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Seriously why does no one talk about the YJ tie-in comics?

I feel like not a lot of people are aware that this exists. Because if you’re looking to temporarily satisfy your YJ needs after binge-watching the show, this is it. Not to mention, this is all canon and written by the creators of the show. This comic has almost anything you ever wanted.

Supey and Wally bonding time?

Bam! Bro-time with the Wall-man! [this takes place after the Cadmus break-in before Batman made his decision]

Curious about what caused the team to become superheroes?

Bam! The smol children’s humble origins 

Ever wondered what set off Superboy’s weird hatred of monkeys?

Ka-blam! Holy green creepy psychotic monkeys, Batman!

Did you ever pine to see the team and their mentors to work together more?

Bam! Look at these snarky children and their mentors! [heh, I included that Kid Flash/The Flash panel for that Endgame foreshadowing…]

Remember the beginning of “Downtime” and ever wondered what happened in that failed mission with Clayface?

Bam! Children getting wrecked by this ugly monster!

Or remember when Beastboy mentioned that poisonous flower incident incident in “Earthlings”?

Bam! Connor trying to be a sweet boyfriend to M’gann! 

Ever wanted to know how Jaime ended up joining the team?

Bam! Nightwing and Wondergirl recruiting this sweet child (this is also where many started shipping Wonderbeetle due to their interactions in the comic).

This isn’t all of it, of course. There is this and way more. I’d say that the writing is of course on-par with the show. There’s so many plot-twists that were certainly unexpected when I first read through these. Some of these are fun (like the team sitting around a campfire and telling their stories) but there are others that are more serious, like the type of stories you’d expect to find in the show.

Also, not only can you show support for YJ by watching it on Netflix, buying the comics show your support to Warner Bros as well. So if you can afford it, I’d say give it a shot!

It’s been awhile since I’ve made one of these! Honestly, I can’t believe I broke 1000. (Especially after being inactive for so long.) So, I’m just gonna make this a quick shout out to a few of my favourite people on here. Nothing too exciting. Lati is a busy person. Most of the people on here I know and talk to but a few I just really like so they can be on here too.

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