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Let’s Get Romantic! Kabe-DON!

If you’ve ever read a shoujo manga, or watched a romantic anime, you’ve probably seen kabe-don. It’s the doki-doki moment when a guy slams his hand/foot against a wall by the girl to confess his feelings. My explanations suck, so I’ve included a photo for your reference.

The word comes from かべ (wall) and どん (the sound it makes). Frankly, I have no idea where this part of Japanese culture came from, but it’s hilarious. I read an article that says the feeling of experiencing kabe-don is “exhilarating” plus, it makes guys look tough! Woo!

If you can find ‘em, there are some REALLY hilarious kabe-don Japanese vines out there. I’ll leave you with this one for now.

translation: could this be kabe-don?

                  It’s coming!


anonymous asked:

Hiiiii. Good luck with the new blog!! And I freakin' love you header; Mako-chan is just so unf. Aaanyways, may I request nsfw-ish with Makoto, and Shoichi with fem!reader? (Maybe a bit of kabe-don) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thank youuuuuu.

Aww thank you so much! I hope this turns out nicely and that you enjoy this, It took a while for me to write for some reason. I actually was going to make it a threesome but decided to stick to the script lol :) 


Kabe-don: In Japanese Internet speak, “kabe-don,” with “kabe” meaning “wall” and “don” being the sound of someone hitting a hard object–like a wall.

Hanamiya was the school genius and it was unheard of for someone to beat him in class marks. What was more unheard of was a transfer student beating him. You had been there less than two months and already had beaten him twice in grades. You didn’t know Hanamiya personally, only from the few friends you made who told you that he was the one who always made top in the class. Walking down an empty hallway on your way to lunch, you heard footsteps after your own. You glanced around to look and saw that it was the guy who everyone was saying you were beating in class rank. He was attractive but you came here to learn so you were going to disregard him until you were suddenly pushed up against lockers, caged in by his long arms.

“Hey, you’re that new girl huh?” His face was in front of you and he was smirking.

“My name is _____.” You said confused as to what he was doing.

“Heh, _____-chan, huh.” He said, sliding his right hand down the locker to the side of your neck.

“Sounds …. nice.” His lips curled up in disgust at the word but was quickly gone as fast as it had come.

“Okay. W-Well what do you want?” You were getting nervous because he was so close and we rubbing strands of your hair in between his fingers.

“Ah, what do I want,” He restated, moving closer to you, breath fanning your face.

“What are you willing to give me, _____?” He said your name in a singsong voice and waited for your answer.

“U-Uh, I don’t know, my lunch?” You held up your brown paper bag and shrugged your shoulder hoping he would take the bait.

Hanamiya started laughing and snickering in a sadistic way, hair covering his eyes. He steps back a bit and stops laughing, languidly placing his hands on his hips and sticking his tongue out.

“Baaaka! You think that I want your lunch?” He moved closer, trapping you in his arms once again.

“Heh, if you’re going to give me something, make it worth my while.”

Imayoshi was your tutor for math and recently you had been improving. He would tutor you in an empty classroom after school and then walk you home to your house or his and stay for dinner. The only thing you didn’t seem to get was the fact that Imayoshi liked you. He was frustrated at the fact that you would not catch on the hints he would give or how you would not notice the slight touches he would provide. Today you were a bit ahead of schedule so you were walking down the hallways of the school ready to leave. He needed to say something and let you know how much he liked, no needed you. Stopping, he grabbed your hands in his and pinned you on the wall, pushing the air out of you.

“W-What is this, Imayoshi-kun?” You were surprised and confused as to what was going on.

“What are you doing, _____?” He asked, head down with his lips in a straight line.

“What do you mean what am I d-doing?”

“Are you trying to ignore me?” He was speaking softly but was gripping tighter on your hands with each word he spoke.

“I-Ignoring you? H-How?” You asked.

“Do you not understand that I like you?” He said, a hand moving to grasp your chin to make you look up at him.

“What? You like m-me?” Your eyes widened in shock and you blinked, confused.

“I’ve been trying to let you know, _____.” He opened his eyes and looked at you.

“I guess I will have to try harder, huh, _____-chan?” He said pressing his body against you.