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Yesterday, A asked me if I can fetch him because its too hot outside and his head hurts. I drove all the way to his home and waited outside their house. I got so impatient because I beep my car multiple times and I can’t see even a shadow of him. I went out of my car and entered their house. He looks sad and I’m furiously mad. He said sorry but I didn’t take it. While we’re driving back to my house, he put his hand on my lap and said, “How old are we after four years?”
And then I told him, “Edi magbilang ka? Around 26/27”. Then he answered back, “Pwede na baby.” I look at him and he smiled. “ We can get marry four years from now.” I didnt answer back. I’m wondering why all of a sudden he’s been thinking about future together.

Ginger Tea

Summary: After bitching about your herbal tea for years, Dean finally decides to give it a try. Only there’s one catch in order for him to try it.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 723

Warnings: Making out, fluff, none really

Prompt: Hello Kas! Could you do 26 (nsfw), 2 (dean), or 34 (nsfw) with Sam if possible? I’m so excited to see all of these dribbles play out! -@mint-and-pastel-pink  2.  “It’s bad enough having all this rabbit food around, and now I gotta deal with your herbal teas?”

A/N: Herbal teas are my weakness. I love my ginger tea. I hope you enjoyed!

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Винтокрылые «Аллигаторы», «Терминаторы» и «Ночные охотники» готовятся к грядущему Параду Победы в Москве. Для тренировки эти и другие вертолеты вчера прибыли из тверского Торжка на подмосковный аэродром Кубинка. Перелет прошел нормально, несмотря на плохую погоду. Всего над Красной площадью 9 мая пролетит более 30 вертолетов.