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(Sorry if the lack of political correctness here offends anybody, but serious question) Why is Book of Mormon the only Broadway show I can get my straight male friends and family members from out of town to see with me? Even with non-musicals it's like asking them to go to the dentist! Granted, certain shows would not be their cup of tea, but Broadway has a wide selection of shows and something for everyone. I don't understand. Is there a stigma attached to it now? I'm at a loss.

Back in the day, theater was Very Manly. Women weren’t allowed in theaters in New York because they would get too excited or startled and probably faint and just ruin everything like women do. But as time passed, fine arts like theater became associated with women, and nowadays most Broadway tickets are sold to women, and women make up the majority of the audience.

(Now why this doesn’t result in more women on the OTHER side of the curtain is a whole other conversation.)

So yes, because women are the ticket buyers and the audience members, show marketing wants to pander to women. And men see a sea of women in the audience for a show like Wicked which is a hit which focuses on women and they think “Well, I’m out.”

Remember: Things with a mostly male audience are normal. Things with a mostly female audience are niche.

So the response to this, in my opinion, is shows will go heavy on marketing to a male audience to get that elusive demographic. Book of Mormon and their South Park guys, Rocky and the Stallone fans, China Doll for fans of Al Pacino and Bluetooth headsets. So men feel safe in those spaces, they are Their Spaces, Manly Theater Spaces. Any show that hasn’t explicitly made itself Manly is going to have to work harder.

Wicked 2/10/16
She’s a hot mess, which is why I didn’t focus on perfecting her entrances. She literally doesn’t know how to go through trot poles anymore. She used to be as much of a pro as Bella. So we’re working back to that. First try she just came hauling at the trot and then sucked everything back to a walk because she didn’t know what to do, then she tried to jump her way through it, then tried a bit and fell on her face a little then she got more of the hang of it with a bunch of rubs, then miss careful clever pony came through clean after multiple attempts. I made sure to just keep rewarding and keep her positive and thinking her way through it. I was actually proud of my demeanor throughout the ride because it is especially frustrating to know the old Moll. But she’s my kiddo, we can do it, we’ve done it once before, we can do it again! So she improved quite a bit in one ride. We’ll get there eventually.


WICKED: Out of Oz Sessions - Aaron Tveit sings “Popular” (x)

“don’t be offended by my frank analysis / think of it as personality dialysis
now that I’ve chosen to become a pal, a / sister and adviser / there’s nobody wiser
not when it comes to popular - I know about popular!

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