ka boom ka boom

Signs as Marilyn Manson Songs

Aries- “The Fight Song” and “Long Hard Road Out of Hell”

Taurus- “Para-noir”

Gemini- “Rock is Dead” and “No Reflection”

Cancer- “The Love Song”

Leo- “The Dope Show” and “Ka-Boom Ka-Boom”

Virgo- “sAINT”

Libra- “The Nobodies”

Scorpio- “Coma Whtie” and “If I was your Vampire”

Sagittarius- “Long Hard Road Out of Hell” and “Running to the Edge of the world”

Capricorn- “The Beautiful People”

Aquarius- “Use your fist and not your mouth” and “Disposable Teens”

Pisces- “Heart-Shaped Glasses” and “I don’t like the drugs”


Ka-Boom, Ka-Boom - Marilyn Manson