seymour krelborn may be used to some horrific things, but the real horror here is the fact that i can’t hold twoey and my cane at the same time, (at least not easily,) so i had a bad pain day and i didn’t have the energy to actually dress up and wear this costume on halloween for all that long… still, i had a lotta fun!


I made a quick speedpaint of that picture of Stefan as Orin Scrivello because it’s been a thousand years since I made one. Usually I edit out the boring bits where I’m messing about but I couldn’t be bothered so it’s not the greatest video :’)

I tried to track down the rest of the tracks from this production but it looks like they missed out Now (It’s Just the Gas) which means Dentist is the only song sung by Stefan in that version :( I wanted to hear his nitrous oxide death giggles!! 

But! I put his version of Dentist over my video so you can hear it, followed by the original cast recording version.

Finished picture