a rising tide like an hour glass

Pairing; Niall / Harry

Summary: Harry climbs over him, his legs slotting on either sides of Niall, his body flush against Niall’s. He nibbles on Niall’s lowerlip, then licks the seam of his mouth and causes him to elicit a soft - needy - moan. No feelings in the Glade, Niall remembers. Or, he doesn’t. It’s all kind of a haze to be honest.

Or; Niall and Harry are runners.

(for @2012niall because she deserves her maze runner au that she’s been yelling about)

Inappropriate Places

A list of inappropriate places to read fanfiction by @bullysquadess:

  • at your place of work
  • Super Bowl parties
  • the lunch lounge
  • across the dinner table from your SO
  • School Board meetings
  • the pasta aisle at Publix
  • in a motor vehicle that you are operating
  • anywhere while also on the phone with your mother

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Favourite Narry fic pls, I want to read one

No! why would you do this to me! I have so many fav fics you have no idea omg

I made this post awhile ago and it has over 100 fics (and all of them are my favs) and this is my rec page in tumblr with every fic i like.

my absolutely fav narry fic is  What’s A Fella T’ Do? by  iwanna_seeyou_undoit (pretend boyfriends au that will make you cry)

This is going to be long so take a seat

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@wakeupwakeupwell and I’s decent into fanfiction:

“I bet I could do it… Give me a prompt.”

“That went well but I think I’m done.”

“I have an idea but I don’t want to write it.”
“What if we both write it?”

“Okay we’re done no more fanfics we retire as champion.”

And now here we are…
Me writing a probably 30k fic and her writing drabbles on payneton.

@god we are liars.


Camsten one shot! Fluff!

Kirsten blinked slowly, waking up from a deep sleep. She wiggled her toes and stretched, letting out a soft yawn. The morning sun peaked through the bedroom window, falling onto her face and blanketing her with warmth and a sense of happiness. She smiled to herself. Saturday. Her first day of the week to sleep in, her first day of the week to not have to worry about a case. Her eyes traveled the room, thinking how she’d spend her day when Cameron’s phone began to ring on the nightstand beside her. She heard a groan come from the man laying beside her, a smile creeping across her face. He rolled over to face her, his hair a wild mess, his eyes still closed. He leaned forward and reached across her, his bare chest resting on her. He brushed his lips against her’s, quietly murmuring, “morning Princess” with a slight smirk. He answered the phone on it’s last ring, sleepily grunting in response to whatever Fisher happened to be saying. He rested his forehead on her’s, occasionally gently pressing his lips to her bottom lip. “I’ll find Kirsten and we’ll come in.” He said, his first full sentence of the morning. He threw the phone on to the bed beside them, before reaching around her waste, holding her tightly, and rolling over to pull her on top of him with a laugh. 

in darkness i follow you by ab_hinc for strong
3,675 words
content: fluff, side harry/niall

“What do you mean ‘you knew’?” Louis pouts, standing in the middle of Zayn’s sitting room. Harry, Liam and Niall are all shoved into a small sofa.

“We knew you were a bit stupid about Zayn,” Liam explains.

Louis would sputter an excuse and attempt a denial but Zayn starts giggling- actually giggling- and he looks so happy when Louis glances over to him that it doesn’t see important.

Or, four glimpses into Louis and Zayn’s relationship through the years. With bonus side!Narry.

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Xephos and Honeydew comforting Nano who's home alone after Lalna's gone on a journey that will take him months (maybe more) to complete?

“Don’t worry, friend,” says Xephos, as he potters around Pandalabs’ kitchen, opening cupboards and draws and occasionally ooh-ing to himself at what he finds, pulling various ingredients out seemingly at random and setting them on the worksurface. “He’ll be back before you know it. Three months will fly by if you keep busy - and Honeydew and I will visit every week, of course. Lomadia would, too, and you know how excited Kirin gets whenever anyone invites him somewhere, and that Strife fellow seems quite sweet on you-”

“Sweet on me!” splutters Nano, distracted from her brooding by sheer horror - not at the possibility of Strife liking her, per se, but at the fact that Xephos still uses the painfully archaic phrase sweet on someone. “I’ll- I’ll have you know that mine and Strife’s relationship is strictly business, thank you very much.”

Honeydew laughs at the bright pink of her cheeks from his place at the recently-installed, lovingly crafted breakfast bar. There’s been a lot of time for home improvements in the few weeks since Lalna left, and no one to stop her or call the decorating a waste of time in his absence. “Nothing wrong with mixing business and pleasure, young lady,” he says, with a wink, and Nano scowls.

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Get Gone CH 6

The chapter where your feels get rekt (they gon fight lol)

AU in which Jack and Rhys have to go into hiding for safety reasons, Helios is done for, basically shit hits the fan and new lives are fabricated, Jack is kind of an asshole, they’ve known each other awhile at this point, Jack has traces of human decency, SFW for now (not factoring in language) 

This chapter might be pushing SFW a bit for non-graohic violence and slight mentions of abuse

Escaping the past isn’t an option for Jack, as if it ever was…

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A Hundred Times Before

Prompt #11 [Things You Said That Made Me Feel Like Shit, Dallas/Sylvia] (requested by @trashymemeblog)

It was almost two when we pulled into my driveway, and I was chewing anxiously on my nails, staring out the window. I sighed, slamming my hand into my lap when Tim stopped the car, turning to face him suddenly, “This is the last time, Tim.” He glanced at me, flicking his cigarette out the window and choked out a laugh, “I’m serious. We can’t do this anymore.”

“Whatever you say, baby.” He shrugged and I rolled my eyes, sliding out of his car, and he’d barely let the door close before screeching out of my driveway, racing down the street the same way he’d done a hundred times before. He knew I’d be back, I knew I’d be back. Dallas wouldn’t be out for another month, and Tim’s bed was always open when I got lonely.

I slammed the front door behind me, grateful for more reasons than that for my mom to be at work. She wouldn’t have wondered where I’d been, she’d have known. But she would have questioned it, and I couldn’t deal with trying to explain falling back to Tim every time Dallas wasn’t around. I’d told him this time would be different. He went in for me- dumbass got caught trying to break into a jewelry store a week before my birthday- so this time I’d wait for him.

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fic: "Pre and Post" [Maria Hill/Steve Rogers]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Maria Hill/Steve Rogers
Characters: Maria Hill, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Mission Planning, Before and After, relationship, Love, Shower Sex
Series: Part 19 of Meeting Halfway

There are places Maria would rather be at 0200 hours – such as with Steve, and places she would much rather not be at 0200 hours – such as her office. Tonight, she’s managed both which should technically balance it out. Technically.


A Day in the Life of a Tree by frostykitten

Strange things are happening in the Forbidden Forest. Hogwarts might never be the same.

So I generally don’t actually READ a ton of humor (any, really) bc angst is way more My Jam but this one was cute, and it has Luna as the central character/narrator instead of Draco or Hermione, which is a cool change. One-shot, rated T.