La espera me agotó
no se nada de vos
dejaste tanto en mí
En llamas me acosté
y en un lento degradé
supe que te perdí

Exo Reactions To Their Pregnant Wife Knocking Them Off Their Feet With Her Baby Bump

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Baekhyun: *he turns the corner & collides with your belly, he falls back, thumping onto the ground & landing on his butt, he looks up at you then starts laughing like a kid* 

Chanyeol: *he was helping you carry things into the kitchen when he playfully smacked your ass, you turn & knock him over, he rolls around laughing for an hour*

Chen: *he was annoying you so you gave him a little shove with your belly, he tumbles back, trying to stabilize himself but he falls & gives you a sassy look before smirking*

D.O.: *he accidentally runs into you trying to maneuver his way around the kitchen & loses his footing, he hits the ground but looks up at you with a shy smile, embarrassed*

Kai: *he was minding his own business when you walked up & popped your belly out to playfully knock him over, he falls, giving you puzzled look as you smile at him*

Kris: *gif*

Lay: *he’d gone to give you a kiss but you’d forgotten how big your bump had gotten so when you leaned in, he went flying back onto the bed, looking confused*

Luhan: *he poked you in the stomach to get on your nerves & when he went to do it again, you pushed him over with it, he raised a brow, looking awed & unamused*

Sehun: *he was teasing you about your bump so you decided to just give him a nudge, sending him halfway across the room, he sits down, pouts & doesn’t speak*

Suho: *he startled you, trying to kiss you while you had your earbuds in & you accidentally knocked him over, he asks if you’re okay even though he was the one that fell* 

Tao: *he’d been sitting on the couch when you came over & tried to squeeze next to him, pushing him off the couch completely, he just sits in the floor, confused*

Xiumin: *he stepped in the way of your belly so you’d knock into him on purpose & he pouts, luring you to help him up & then he gently pulls you down to cuddle you*

Exo Reaction to Learning Their Wife Wants Another Kid


As they lied next to each, cuddling as they were falling inside sleep, her voice stirred him. He thought she had been sleeping by how steady her breathing was. She turned over, facing him and peering into his eyes through the darkness of their room. 

“I want another kid,” she told him quietly. He gave her a perverted smile as he thought about how they would get said other child. 


He didn’t expect to hear her tell him she wanted another kid, considering their son could be a real handful, but she had. He smiled, really taking in the idea and nodding. He laughed a little, not able to hide his excitement at the thought of another kid to sing to and chase around the house. 


When she mentioned it he wasn’t sure if it was something they could handle yet. Their son was a handful and touring was hard enough on one kid. But he thought about it as he cuddled with her on the couch anyways, thinking about the possibility of having a daughter. 


As soon as the words left her mouth that she had been thinking about having another baby, he could not contain his excitement and she regretted mentioning it a little. She hadn’t completely decided if she was ready for another kid, but it was clear that he was. 


“I think we should stick with the two we have for now,” he said as he crossed his arms. 

“But I want a girl,” his wife said as she pouted. 


He smiled at her when she finished confessing that she missed having a baby around and she thought it would be a good idea for their oldest to have a sibling. 

“I would not mind,” he told her with a confident nod. 


“I think we should bring home another baby, Yixing,” she told him shyly as she gazed at him from her side of the bed. 

“From where?”


“But our son messes up our house enough,” he said as he blinked and then looked around at the living room. Even now there was crayon marks all over the walls. 

“And I think having a sibling would be good for him.” 




His wife watched as Suho sat on the floor of the living room and played with his daughter. She handed him the unicorn plushie her uncle Lay had given her and had instructed him that he was in charge of transporting her doll to the dance. His wife smiled from the kitchen and then let out a sigh. 

“Junmyeon I want another kid.”


He was napping on the couch when his wife came in and set a snack on the table for their daughter. His wife smiled as she watched him lift his legs so their daughter could sit down. His daughter leaned against his legs, chewing on the apple slices as she watched her show. 

“I want another kid,” his wife said quietly as she smiled fondly at the sight. 

“But this one is such a brat.”


She was talking to her husband over video chat after she had put their daughter to bed and then sighed. He tilted his head as he looked at her curiously. “What’s wrong?”

“I think I want another kid, Minseok,” she said thoughtfully as she looked around the empty room. “But maybe I’m just feeling lonely without you here.”

“Well, why don’t we talk about it some more when I get home, okay Jagi?” 

EXO Reaction to you being a famous singer wanting to meet them

So I’m going to make this two in one because they are pretty similar. I hope you like them! Love, Admin A~

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Chanyeol: “Did she just tweet she wants to meet me? ME?!” *Can’t close his mouth*

Kris: “As expected. No one can be that famous if they don’t meet Galaxy boy. I’m more than awesome” *Super sassy*

Sehun: *Can’t with his life* “Miranda… she wants to meet me. This is a dream come true!!”

Tao: *Gets ready for it. Professional make up and really nice clothes will be more than enough*

Kai: *Prepares for it. Three days before* “I must look perfect!”

Xiumin: *Is pretty nervous but tries to act cool about it* <Just smile Xiumin… just smile>

Baekhyun: “Hey girl! Just come to me! Cupid wants it that way!”

Luhan: “Of course she wants to meet me. I’m an international actor!” *Fabulous!*

Chen: “We should make great memories together! I suggest some kissing sessions and maybe hotter stuff” *Won’t let this opportunity go*

Kyungsoo: *Mental breakdown*

Lay: *Doesn’t stop hugging her and kisses her all the time* “I love you. You are my favorite singer in the world”

Suho: *Flirts* “Hello gurl.. I can make all your dreams come true” *wink wink*