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Name: Grace
Nickname: Gracie, sometimes, but I’m weirdly specific about who gets to use my nickname! (If you are not my grandparents or someone who knew me in middle school, please don’t try it :) )
Zodiac sign: I’m a Scorpio
Height: 5’6
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Favorite fruit: Mangoes <3
Favorite season: I hate to be basic, but it’s autumn. I love how colorful the world gets, I love the way the leaves smell, I love the temperature… I love everything about it.  
Favorite book series: Oh, gosh, I love too many books, but one series that was very influential to me as a young lass was the Artemis Fowl series. I practically had the second one memorized, and I was fluent in the fairy code (I was a nerdy mess as a child. Not much has changed!)
Favorite fictional characters: Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes, Penelope Garcia
Favorite flower: Right now I’m in love with fuschias. They are so colorful and unique.
Favorite scents: Fall leaves, pine, lavender, and old books. 
Favorite color: Deep, rich blue.
Favorite animal: I love foxes.
Favorite artist/band: Lately, I’ve been on a Florence + the Machine kick, although I haven’t heard everything by them.
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa?: I’m a tea girl.
Average sleep: I need 9 hours, but I usually get a lot less.
Number of blankets I sleep with: 4 when it’s cool enough.
Dream trip: I really want to go somewhere with mountains.
Last thing you googled: burn first aid (I just got a nasty steam burn whilst making dulce de leche. The dulce de leche turned out delicious, but I’ve been running back and forth to the sink to keep cold water on my arm all night! It finally stopped hurting, mostly…)
How many blogs I follow: About 1800
Number of followers: 1338 (Thanks, you guys!)
What I usually post about: My poetry, little tidbits about my life, and sometimes photos of pretty things that I have taken.
Do I get asks regularly: Usually only when I am taking prompts or am doing an ask game (Speaking of which, the art ask game is still open if anyone wants to shoot me some questions!)
What is your aes: trees, fairy lights, flowers, deep burgundy, lace, and sunsets.

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Name: Kailey
Nickname: whore, cow, hoe, kinky Kailey 
Zodiac sign: Leo
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
Height: 5’10
Orientation: Only straight for Brendon Urie
Ethnicity: White (mostly German)
Favorite fruit: WATERMELON 
Favorite season: full swing middle of summer because I like the feeling of skin cancer slowly developing (copying Lehua on that one)
Favorite book series: Discovery of Witches, or Divergent 
Favorite fictional characters: SuperGirl, Lena Luther (god damn she’s hottt), and Meredith Grey.
Favorite flower: Roses, and tickseed
Favorite scents: wet laundry, old spice, men’s aftershave, and hay.
Favorite color: Yellow because no one appreciates him :(
Favorite animal: Lion
Favorite artist/band: Lana del Rey, and Khalid.
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa?: Green Tea
Average sleep: 9 hours 
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2
Dream trip: Go to Germany to train with my old Olympic level trainers again.
Last thing you googled: Recipes for stuffed peppers.(I sound like a mom)
How many blogs I follow: 69
Number of followers: 20?
What I usually post about: Me wanting a relationship, girls, memes
Do I get asks regularly: not really but I LOVE getting them.
What is your aes: i would describe my aesthetic as…dropping a pencil then feeling guilty for the pencil and realizing that the pencil is a symbol for me how much no one likes me… and then I cry for three hours.
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Two consecutive na akong kumakain ng ice cream. Di na naman ako kakain dinner latur. Tapos coffee bukas for breakfast. Ano nga ulit yung healthy living mo, Pau? Jusq ka.

anonymous asked:

If you don't minds me asking, what does your username mean? I know it used to be your name but then you changed it and I'm just curious

of course, happy to!

note: in hawaiian, spacing and okinas (okinas are like apostrophes but they have a whole different meaning in hawaiian) is more relevant than in english

so my username should be read as “pau ole ka-pa'akai” and it translates as “endless salt” because i’m a salty bitch

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I knew i'd find you here. You changed your url na pala? Nahirapan akong hanapin ka. But i know too well that you'll be here on tumblr. Sabi mo noon this place was your escape from everything. Sana okay ka na ngayon pau. I hope you're happy.I shouldn't have left you but I have to. I apologize for what have happened before. I know na maiintindihan mo because you always find a way to understand things kahit na masakit para sayo and

uhm ok

Hindi na mababakik yung dati, Pau. Wag ka na umasa. Nasasaktan ka na nga ayaw mo pa tumigil. Eh ano kung mahal mo pa? May iba namang mahal kaya wala rin. Masasaktan at masasaktan ka lang sa ginagawa mo.