kabhi kabhi khushi gham


“If you’re like me, who can’t dance at all.. just stick your hand out to one side, the other hand out to the other side, legs strangely parted.. if you can’t dance at all, just do this and life is good, you’ll get away with every song in Bollywood.”



Nepotism in Bollywood – A debate started by Kangana Ranaut ( an A-listed actress whose own life story is from rags to riches) on the “Koffee with Karan” show sparked a controversy with everyone weighing on the pros and cons of it. Karan johar was labeled as the Master of Nepotism in this industry by Kangana. But is it true? INDEED IT IS.

We have a hell lot of examples of star kids failing to produce a single hit film but we keep on giving them chances as we feel that someday they will deliver hits after hits ,the way their father/mother did. Arjun Kapoor keeps on getting signed for big budget films despite not being able to impress people with his acting just because he is the son of an ace director . Sonam Kapoor was given so many chances to prove her caliber in acting ( like her immensely talented father) and she kept on proving us wrong until she did films like raanjhana and more prominently – “NEERJA” ,the best film of 2016. And finally after years of failed attempts,sonam kapoor showed us her acting powress.

Karan johar himself has indirectly stated in many interviews that he definitely did have pressure to launch star kids like ALIA BHATT and VARUN DHAWAN . Infact many of his friends like SRK,Salman khan have made fun of him on his show for the same issue. So why is it that when kangana ranaut – a blunt, headstrong actress  called him out on his show,she became his biggest enemy ? I enjoy karan’s films really, they have no connections with reality but  they do give me and millions like me an escape to get lost in that world of fantasy that have rich kids competing for a title while simultaneously competing for a girl aka “Student of the year” , Guy falling in love with girl who doesn’t love him um.. the one sided love story aka “AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL” , The girl falls in love with her bestfriend but the guy loves someone else..years later that ”someone else”  so the “someone else’s daughter” manages to bring her dad and his bestfriend back together but the bestfriend is going to marry another guy but in the end the “another guy” breaks his marriage and unites the two lovers aka “KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI” (Okay this film is iconic . Really you gotta watch it. Gives you those feels ) or the journey of  muslim telling the president of the United states that not all muslims are terrorists set against the 9/11 background aka “MY NAME IS KHAN” ( AMAZING . HEARTBREAKING. EXTREMELY GOOD FILM. ) , the family drama and reunion based- “KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM”  or the “from friends to lover despite being married to other people already” aka “KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA” .  Karan johar takes you in his world and you really enjoy it. All these films are superhits. But all the actors in these films are either established actors/actresses ( Shahrukh khan, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor , Anushka Sharma ) or starkids ( Varun dhawan, Alia bhatt ) .

Why is it that “Ranbir Kapoor” ( who I agree ,is an amazing actor) given so many chances despite his last few films not doing well but “Rajkumar Rao” , a NATIONAL AWARD WINNING ACTOR who has managed to impress critics and audience alike with his film roles not given many chances at commercial films?
Is it because Ranbir Kapoor belongs to the Kapoor family – the first film family of bollywood who has a rich legacy of actors/actress  and rajkumar rao is merely an outsider to this industry with no connections whatsoever ?
Why is that everyone wants to know about star kids debuting in Bollywood but they don’t pay attention to “Outsiders” who are already working their asses off and doing really great films but are still underrated ?

We keep on forgetting that A-listed award winning actors like Priyanka chopra, Deepika Padukone , Ranveer Singh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui , Irrfan Khan, Anushka Sharma are all outsiders . They don’t belong to film families or have godfathers in this industry and they are definitely not star kids.
Infact our very own KING KHAN  aka MR. SHAHRUKH KHAN – The Baadshah of bollywood is also an outsider. He started working in Tv shows and then did films. He had humble beginnings and went on to create an empire. People doubted Sushant singh rajput and Ayushmaan khurrana as they came from the television industry to make it big in films but they don’t doubt  actors( star kids) like Tiger Shroff and Athiya shetty  who do cringeworthy acting.

Lets be real guys. Nepotism is definitely an issue in bollywood and kangana ranaut was not wrong to point that out on National television.