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You need to get a S6 account or smth bro. TOO BAD you couldn’t sell your fan art there tho

I really want to make one! I’m just not sure if anyone would be interested in buying my work :U
But yo! I saw tons of fan art on S6. Is this a new rule or something?
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whispers vector and fades back into the shadows
This is really cute tho!! Good job bro

Thank you! BUT BUT I DID! The place where I get these things printed doesn’t take Illustrator files AND THAT’S DUM. So after I did my vector magic I put it in photoshop to make it a jpg  BUT PHOTOSHOP’S JUST HUFF WOAH THAT’S RLY BIG
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WELL copyright is somethin I heard about but I don’t the rules on S6 itself have changed. BESIDES, your art is REALLY DANG CUTE yo

Those rules probably did change. I know the whole copyright stuff, but I thought larger companies generally don’t care because it’s not enough to hurt their business and only  do something about it when it does??? I DUNNO THANK YOU! <3 <3