Dean Winchester’s Heart

If it was possible to take a look inside Dean’s heart, you’d be surprised at what you found.

His heart is not just a pumping organ, filled with ventricles and arteries that push out the gallons of blood that keep him alive. No, Dean Winchester’s heart is much more than this.

Inside, on all those ventricles and veins and large chambers are names, carved within the soft tissue. Names to which Dean’s heart belongs.

Half of his heart - the entire right side including the aorta - belongs to Sam. His name is scrawled in chicken-scratch handwriting on every vein, every artery. Sam’s name is most prominent on the aorta, for without it Dean wouldn’t survive.

Thirty percent of his heart - most of the left side, the left ventricle and the left atrium - all belong to Castiel. It’s his full name inscribed there, not the nickname Dean gave to him long ago. His name dots along all the veins, right where the warm blood flows into Dean’s heart.

The pulmonary artery belongs to three people - Charlie, Jo, and Ellen - three of the most important friends and women in Dean’s life. Whenever he feels like he can’t breathe, when he’s too scared to continue on they remind him to breathe again, to keep on living.

The Superior Vena Cava belongs to his parents - Mary’s name is scrawled first near the top of the structure and then John’s further down. Whenever he’s lost his way, they help him see.

The Pulmonary Vein belongs to Bobby. A constant presence for when Dean ever doubt what he fights for and why he fights, with a warm gush, he is reminded. He fights for love, he fights for family.

The rest of his heart,the little notches here and there the smaller veins and tiny arteries are made up of everyone else - Benny, Lisa, Cassie, Anna, Garth, Kevin. All of the people he’s ever known, who he’s loved and cared about over the years that make up a part of who he is.

You see Dean Winchester’s heart isn’t just composed of one person, one body. He is composed of all those people, those gone and those still with him who are there in times of doubt to remind him who he is and what he stands for, what he lives for.

They remind him what it means to be family and more importantly, what it means to love. 

They keep him alive.


Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Speed Reading

Summary: Imagine Dean asking you to come back to bed.

Word Count: 1,829

You’d been reading for around an hour when he finally woke up; you were surprised, in all honesty, he was usually such a light sleeper.  But no, you’d managed to untangle yourself from him, roll out of bed, walk into the library and pick out a book, then come back into his room (significantly warmer than the library since he got the space heater) and collapse onto the ground, small penlight in hand while you read through some lore.

You were leaning against the wall, your back pressed hard against it, and you felt the coolness even through the sweatshirt you threw on prior to heading into the library.  Knees tucked up and penlight pressed hard against the book, your eyes glided from page to page, your ability to speed-read especially handy since this case had everyone stumped and there were so many books to go through.  It must have been somewhere around three in the morning when you left the room so it wasn’t much of a surprise that both of the Winchesters were still sleeping; Dean’s breathing was still heavy as you got to the last page of the second book you’d started since waking, you could still hear the way his breathing caught as he inhaled, could see the blankets rise and fall through the shadows, and while you were on the opposite side of the bed than the one he was laying on, you could imagine his face while he slept.

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anonymous asked:

Becommissar date night and they run into one of kommissars ex-girlfriends and Beca gets jelly.

“No. Vay.” Luisa gasped lightly, looking over Beca’s shoulder with wide eyes. Beca stopped mid sentence, looking behind her to see a tall, light haired woman lock eyes with Luisa, a smile on her face. “Johanna?” The DSM leader was still in quite some shock, standing up to greet the other woman. 

Beca watched as Luisa strode over to the woman, who she could’ve swore looked like Karlie Kloss at first glance, and the pair wrapped their arms around each other. She wasn’t sure why, but a feeling of uneasiness settled in the pit of Beca’s stomach as the hug lingered, as if the two had known each other in the past. 

And then they were walking back towards their table, a man following the stranger close by, holding her hand. “Beca, zhis is Johanna, an old…friend, of mine.” Luisa introduced the girls, knowing perfectly well that if she’d introduced Johanna as who she actually was, Beca just might have a mental breakdown. Not because she was the extremely jealous type, but because, yes, Johanna was irrevocably and undeniably, gorgeous. 

“Nice to meet you…” Beca smiled warily, extending her hand out for the girl to shake. Johanna gave her a warm smile and took her hand in hers, and damn it, why did German’s have such nice skin, or else Beca would’ve been more inclined to pull her hand away and have this woman, who couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of Luisa, walk away. 

“And zhis is her fiancee, Felix.” The Kommissar added, noticing her gilfriends tense nature and hoping it would ease her suspicions. Thankfully, Beca was able to pull her eyes away from the blonde beauty and instead rest them on the blonde man beside her. He must’ve gotten the short end of the gene pool, because while his face was nice and sculpted, he stood at about a foot and half shorter than Johanna. 

Beca gave the couple a smile once more, before the air turned tense. Wrapping it up, Luisa and Johanna rambled on in German for a few minutes before Johanna and Felix made their way to their own table. “So, old friend?” Beca mumbled, picking up her fork and playing around with the food on her plate. 

Luisa sat down and sighed, looking at Beca with apologetic eyes. “Okay, so ve dated for a little vhile vhen ve vere traveling together in Europe.” She admitted, placing her hand over Beca’s on the table. “See? I didn’t tell you because I didn’t vant you to get upset.”

“Upset? Why would I be upset? I’m not upset.” Beca cut in defensively, shaking her head as she took a piece of bread from the bread basket and began to tear it apart and stick it in her mouth. “I mean, I didn’t even notice that she was six foot two and looked like a freakin’ Victoria’s Secret model.” She added fiercely knowing she was being unfair but not being able to help it.

Luisa raised an eyebrow in curiosity, leaning forward in her seat slightly. “Feisty maus, are you jealous?” She asked incredulously, a smirk playing at her lips. 

“Well what is she even doing here, huh? There are plenty of other restaurants in Berlin.” Beca grumbled, ignoring her girlfriends question, which already had an obvious answer. 

“Zhis is one of zhe best restaurants in zhe country, Beca. Zhat’s vhy ve are here, as vell.” The blonde pointed out with a chuckle, shaking her head. Beca huffed, looking over at the table where Johanna and Felix sat, only to find Johanna looking at Luisa, and quickly turn her head away at the sight of the brunette’s eyes burning into her own. Beca looked back at Luisa with a helpless look on her face, pouting as she got up from the table and made her way to the bathroom. “Beca!” Luisa called after her, not sure if she should follow her or give her a moment.

In the bathroom, Beca leaned against the sink counter with her arms folded across her chest, looking down at her feet. Honest to God, she never got jealous. Plenty of people looked at Luisa, even flirted with her right in front of Beca, and it didn’t bother her ever, because she knew Luisa was hers and she was Luisa’s. But Johanna had also been hers at one point. And Johanna was beautiful, she was stunning, breathtaking…everything Beca felt she lacked. She was barely an average height for a woman of her age. Her hair was…well, mousy, and plain, and didn’t do much. Her skin didn’t glow and her eyes didn’t shine, and she wasn’t perfect. And that was probably what was driving her crazy, because Luisa was perfect, and she deserved nothing less than. And that wasn’t Beca. How was she supposed to compete with that?

“Beca, are you in here?” Luisa’s voice rang out through the bathroom as she entered, and Beca refused to looked up as the clicking of familiar heels filled her line of hearing. “Little maus.” Luisa tsked, her voice gentle and soft as she neared her girlfriend. Suddenly Beca felt strong hands on her biceps, rubbing them gently in comfort. And then Luisa placed a finger underneath the brunette’s chin and lifted it so their eyes met. “I am sorry. I did not know she vould be here. I did not zhink you vould get so upset.” Luisa apologized, kissing Beca’s forehead tenderly.

“I’m not upset, I just-I’m not her.” Beca whined, her voice getting quiet. Luisa furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Of course you are not her. You are you.” The blonde shook her head, confused.

“No, I…she’s perfect.” Beca sighed in surrender, not wanting to meet those icy blue eyes that had always made her melt. Realizing what her girlfriend was saying, Kommissar cupped the woman’s face gently and pressed their lips together for a moment. 

“Sure. So she is perfect. Perhaps in her own vay; in her legs and in her smile. But you,” she smiled cheekily, rubbing her nose against Beca’s in admiration. “You are zhe perfect one. In everyzhing. Your legs. Your smile. Your brain; your laugh, your voice, your kisses…” She giggled as she trailed off, pressing Beca against the counter with her hips and kissing her once more. “I vant you.” She confirmed, before her hands trailed down the Bella’s body, one resting on her thigh, teasing the hem of her dress, and the other at her neck. 

The German’s lips moved from Beca’s, down her jaw line and eventually to her neck where she would nip occasionally, leaving dark bruises in her path. Beca threw her head back in pleasure, clawing at the back of Luisa’s dress, wishing her own dress was a bit loser so that she could spread her legs a bit more as Luisa’s thigh pressed up right in between them. “Fuck…” The smaller woman breathed, her eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of Luisa’s tongue prodding at the newly formed love bites. 

“Oops.” The new voice sent a shock to both the women, Luisa jumping and looking up, while Beca’s eyes snapped open towards the door where Johanna stood. “I’m sorry. I’ll…um…” The blonde breathed, a bit flustered at the whole scene as she turned on her heel and scurried out. Beca smirked in triumph, while the Kommissar held back a laugh. 

“Talk about perfect timing…” Beca grinned, pulling Luisa in for one last kiss before they fixed themselves up in the mirror and made their way back to their table.

keeps my veins hot; dean ambrose/roman reigns

i meant to write celebration sex but i accidentally wrote weird cerebral porn so i’m sorry but also??? not at all sorry. enjoy this incredibly odd vaguely sexless fic about sex.

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It’s really come to a point that if Clint brought home a line of ducklings, Laura wouldn’t be surprised. Vulnerable people just imprint on Clint, and Laura loves her husband, but really, most of these people need better role models.

Show room

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2k

A/N this is like so ridiculously late that it doesn’t even count, but here you are anons! (also I couldn’t write just the script for a philisnotonfire so it’s a little more windy, I hope that’s okay!)

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Hello dear readers. If you have any question regarding any of the stories I’m posting, you can ask me on Tumblr to clarify if the PM system in here does not suit you. I hate the fact I cannot respond to your feedback or comments when you are guests in here. Thank you all for your support. Again, if you want to criticize a point or want me to clarify something, you can ask me on Tumblr and I’ll respond.

Haruhi's Weakness (Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru)

Prompt from anon: Haruhi walks in on the twins having a tickle fight, and gets dragged in herself!

“Hikaru! S-stop it!” Kaoru cried out desperately, squirming beneath his twin. Said twin was straddling Kaoru’s hips, digging his fingers into his ribs underneath his uniform jacket. “The other hosts are gonna be here soon!”

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So… I’m just finishing the ending to this Destiel fic and I’m a little nervous about eventually posting it. It’s… a little different than what I normally do.

I just hope you guys will like it as much as I do, even if it’s outside your typical reading selection for Destiel… 

anonymous asked:

Densi date night

“Are you ready!” Kensi yelled, her high heeled foot tapping impatiently on the tiled floor of Deeks’ kitchen.

“I probably would be if somebody hadn’t taken two hours putting their makeup on.”

“It’s a classy restaurant, I want to look good.”

Walking around the corner, Deeks pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Sweetheart, you could could wear a paper bag and you’d look delightful.”

“Yeah?” Grinning she swatted at his chest. “I don’t think the owners of the restaurant would agree.”

He shrugged. “Their problem.”

Shaking her head, Kensi grabbed the collar of his dress shirt and tugged him down. She could feel his grin against her mouth as she kissed him and his hand slowly crept beneath the hem of her dress, splaying out across her thigh.

“Mmm, you wanna forgo dinner?” He mumbled against her lips.

“I, uh-” Kensi started as her phone chimed on the counter. A quick glance at the screen confirmed her suspicions. “It’s Eric, looks like we’ll have to do this another time.”

“Forgo dinner for the bedroom?”

“Shut up.” Kensi stalked past him towards the bedroom.

“I’ll take that as a yes!”

1.9k deancas au; florist!dean and baker!cas (this is mainly for centour who asked for florist!dean like 2 weeks ago welp also i was inspired by this picture)

It’s 5:00pm exactly and Dean Winchester is right on schedule. He’s been stopping by Castiel’s, the local bakery, after he closes up his flower shop every day for the past ten days now with a different flower. Gabriel smiles as he watches the handsome florist walking towards the front counter, a red rose in his hand. 

“Y’know, most people are eager to get home after closing up shop,” Gabriel remarks as he crosses his arms over his chest.

Dean shrugs and tries not to blush before replying, “It’s on my way home, so I just figured..” he trails off and lifts up the flower as an aid of explanation. 

A moment of slightly awkward silence passes between the two before Dean clears his throat and asks, “Is, uh, is Cas still here?”

Gabriel chuckles and shakes his head before turning to the kitchen. “Baby bro! There’s somebody here waiting for you and he comes bearing gifts!” Gabriel calls and Dean can now hear what sounds like baking sheets clattering and moving around. He hopes that there’s nothing wrong in there.

Finally Castiel emerges, giving Gabriel a quick “get the fuck out of here” look and then suddenly it’s just the two of them, Dean and Cas, standing in the empty bakery with only a wooden counter and display cases now void of assorted pastries and sweets. 

Dean grins when he sees Cas standing there with his apron on. He’s got a light dusting of flour on the collar of his black t-shirt and what appears to be pink frosting on his cheek that Dean wants to kiss away. Not to mention his hair is sticking up everywhere, no doubt he’s been running his hands through it while baking again. He looks absolutely adorable.

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what we found is second to none

Brittle, uneven, mismatched. That’s how most perceive their relationship. And yet the gears fit together, running like clockwork.

An ongoing series of prompts written for Kuroken Month.

(Well, hopefully this’ll be a series. Gotta get my butt in gear.)

Also up on AO3.

Chapter 1: You and I Rested, Close in Peace

Theme: Firsts

Prompt: First Sleepover

Kenma’s holed up in his room, playing games on his bed as usual, when the doorbell rings.

“Kenma, he’s here!” his mother shouts. Kenma rises up off his stomach with a sigh, and shuffles downstairs.

He’s not excited.

Not that he ever really gets excited all that often, unless it’s about a new game, or beating a particularly difficult level. But he’s even less enthused when he has no say in matters whatsoever- like when he woke up this morning to his mother pulling open the curtains, announcing she’d invited the new neighbours’ son to stay the night.

“Tetsurou-kun’s so polite. So tall, too. Maybe he plays basketball!”

Maybe he’ll get you out of the house, was the implication.

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Midnight Clameron

Because I finally finished at least one of the things I have been working on.

From this: Imagine Person A of your OTP has an important or powerful position, with a special title or form of address, such as a military commander or a member of nobility/royalty. Person B is of a lower rank than Person A, and people sometimes assume this means B is subordinate in their relationship with A too. Now imagine Person B teasingly referring to Person A by their title as they completely dominate A in the bedroom.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK IN ANY WAY (also kinda kinky)

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