A Brief Guide To Some of My Favorite Kirby Anime Episodes

As you might’ve already known, I’m a big Kirby fan. I love my brave orb son. Specifically, I love the Kirby anime, which you might know as either Hoshi no Kaabi or Kirby: Right Back At Ya! I dig it so much that I spent a sizable chunk of my time going through and screencapping every episode, including the all-too-short 3D special and the… interesting pilot. If that doesn’t sound like much, let me remind you that the anime is exactly 100 episodes long. That’s a lot of Kirby content!

Naturally, that much material means a lot of K:RBAY’s run goes through the motions with the show’s usual formula – copying abilities, saving the Cappies, and admiring the power couple that is Dedede and Escargoon – and spotting the diamonds in the rough is trickier than you’d think. Luckily, this guide is here to help! I wouldn’t say these are objectively the best episodes; just that these are the ones I enjoyed the most for various reasons. At the risk of blabbing your ears off about this beloved children’s cartoon, I’ll stop right here and tell you all about my favorite episodes! I’ll try not to list too many of them. (I should mention that this guide mostly focuses on the subbed version, which can easily be found on Youtube for the most part, though the dub is even easier to find and, admittedly, has its own charm.)

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Why does no one talk about this?


i wanted to do that “9 characters you can relate to” meme, so in no particular order, here we have:

  • ruby (steven universe) because she is a little ball of rage, as am i
  • dipper pines (gravity falls) because i too am a paranoid lil nerd with no social life
  • starscream (transformers prime) because i am beautiful and i constantly need power and attention
  • wirt (over the garden wall) because i lack confidence every now and then and also because im done with life in general
  • hiyori tamura (lucky star) because i can very easily relate to her struggle as an artist
  • kiki (kikis delivery service) because ive got my head in the clouds and im still finding my place in life
  • bee (bee and puppycat) because shes about as shameless as i am
  • panda (we bare bears) because social media and social awkwardness. also, his bad anime art— man have i  b e e n  there
  • tiff/fumu (kirby anime) because shes a hardcore feminist and very outspoken about social matters

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