ka'a'awa valley

dir.: colin trevorrow
action / adventure / sci-fi  

chris pratt as owen
bryce dallas howard as claire
irrfan khan as masrani
vincent d'onofrio as hoskins
ty simpkins as gray
nick robinson as zach
jake johnson as lowery

some facts:

  • jeff goldblum’s character dr. ian malcolm can be spotted on the cover of a book that is read by zara (katie mcgrath) on the monorail ride in to the park. a copy of the same book is later shown on lowery’s (jake johnson’s) desk in the control room when he is first introduced.
  • according to the filmmakers, the t-rex in the film is the same t-rex that appeared in the original jurassic park. she bears visible scars from the climactic fight with the velociraptors in the 1st film.
  • 1st jurassic park film to not have animatronic dinosaurs created by stan winston, as he passed away in 2008. instead the animatronics were created by effects studio legacy effects, a company formed from winston’s former workshop staff. 1 of the shops in jurassic world, winstons, is named in stan’s honour.
  • for the season 2 parks and recreation dvd (2010), chris pratt made a behind the scenes video. in the video he reads a fake text from steven spielberg about being cast in jurassic park 4. pratt actually was cast as the lead in the 4th jurassic park film (2015).
  • according to the website designed to look like its the real website of the park, jurassic world has been open since 2005.
  • there is a statue of the character john hammond, the founder of the ingen genetic company and jurassic park. colin trevorrow explained this is to specifically honor sir richard attenborough who played the role in jurassic park (1993) & the lost world: jurassic park (1997). attenborough had spoken in the past of possibly making another appearance in the franchise but his failing health made it highly uncertain. unfortunately, attenborough passed away august 24th, 2014. hammond is implied to have died prior to the events of the movie, evidently writing attenborough’s passing into the franchise as well.
  • jimmy buffett has a very brief flash of a cameo, appropriately carrying 2 margaritas. a branch of his “margaritaville” restaurant chain can be seen on the jurassic world “city walk”.
  • colin trevorrow came up with the idea of featuring mosasaurus, the film’s main marine reptile which you see in the trailer. he pitched the idea to spielberg of having the mosasaurus feed on a shark in front of bleachers filled with park guests. spielberg loved the idea of the mosasaurus eating the shark but suggested that when the animal grabs the shark that the whole bleacher section submerge underwater using a hydraulic system so that the audience will be able to see the mosasaurus feeding underwater. the moment where the mosasaurus soaks 200 extras sat in the bleacher section was colin trevorrow’s favourite moment of shooting.
  • bryce dallas howard’s character is dressed in all white, thus paying homage to richard attenborough’s character in original film. both were directors of their respective parks.
  • the cameo by jimmy fallon is a homage to the cameo he makes in the universal studios tram tours. he discusses similar safety instructions and also uses the same type of humor in both.
  • the gyrosphere was steven spielberg’s idea. according to colin trevorrow, then spielberg “wanted to create a way for people to get up close and personal with the animals, to make it a self-driving, free-roaming experience. it loads on a track, but once you’re out there, you actually get to navigate around the valley”.
  • jurassic park (1993) is one of chris pratt’s favorite films. the 1st time he saw it was on its original opening day at the cinema.
  • the motorbike used in the film made by triumph was given to chris pratt as a gift after filming.
  • the music in the trailer is a rendition of ‘john williams’ original theme. this marks the first “jurassic” film for michael giacchino, however, one of his first jobs as a composer was to make the music for the playstation game of the lost world: jurassic park (1997).
  • the story idea for this film was created by steven spielberg and mark protosevich who got together privately on several occasions (without studio observance) to confer the notion of doing another installment in the jurassic park franchise.
  • “indominus rex” means “fierce/untamed king” in latin, after the hybrid dinosaurs’ erratically destructive and murderous nature.
  • new orleans has an abandoned six flags theme park which has been used for other film productions in the past. jurassic world created a 300-foot by 200-foot main street and boardwalk in the amusement park’s abandoned parking lot. they shot on the set for 2 and a half weeks.
  • the jurassic world control center set was created after doing research at universal studios theme park in orlando florida. production designers also based some of the set on the nasa control room. colin trevorrow was actually disappointed that the control room at universal studios was just a few guys and some small old monitors.
  • the gallimimus stampede scene seen in the trailer was filmed at kualoa ranch, about 200 yards from where the original stampede scene was filmed in jurassic park (1993).
  • when zach and gray find the main building of the original jurassic park visitors center, it is decaying and overrun with vines. there’s a lot hidden within this scene, including the “when dinosaurs ruled the earth” banner that fell after the t-rex’s final attack, as well as the bones of the staged dino-fight. there’s also the back-lit painting of a raptor, just like the one behind which a raptor stalked lex and tim. best of all, gray plays with the night-vision goggles that were featured in the t-rex sequence.
  • the holograms of the velociraptor and the dilophosaurus in the educational center are from scenes in the original film, jurassic park (1993). the velociraptor is from the kitchen scene where lex and tim were attacked. the dilophosaurus is footage is from when nedry was attacked.
  • the film’s original title was “jurassic park: extinction”.
  • 1st film in the jurassic park series to feature an open fully functional dinosaur theme park. in jurassic park (1993), the park was under construction and not yet open, and in the lost world: jurassic park (1997), jurassic park: san diego wasn’t entirely completed and lacked dinosaurs.
  • the gyrosphere set was built above the ka'a'awa valley at kualoa ranch, oahu. it is still standing, and is featured in some of their tours.
  • the original script was written in 3 weeks and the studio was pushing for a quick june start. steven spielberg decided that they needed some more time to make the movie good, and he had the pull to shut the production down before it started prematurely. spielberg approved the screenplay in september 2013, and filming finally began in april 2014.
  • in the scene with the acu in the forest there is a nod to dr. malcolm’s explanation of chaos theory in the original jurassic park. in jurassic park, dr. malcolm explains chaos theory by dropping two drops of water on the same spot of dr. satler’s hand and showing that they drip in different directions. in jurassic world, when hamada finds the indominus rex’s tracker, the blood drips twice on his forearm and drips in opposite directions.
  • phil tippett returns to crew as dinosaur supervisor, reprising his role from the original film.
  • colin trevorrow voices mr dna in this film.
  • there will be lego sets based on the film, making it the 3rd time chris pratt has been portrayed in lego, with the other 2 being the lego movie (2014) and guardians of the galaxy (2014). the owen figure even uses the same headpiece as star-lord.
  • this movie shot mostly on 35mm film. they filmed a lot of the big exteriors on 65mm in hawaii. they used one of the 65mm cameras used for stanley kubrick’s 2001: a space odyssey (1968).
  • the product placement in the film was not at the behest of the studio, but was rather the idea of the writers and director colin trevorrow as a way to satirize the corporatization of popular entertainment.
  • at one point in the film, toddlers can be seen riding baby triceratops in the “gentle giants petting zoo”. this scene was actually included in the original movie with one of the children riding a baby trike. special effects technicians worked on the effect for a year, but the scene was finally canned after spielberg felt it ruined the pacing of the movie.
  • in an interview on the tonight show with jimmy fallon, bryce dallas howard says that the little boy hugging the long neck in the petting zoo is her real-life son.
  • as reference for the actors, dancers wore grey suits with fluorescent dots on them and bicycle helmets shaped like raptor heads.
  • the release date of jurassic world (2015) 12th june 2015 is oriented on the release date of the first franchise movie jurassic park (1993) which was released on 11th june 1993.
  • according to fandango, it would cost approximately $23,432,400,000 to build a real life jurassic park. the park itself would cost $1,500,000,000. it would cost an estimated $10,000,000,000 to purchase an island off the coast of costa rica with 66 square miles of land (22 square miles for isla nublar and 44 square miles for isla sorna). it would cost about $8,000,000 for a research and legal team. it would cost $9,000,000 to get dinosaur dna and $8,500,000 to clone dinosaurs from it. employees and operating expenses would cost over $11,000,000,000 a year ($32,000,000 per day). the dinosaur food would cost over $200,000,000 a year. that brings the yearly operating expenses to $11,907,000,000.
  • bryce dallas howard and judy greer are sisters in the film. they also played sisters in m. night shyamalan’s the village (2004).
  • when gray and zach first walk into the visitors center, there are multiple screens above their heads, some of which advertise jurassic tennis. this same attraction was first teased in jurassic park on the “coming soon” television advertisements, seen around the room during the dinner scene.
  • grossing $208.8 million during its opening weekend, jurassic world became the highest domestic opening of all time (not accounting for inflation), surpassing marvel’s the avengers ($207.4). with a $511 million global opening, it also became the highest global opening of all time. this surpassed even the highest projections and best expectations of the studio and analysts/critics. jurassic world also surpassed the avengers in per theater average with $47,800 as opposed to $47,700 for the avengers in over 4,200 venues. jurassic world also became the highest imax 3d opening with $44.1 million, beating iron man 3 ($28.8 million).
  • the jeep the kids repair and drive away from the original visitor center is the same one driven by muldoon and hammond in the original film. the one that owen and claire hide behind is the one driven by grant, sattler and malcolm.
  • a popular fan theory has it that chris pratt’s character is the grown-up version of the boy that grant intimidates with a raptor claw at his dig site. owen’s being able to anticipate pack hunting behavior, then, could be explained by the warning grant gives in the first film. owen also says that to work with the raptors, he has to show them respect–something grant also warned about. the original actor, whit hertford, dismisses the idea, saying “guys like me don’t grow up to look like chris pratt.”
  • when claire’s cell phone rings in the car, the ringtone is the first two notes of the jurassic park theme.
  • most of the dinosaur effects were created using cgi, but animatronic raptor heads were created for the squeeze cage in owen’s raptor paddock. a practically-built animatronic dinosaur was also created for a sequence filmed in hawaii.
  • when first introduced, ty simpkin’s character is looking at an old view-master reel of dinosaur images from the 1956 irwin allen film the animal world, featuring visual effects by willis o'brien and ray harryhausen, both of whom pioneered the classic “dinosaur battle” sequence.
  • lauren lapkus improvised the line, “i have a boyfriend.” colin trevrow liked the line so much that he kept it in the films final cut.
  • the line “you’re going to need my raptors” from the commercials is not in the actual film.
  • the trailer confirmed the appearances of following dinosaurs: stegosaurus, apatosaurus gallimimus and velociraptors. it also shows a tylosaurus, however, that species is not classified as a dinosaur, but as a mosasaur.
  • brothers zach and gray are attacked by an oversized dinosaur in their gyrosphere vehicle. this is an homage to original jurassic park (1993) siblings lex and tim murphy upon being attacked by a t-rex in their ford explorer ride vehicle. in both cases, the vehicle is overturned, the dinosaur breaks the glass and pushes it around, and the creature’s attention is unwittingly drawn by a mechanical device (a flashlight in jurassic park, a vibrating cell phone in jurassic world).
  • when the boys first arrive at the park, a voice over the loudspeaker advertises “chilean sea bass” on the menu. in the original movie, hammond states that chef alejandro has prepared chilean sea bass for everyone.
  • brad bird voices the monorail announcer.
  • the dinosaurs in jurassic world (2015) were created using performance capture. humans are playing the t-rex dinos. colin trevorrow went to film before production and conducted a ton of tests. they found that when a human is behind the movements you can feel the weight and it feels unlike what we’ve seen before.
  • the velociraptors of owen’s pack all bear names from the first few letters of the nato phonetic alphabet used by the military: charlie ©, delta (d), and echo (e), with the notable exception of blue (b), normally bravo. the letters probably indicate their place in the pack’s pecking order. the alpha (a), or dominant member of the pack, is owen himself.
  • when the pteranodons are attacking the resort, owen and others are seen shooting at them from outside a theater, with a sign reading “pteranodons live: see it in imax & 3d”.
  • jurassic world is the 1st film in years to filmed in the simple 2:1 aspect ratio. rather than filming in 2.35:1 or 1.85:1 like the previous jurassic movies, director colin trevorow said in an interview that, “it allows us enough height to fit humans and dinosaurs into a single frame, without giving up that sense of scope. it’s very close to the ratio of the digital imax screens, so it will look great in large format. i think other filmmakers will want to give it a try when they see how it looks.”
  • jeff goldblum personally told chris pratt that he liked him in the movie. they are reportedly close friends.
  • the film shot under the secret working production title ebb tide. that working title was chosen by steven spielberg way before trevorrow was involved. no one on set seemed to know a reason for the working title.
  • some of the ingen mercenaries that make appearances are based on a line of toys released during the height of the original jurassic park’s popularity, the evil raiders series. the mercenary who casually shoots a pterosaur flying over the ocean has a resemblance to “skinner” a character created exclusively for they 1993 toy line by kenner. ironically kenner’s successor; hasbro asked to feature their own licensed toys in the film seemingly unaware the “product placement” was all ironic and a parody of actual film product placement.
  • many elements on this movie, where actually part of michael crichton’s book “jurassic park”. for example: when mr. masrani and dr. henry wu discuss about the new dinosaur, dr. wu tells him “nothing we have here is natural!” thats a dialogue taken from the first book “jurassic park”, but in the book dr. henry wu tells this to john hammond.
  • the big screen display features a variety of information, including: weather information maps, various bar graphs and charts monitoring attendance. each of the dinosaurs have tracking devices, which display a location on the big park map, so park workers know where all of them are at any time. the display also features a bunch of cycling security camera feeds: they shot footage in hawaii, at nasa and even obtained some footage from universal orlando to make it feel like the park was a living, breathing place with lots of backstage space and visitor areas. the top of the map has a restricted area that is where they do the research and development.
  • the 1st jurassic park film not to be produced by kathleen kennedy.
  • the movie’s june 12 release date just missed the 22 year anniversary of the 1st film, which was released on june 11, 1993. however, early screenings the night before meant that some did see the movie on the 11th.
  • grossed $208.8 million in its north american opening weekend, setting a new record. jurassic park (1993) and the lost world: jurassic park (1997) also set opening weekend records when they were released, making this the third film of the franchise to do so. the only franchise to set the domestic opening weekend record more times is the batman film franchise with four weekend records in 1989, 1992, 1995, and 2008.
  • in the original jurassic park, in the mining scene, it is mentioned that hammond is spending time with his daughter (timmy and lex’s mom) because she is going through a divorce. this is further referenced in subtext when a half-traumatized lex repeats the phrase “he left us!”. in jurassic world, greg mentions to zach that their parents are going to get a divorce. thus, containing another element of the 1st movie. the theme of broken families and absent fathers is a trademark of “jurassic park” director steven spielberg.
  • the 1st draft done by original writer william monahan was not set in a jungle or any green environment. as stated back in 2003 by former producer kathleen kennedy, “let’s say it takes place someplace else. it will not be green. we will not go back to the jungle”
  • bryce dallas howard’s character gives no regard for the holographic dinosaurs in the visitor center. she simply walks right through them, completely unimpressed. this symbolizes her view of the dinosaurs as nothing more than data, rather than living, breathing animals.
  • the back of “the lost world” with a picture of author michael crichton can be seen several times next to lowery’s desk
  • the set was at the nasa michoud assembly facility in new orleans, louisiana. jurassic world (2015) was the latest in a bunch of hollywood productions shooting in new orleans due to tax incentives. the production rented out the huge buildings at the nasa facility which use to be used to construct the external fuel tanks for the space shuttles.
  • when judy greer calls bryce dallas howard, the 608 area code appears on the cell phone’s caller id (with the traditional filmic 555 prefix) and the city listed as madison. this is the actual area code for madison and most of the surrounding wisconsin cities. the family van also features a wisconsin state license plate and ty simpkins makes mention of the dane county airport, which is the actual county name where madison is located.
  • empire magazine’s resident jurassic guru nick de semlyen can be seen playing the role of edmund in the top left corner of the frame as the mosasaurus splashes park guests.
  • this is the first sequel where only 1 of the original characters appears. in the lost world there was malcolm, hammond, lex and tim. in jurassic park 3 there was grant and sattler. in this film there is only dr wu.
  • the film’s main antagonist hoskins (played by vincent d'onofrio) wears a masonic ring on his right hand.
  • one of two films of 2015 that features both dinosaurs and judy greer among the castmembers. the other one being the good dinosaur (2015).
  • chris pratt plays “a former navy seal” in this movie. in the movie “zero dark thirty”, he does play a navy seal.
  • during the scene in the film where the velociraptors chase after zach and gray in the back of the van, the soundtrack playing is the from “the forest explodes” a theme from the raptor levels in the 1997 video game the lost world: jurassic park (which michael giacchino also composed the soundtrack for).
  • beyond the visitors center is the new dna and research lab, a very high tech looking laboratory which you have seen in the viral marketing. desks with advanced science equipment, walls of glass. they rented real scientific sequencing equipment for this set.
  • in addition to being the name of bryce dallas howard’s character, “claire” was also the on-set name of the baby stegosaurus animatronic in the lost world: jurassic park (1997).
  • beginning of film shows christmas holiday stuff in the home of the boys. no further mention of the holidays was made during the film.
  • in the scene where claire is driving the van attempting to outrun the raptors, she briefly looks in the driver’s side mirror only to see the raptors catching up to the van. a similar occurrence happened in the original jurassic park when muldoon looks into the driver’s side mirror to see the t-rex gaining on the jeep as he, dr. sattler and dr. malcolm are attempting to outrun it.
  • barry hides from velociraptors in a hollowed out tree. very similar to muldoon hiding in a pipe from velociraptors in the original book.
  • chris pratt’s character’s first name is owen. in the lost world: jurassic park (1997), vince vaughn played a character with the last name of van owen.
  • dane county airport, which is where zach and gray depart to travel to the park, is in madison, wisconsin. in reality, it has only 13 gates. not 3 terminals as displayed on the signage while the family is saying goodbye.
  • jurassic world broke several records during its opening weekend, including the biggest opening weekend in north america, and the highest-grossing opening worldwide, surpassing the avengers and harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2, as well as becoming the 1st film to gross $500 million worldwide in its opening weekend.
  • jurassic world features many samsung products including samsung displays in the lab, samsung galaxy phones, samsung galaxy tab tablets, the samsung galaxy gear wearable during the dinosaur hunt and the samsung innovation center building.
  • the gyro from the gyroscene is number 7 - also ty simpkins has a large role in iron man 3, the 7th movie of the marvel universe.
  • all the mercedes vehicles in the movie are production models. the g63 amg 6x6 can be custom ordered.

spoilers (the trivia items below may give away important plot points).

  • the jeep that was repaired by zach and gray is numbered “29”, which is exactly the same number as the tourist jeep that john hammond rode in the beginning of jurassic park (1993).
  • the sound played when paddock 9 opens and claire leads the tyranosaurus rex with the flare to face the indominus rex, is the same sound played when dr. ellie sattler restores the power to the fences in the original jurassic park (1993). she also gets the tyranosaurus rex to chase her holding a red flare, the same action used by dr. alan grant and dr. ian malcom in jurassic park (1993)
  • bd wong is the only known cast member to return from one of the previous films. he previously appeared in the original jurassic park (1993). his character, dr. henry wu, died in the original novel when raptors ripped him open.
  • the first camouflaging dinosaur appears in the lost world book by michael crichton, but the dinosaur was left out of the movie adaptation. in the lost world book, the carnotaurus uses a chameleon-like ability to blend into its environment to surprise its victims. in the jurassic world movie, indominus rex uses the same ability in a similar manner.
  • the 1st film in the jurassic park franchise not to feature a dinosaur attack or incident as opening sequence.
  • bryce dallas howard (claire) is seen running in high heels the entire movie. on an appearance with chris pratt on the late late show with james corden (2015), howard said she did ankle exercises and “trained for running in heels as if i was in the olympics.” pratt then demonstrated how to run in high heels after the late night host, james corden, surprised him with a pair of red high heels.
  • in all 3 previous films, at some point in production the story included pterodactyls attacking a helicopter. this is the first to implement that idea.
  • jurassic world is the only movie in the series where the main dinosaur gets killed. the t-rex in jp, the t-rex and infant t-rex in lost world and the spinosaurus in jp3 all live. the indominus rex gets killed during the final battle between the t-rex, the velociraptors and the mosasaur.
  • as the t-rex arrives to fight the indominus rex, it crashes through a spinosaurus skeleton. this is likely a nod to jurassic park 3, which received much criticism for a scene where a spinosaurus kills a young t-rex
  • the indominus rex’s velociraptor traits are evident much earlier in the film during the scene outside its enclosure. when it hunches over quill like hairs can be seen down its neck and back, a characteristic unique to raptors.
  • 1st film in the jurassic park franchise to feature the death of a credited female character.
  • body count: 25.
  • just like in the original jurassic park, a flare is used to gain the attention of the tyrannosaurus rex
  • the indominus rex is a hybrid, rumored to be part tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptor, cuttlefish, and tree frog.
  • during the climactic fight, a few chords from the lost world: jurassic park (1997) are played.
  • in the jurassic world mobile game, the plans for a “project ares” are revealed. it was planned between dr.wu and hoskins. ares is the greek god of war and it is later revealed in the movie that the project is to try and utilize dinosaurs to fight in the u.s. military.
  • some ideas from jurassic world, are very similar to scenes in the book the lost world; such as the indominus rex being able to camouflage, similar to the carnotosaurus in the novel. also the pteranodons destroying the helicopter is a scene in the novel.
  • the lever-action rifle that chris pratt uses in the film is a marlin model 1895sbl in .45-70 caliber. although this rifle in this caliber is capable of taking down any animal in north america, it is apparently ineffective on indominus rex.
  • during the film, while gray and zach are driving a jeep through a wooded area, gray notices a swarm of attacking pteradons in the rear view mirror. this is a subtle reference to jurassic park (1992), during which, as muldoon, ellie, and malcolm are fleeing a chasing tyrannosaurus, muldoon looks in the side mirror to see the t-rex closing in. the only detail missing from jurassic world is the iconic message “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”
  • there is a scene in the novelization of jurassic park where muldoon and gennaro use an rpg to blow up a raptor before it attacks john arnold. jurassic world features a similar scene, but the character in danger is owen grady.

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