Any task Catelyn asked her to turn her hand to, Brienne had performed deftly and without complaint, and when she was spoken to she answered politely, but she never chattered, nor wept, nor laughed. She had ridden with them every day and slept among them every night without ever truly becoming one of them.

It was the same when she was with Renly, Catelyn thought. At the feast, in the melee, even in Renly’s pavilion with her brothers of the Rainbow Guard. There are walls around this one higher than Winterfell’s

Game of Thrones AU - Gender Bender AU (Arya/Gendry)

All what she ever wanted was to play football. That’s it. But sadly ,Arya’s all-girls school, didn’t have a football team. Her plan? Signing in the King’s Landing Academy, an all-boys school, as Arry and play football there. But obviously she didn’t thought this through because as soon as she arrived, the problems started.