kabe japanese

Let’s Get Romantic! Kabe-DON!

If you’ve ever read a shoujo manga, or watched a romantic anime, you’ve probably seen kabe-don. It’s the doki-doki moment when a guy slams his hand/foot against a wall by the girl to confess his feelings. My explanations suck, so I’ve included a photo for your reference.

The word comes from かべ (wall) and どん (the sound it makes). Frankly, I have no idea where this part of Japanese culture came from, but it’s hilarious. I read an article that says the feeling of experiencing kabe-don is “exhilarating” plus, it makes guys look tough! Woo!

If you can find ‘em, there are some REALLY hilarious kabe-don Japanese vines out there. I’ll leave you with this one for now.

translation: could this be kabe-don?

                  It’s coming!