ka mi

Më ke thën se asgjë në ket bot prej meje s'të ndan. Por tani që afër s'të kam, se di kush ka faj, që mi le, sytë me vaj.
—  Du hast mir gesagt, dass nichts auf dieser Welt dich von mir trennen kann.
Aber jetzt, da ich dich nicht habe, weiß ich nicht, wer Schuld ist, dass du meine Augen zurückließt.
Li­zaki za­mieniły się na pa­piero­sy, niewin­ne stały się dziw­ka­mi. Co­la zamieniła się w wódkę, a ro­wery w samocho­dy. Niewin­ne po­całun­ki przeis­toczyły się w dzi­ki seks. I kiedy pożegnania oz­naczały tyl­ko “do zobaczenia jutro…”.
—  Piotr C. - “Pokolenie ikea”

In case some of you suffer from this, here;

1. Łukasz Fabiański – Woo-cash Fab-yan-ski
2. Wojciech Szczęsny
– Voy-cheh Sh-chen-sni
3. Artur Jędrzejczyk
– Yen-jay-chick
4. Tomasz Jodłowiec
– Yodd-wo-vietz
5. Michał Pazdan
– Mi-how
6. Łukasz Piszczek
– Woo-cash Pish-check
7. Bartosz Salamon
– Bar-tosh
8. Jakub Błaszczykowski
– Ya-koob Bwash-chi-kof-ski
9. Kamil Grosicki
– Gro-sich-ki
10. Grzegorz Krychowiak
– G-ze-gosh Cri-ho-viack
11. Krzysztof Mączyński
– K-shish-toff Mon-chin-ski
12. Sławomir Peszko
– S-wha-vo-mir Pesh-ko
13. Robert Lewandowski
– Le-van-dov-ski
14. Arkadiusz Milik
– Ar-ka-dioosh Mi-lick
15. Filip Starzyński
– Sta-zynn-ski
16. Mariusz Stępiński
– Mar-yush Stenn-pin-ski

It’s not that hard. You can do it!


Type 3 Ka-Chi Amphibious Tank

A development of the earlier Japanese Type 2 Ka-Mi amphibious tank, the Type 3 was a larger, stronger replacement for the Type 2. The project was sponsored by the IJN and was meant for IJN usage.

The hull was large and box-like with flat sides. It was of welded construction and waterproofed with rubber seals and gaskets. The sides tapered in where the additional pontoons were mounted. These pontoons were hollow and made of sheet metal. A large curved pontoon made up the vehicle’s “bow”. This was composed of two parts and would split down the center for mounting/dismounting. A smaller pontoon attached at the rear to form the vehicle’s “stern”. At the base of this section, there were 2 rudders.

A feature of this vehicle was the ability to be transported via submarine, even when the submarine was submerged. Certain IJN subs were modified to carry the vehicles. As such, the vehicles had specially constructed hulls to deal with high-pressure found in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Type 3 production was extremely limited, with only 19 Type 3 Ka-Chis built between 1943 and 1945. The reason being that, as a Naval project, the vehicle fell to a very low priority with the onset of serious war considerations, construction efforts were instead focused on warship and aircraft production. None of the tanks ever saw combat deployment.

Via tanks-encyclopedia.com

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what are the mods' senpai OTPs????


anon I’m sure you’re innocent, but I’m skeptical (sorry jakey)

Kashi: To answer the question serious, Anon, I ship pretty much everything you throw at me with this fandom… Like literally suggest anything I probably ship it and could write it. But my faves are JeanTouru, WakatoshiRyuu, WakaZumi, KyouHaru, TokiyaKei, MakotoYuu, SouhTokiya… Oh heck this list will just keep going, won’t it…

Suji: WA👏KA👏ZU👏MI (also ship Kurou x Ryuu, JeanTouru, Akira x Yuu… anything pretty much. What do you guys ship?)

Captain: I ship all the boys I find hot with myself >>;;; But Suoh and Taka i think is really cute, ooh ooh! Or Waka and Hajime! I dont rlly have an otp but theres so many pairings to explore that’d be fun!

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Biri sana bişeyin(kas,burun fln.) lens mi dese nasıl göt edersin

Cevabını bildiğin soruları neden soruyorsun. Cevap tabiki hayır. Ben sana gerizekalı mısın? Diye soruyor muyum.

Ma mäletan neid aegu
Neid nutuseid öid
Ja valusaid päevi
Neid langemise hetki
Ja seda piinavat valu
Ei, ega ma ei kahetse
Sugugi mitte
Kuigi armid jäävad veel kauaks
Ja mälestused igaveseks
Ei, ma ei kahetse
Oma vigadest õpib
Juhan nüüd siis teab
Ja eks ta nii ole ka
Et mis ei tapa teeb tugevaks
Ma vast valetaks,
kui ütleks, et ta ei tapnud
Aga tugevaks tegi ta igastahes küll

Drabble Meme Request by @yotoniohh 

“quit it or i’ll bite.”

Aokaga ;)

“Kagami, hey Kagami,” the blunette called for the red haired male next to him. “Ka-ga-mi wake up, I’m hungry, make me something,” he demanded. 

The red head peeled his eyes open, setting his sights on his boyfriend who lingered over him, “Shut up, you’re so loud. Go make something yourself.” Kagami rolled over to his side so that his face was toward the back of the couch. 

“But your cooking is better. I even bought meat,” Aomine insisted. There was no response coming from Kagami, which in turn only agitated Aomine. “Oi, Bakagami, did ya go back to sleep already?” 

Aomine sat on the floor with his chin propped up on the cushions of the couch. He eyed the back of Kagami’s shirt, watching his breathing. “I wonder,” he whispered to himself, as he began to progress his fingers to Kagami’s side causing the red head to wince. 

“Eh? No way, you’re ticklish aren’t you?” Aomine began to spider his fingers up along Kagami’s side, forcing him awake. 

“What’re you doing, Ahomine!?” Kagami demanded when he jolted awake. The red head took the nearest throw pillow to cover his stomach and sides. 

“You wouldn’t wake up and make me food,” he retorted, “So you going to make me something, now?” 

“Hell no.” 

“Well fine, if you’re going to be like that,” Aomine stood up and lunged himself at Kagami, snatching the pillow and tossing it to the side. 

“Eh, Aomine! D-Don’t!”

“Make me food then,” Aomine demanded as he wiggled  his fingers in front of him. 

“No! Do it yourself!” 

“Guess I have no choice.” Aomine didn’t hold back; he ran his fingers up and down Kagami’s sides, along his back and behind his neck, drowning Kagami in his own laughter.

“S-stop… Ahomi-,” Kagami shouted in between laughter, “Quit it or I’ll bite!” 

“I’d like to see you try,” he chuckled. 

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