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Inktober day 19: Cloud - Neverhuman Stan

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Neverhuman AU is from @notllorstel and the picture is based on an amazing @dubsdeedubs fic called A Thousand Natural Shocks.

I’m calling it for Fall 2017 – the cosmos are a neutral and go with any look this season, being an eldritch abomination is a fashion DO

Inktober, Day 18 - Young Ford again

Hmmm.  So this is a bit of a mess but experimenting and forging forward is what inktober is all about, right? Right?  I thought I should try to branch out a bit in the angles I’m doing, so I looked at refs for this.  I’m… not sure… it worked out… quite as I wanted.  (Just, it’s not as angled as I was trying for.)  Also, that feeling when you start shading and you’re just like, “why did I do that? bad idea!” but it’s too late and you’re stuck with it.  Ahhhh, inktober.


I’ve just discovered this AMV maker on Youtube and their GF videos are out of this world 👌👌