadoo aqoontu ku yartahay waxaan ku fakaray inaan dar Illaahay uu caawiyo. Labadii sano markay dhamadeen Alxamdulilaah inantii way waynaatay waxna way baratay. Muddo kadib, waxay shaqo ka bilowday Hay’ada UNICEF, aniga waan ka imid Boorama oo Hargeysa ayaa laysoo badalay iyana way shaqo tagtay oo markaas ayaa isku kaaya danbaysay. Mudo kadib, maalin ayeey isoo wacday waxay ii sheegtay in la soo dooni doono oo aay guursanayso khasabna aay tahay inaan imaado hadii kale aanu meherkeedu dhici doonin. Sidii baan anigoo xaalad adag ku jira ugu tagay inantii maalintaas. Waxaan la kulmay qoyskeeda oo anaan horey u arag. Madaxa ayeey iga dhunkadeen waayo waxaan wax baray gabadhooda oo maanta ah gabadh aqoon leh. Dareen baa igusoo booday. Muddo kadib inantii xaas bey noqotay oo waddanka Maraykanka ayey u guurtay hadana ku nooshahay anigana wali macalin baan ahay sidii wakhtigaas ilaa imika. Waan soo wada hadalnaa wayna isoo caawisa marmar wax igu adkaadaan. Booska ay ii joogto waa gabadh aan dhalay oo kale .”


30 Day Mumblr/Momblr Challenge

Introduce your family (with or without a picture):

Hi my name is Brianna, I am 23 years old. My fiancé is Andrew who is 27. We have two sons, Thomas who is 3 and Noah who is 18 months. We also have two dogs Kabo (boy- 5 years old) & Bailey (girl- 4 years old).

Been seeing this go around so I thought I’d try to do it 😃

There’s a scene in the Celia Cruz novela in which she goes to a Tambor in her dreams and speaks to a couple priests. They tell her that Obatala is her father.

In the dream she realizes that she knows some of the songs of the Orishas but doesn’t know how, then we are told that she snuck into a drumming as a child but her father forbade her to go.

In the dream, She also spoke to Mercedita Valdes, one of the most important women Akpwons (singers) and they explain that her destiny is to recognize her heritage as an Afrodescendiente.

She then sings a chant for Chango “Kabo eh, Kabo Eh, Kabo eh, Kabiesile O Chango.”

anonymous asked:

I'm breeding a bunch of Pumpkaboo looking for a shiny, do you have any suggestions for nicknames? I'll call it Nebu otherwise

My first shiny pumpkaboo was named Spookaleen but I call her Spooks for short!
You can name it Nebu or Neboo tho I’ll cry from happy!!

Kabo or Kabocha(Cha Cha Kabocha) is a cute name too!! Thats what Pumpkaboos jp name comes from. Kuri is also a type of pumpkin and it sounds cute! Umm!! Idk, i’m not super great with names lol good luck tho!!