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Hey! Have you heard about the Ka'apor warriors (an indigenous Amazonian tribe) who have recently started a campaign wherein they attack illegal loggers, tie them up, beat them, and destroy their equipment as a result of the total failure of the Brazilian government to protect the rainforest from illegal logging operations? Can't fight fire with fire, right? Hate only spreads more hate, right???

Nah, I actually haven’t heard of that. This ask is coming off a little sarcastic towards the end, to me, but I could be wrong. Just throwing that out there. 


That’s a photo gallery, in the link above. 

Beneath the photos is more about what’s happening - all the links I tried to use only linked me back to the photo gallery so I don’t have too much info on it other than that. 

Um, well, I mean, don’t fight hate with hate is totally right. I think beating them and destroying their equipment is a little much, but I do think that removing them from their habitat and ensuring they don’t come back is a good way to handle this stuff. I mean, to be honest we all know the government wouldn’t do anything about this. It’s like I said in the brony ask that I just answered - don’t fight fire with fire doesn’t mean stand and burn. These people are trying to protect what they hold sacred and it isn’t them just harassing people on the internet or whatever. These people are literally going in and destroying land and crops and homes and taking lives. 

I think we can safely assume that if you aren’t there to destroy their habitat, the Ka'apor wouldn’t do any harm to you whatsoever, really. 

There are some other links here that I’m going to provide, including a petition you can sign to help enforce the Lacey Act, the act that protects rainforests from illegal loggers!