Today’s SVTFOE2 Recap: Sprite

Why did I use a lemon-line beverage created by Coca-Cola as the title for today? Because it’s one of those sodas that’s actually…


Yeah, I didn’t have anything else.

Horrendously godawful attempts at comedy aside, the episode actually starts out pretty strong. Star gets kidnapped by… Rhombulus? That’s really his name?

That’s a dumb name. Aw, forget it, I’m just gonna call him Mr. Kaarms.

So Mr. Kaarms freezes her, along with Marco, and brings them before Lekmet, the demon goat guy from the Magic High Commission, and tries to convince him that Star is the source of what’s off with the magic, and it quickly goes down here from there.

And sadly, I mean that in both ways, as in, when things start going wrong for Mr. Kaarms, the episode starts to slowly get less and less funny as it goes… and not in the good way. The last good joke here is when Mr. Kaarms first unfreezes Star… and she immediately screams in horror. But after that… jacksquat.

I understand what they were trying to do here, but oddly enough, I really wish they’d gone the route of having Mr. Kaarms be an antagonistic force from beginning to end, obsessed with being the focus of attention and going insane the longer and longer he didn’t get his way, like Gaston except nobody likes him. But as is, it actually drags down the episode at the end.

And that’s how I feel about the episode: It looks like it’s gonna be good real fast, but instead it does the complete opposite and turns out a wasted opportunity to add a new force of evil for Star and Marco to battle in the future. I know there’ll be people who’ll like this episode, and honestly, I liked the first half of the episode, but the other half is just nowhere near as good for me.

Tomorrow: We’re gonna have a good, old-fashioned Alan Tudyk/Jeffrey Tambor ham-off.

Also, I think the credits just spoiled a surprise.