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Based off that one ask from @cryptidsp00n ’s blog.


Note: I don’t speak bisaya at all. I just asked my friends for random phrases HAHAHA so please have mercy, I’m sorry if any of the bisaya is wrong.



“Maayong buntag!” - Good Morning!

“Kita ta ugma” - See you tomorrow!

“Gimingaw sad ko sa imo.” - I missed you too.

Hiligaynon( Ilonggo /?/):

“Ah, ti anhon ta na?” - So what are we going to do about that?

(He looks sarcastic what, if he’s genuinely asking or is being sarcastic its up to you.)

(Its the shortened version of Palangga ta ikaw which means the same thing)

“Bilatsing amay! Ka damak! Yuck, ka lain!”
- (this needs some context in it, so Bilatsing is a combination of two words Bilat and sing which mean Female genitals and your [In this context ] respectively, amay means parent. So bilatsing amay means “Your mother’s genitals” and is used like “Son of a bitch!”. It’s also a swear word so yeaaah,,, while we’re at it “ka lain” directly translated would be “how awful!” But here it’s used to portray disgust towards something.)

“Your mother’s genitals! That’s gross! Yuck, how awful!”

“Ndi angayan wtf…”- (this also needs context ajdjfkfx directly translated it’s “Not suiting!” Here its used more like to portray distaste towards someone doing something, or someone acting out of their usual character. Also “ndi” is “hindi” which means “no” or used indicate your refusal. [Its used as the words for “Don’t” “Can’t” “Won’t” “Bad” “No” and the like.])

“It doesn’t suit you, wtf…”


“Ginahigugma ta ikaw” - I love you.

(I’ve seen this has also been said to be in Hiligaynon too, but idk??)

“Hindi ko takun ya…” - No, I don’t want to.


Są ta­cy, którzy uciekają od cier­pienia miłości. Kocha­li, za­wied­li się i nie chcą już ni­kogo kochać, ni­komu służyć, ni­komu po­magać. Ta­ka sa­mot­ność jest straszna, bo człowiek uciekając od miłości, ucieka od sa­mego życia. Za­myka się w sobie.
—  Jan Twardowski

a-literate-little-kitty  asked:

Hello, lil ol' me again. Still in love with the Voltron family AU. But I was reading the one with Lance growing up and Keith was upset and inspiration hit me: Lil tiny Lance (like5) and Keith soon after the kids are adopted and they're used to them and bonding is happened and like Lance fell asleep in the car or something and Keith grabs the moment to cradle him. But then the next morning, The kids are telling Lance what happened but he doesn't remember it. Cue the wehadabondingmoment from s1

[The Voltron Family] They were going back home from the airport after their first Japan trip and everyone was tried. Shiro was driving, Keith was in the passenger seat and the kids were sat at the back of the car. Hunk and Pidge wouldn’t stop asking when will they go back to Japan again.

Pidge: *taps Shiro* We can go back, right? Right, Daddy Shiro?
Shiro: *chuckles* Yes, we can, cupcake.
Pidge: Can we go back next week though?!! 
Shiro: I don’t think so, sweetheart. *frowns*
Hunk: *frowns* *joins in* Why not? 
Shiro: Daddy’s got an operation to do this week. In fact, I’ll be doing 4.
Pidge: *goes back to her seat* That’s no fun.
Shiro: I’m sorry. 
Keith: We’ll try in a few months? How’s that sound?
Pidge and Hunk: Yessss!!! Thank you, Daddy Keith!
Shiro: *looks at Keith* Told you they’d love Japan. *smirks*
Keith: Let’s be real, who doesn’t? *chuckles*

Keith looked back at the kids only to see little 5-year-old Lance fast asleep, bumping his head again and again by the window seat. Keith panicked and asked Shiro to stop the car. Keith got out of the car and took Lance with him to the passenger seat. He cradled the sleeping little boy who instantly cuddled Keith unconsciously.

Shiro: *coos* Awwwwwwwwwww. *takes a photo*
Keith: *glares at Shiro* Oh my god. Delete that.
Shiro: *pouts* Fine. 
Pidge: *comes closer to Keith* What happened?
Keith: Your brother kept bumping his head at the back.
Hunk: Oh no! Is it our fault for moving too much?
Keith: Nah, it’s not, Hunk. The road’s just a lil bumpy.
Hunk: Oh, okay. *relieved* *smiles* *taps Lance’s cheek* *kisses him* Nighty, nighty, Lance.
Pidge: *giggles* *copies Hunk* Night, loser.
Shiro: *shock* Pidge! 
Pidge: *giggles* I was only joking!! But he’s sleeping and sleeping is for the weak. Everyone knows that! *puffs cheeks*
Keith: Now that’s not very nice, Pidge. Take it back.
Pidge: But he’s asleep! *points at Lance* What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. *crosses arms*
Shiro: *glares at Pidge* Pidge…
Pidge: Fine. I take it back. 
Keith: *smiles* Better. Now let’s all try to keep it hush hush. *looks at sleeping Lance fondly* *tilts his head* Hmmm, he’s actually a cutie when he’s sleeping.
Shiro: *shock* Keith! 
Keith: *chuckles* Eyes on the road, Shiro. I was just joking.
Pidge: Ask Daddy Keith to take it back too!
Shiro: *glances at Pidge then at Keith* Take it back, Keith.
Keith: *rolls eyes* Fine. I take it back.
Hunk: Lance is always a cutie. *puffs cheeks*
Shiro: *eyes on the road again* I agree, Hunk. 

The following morning when Lance woke up, Hunk and Pidge told him about what happened in the car.

Lance: *crosses arms* I don’t remember it. I don’t believe it.
Keith: *shock* *enters after eavesdropping* *arms spread open* I CRADLED YOU IN MY ARMS! WE HAD A BONDING MOMENT!
Lance: *shakes head* Nope. Didn’t feel it, Daddy Keith. Picture or it didn’t happen. *adamant*
Keith: Fine! *turns around* *shouts* TA-KA-SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

Let’s just say there was some “And you told me to delete the photo? Imagine if I actually deleted it?” smug Shiro.

Są ta­cy, którzy uciekają od cier­pienia miłości. Kocha­li, za­wied­li się i nie chcą już ni­kogo kochać, ni­komu służyć, ni­komu po­magać. Ta­ka sa­mot­ność jest straszna, bo człowiek uciekając od miłości, ucieka od sa­mego życia. Za­myka się w sobie.

Confession:  I heard and saw so much fan stuff about Dorian and Iron Bull’s relationship, well, I tend to stick with the same three companions for an entire game, and, I decided I’d do Cassandra, Iron Bull, Dorian (playing as a dagger rogue), wanting to see for myself the drama of their relationship reaching a mortal end. I just got to the betrayal moment, and Dorian’s words were “See what you get for trusting a quinari! Vashanti ka-ta!”. Looking back, most of the exchanges between Iron Bull and Cassandra were sexually charged, if not for my familiarity with the fandom, I’d of thought them more likely to get together!

[Kas tuleb tuttav ette?]

mäletad tüdrukut, kes avas end sulle?
ta andis kogu oma armastuse
aga sa viskasid selle ära nagu prügi

vahest hakkas igav
süütasid ta lootuse nagu suitsu ja
peagi ütlesid taas need sõnad
“meie suhtlusel pole tulevikku”

kas sa kunagi jääd mõtlema
kas ta on endiselt nii naiivne
sest ma unistan praegugi
et kunagi saame olla õnnelikud