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Mr. Tutor: WinWin (NCT U) (SMUT)

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Request: Hi! I would like to request a WinWin smut where he’s a nerd at your school and you’re failing so he offers to tutor you but it results in him losing his virginity to y/n. I hope it’s not too long!


“I don’t understand, Miss Y/LN. This is your senior year and you’re flunking. Your freshman, sophomore, and junior year were good. Your grades were good enough to get you a few scholarships. Now you’re messing up and…” You tuned your nagging teacher out as you examined your maroon colored nails. She was always trying to tell you what was best for you.

You knew she was looking out for you, but you were stubborn and you didn’t care as much as you should have. You hated school, the teachers, the students, and the work. You just wanted to it to be over and done. 

“Look at you, zoning out again!” You gave her a blank face and blinked slowly. It wasn’t that you didn’t care, you just wanted to go home and get in bed already.

“Are you done yet?” 

“Since you’re not focusing now, or ever for that matter. I’m going to find you a tutor. And if you don’t work with him, I’m going to make sure you have detention for the rest of your high school life.” You frowned at that, she was basically saying she was going to keep you at school later and away from your bed. You wouldn’t let her come in between your sleep, so you agreed.


“So you find the square root of…” You were in your tutoring session with another senior by the name of Dong Si Cheng. He was tall with broad shoulders and almond shaped eyes, to you he was simply gorgeous. Even if he was the nerdiest guy you’d ever met. The math equations rolled off his tongue as if he was Einstein himself and it turned you on. What? If a hot guy who’s smart as well is helping you tutor, wouldn’t you be feeling the same way?

“Uh..miss…you’re not paying attention.” His voice was hasty and he avoided your gaze, awkwardly looking at anything but you.

“I don’t like math.” You crossed your legs and noticed how his eyes darted to them then back up again, a faint blush adorning his cheeks.

“Y-yes I understand, but I have to tutor you.”

“But I don’t like math, Si Cheng.” The way you said his name left his neck red, his ears too. You were now aware of the reason he was acting the way he was. You made him flustered.

‘Maybe I could use this to my advantage.’

“Should we study something else?” He pulled out various textbooks but you didn’t want to study anything but his body.

“How about we study the human body and how it reacts to certain things.” Your hand lands on his shoulder and he tenses slightly.

“But…I didn’t bring my anatomy book.” You wanted to laugh at his naiveness.

“It’s alright honey,” You moved your hand slowly down his chest, “I think I can be of assistance.” Si Cheng’s eyes were glued to your hand that was trailing down towards his thigh. He wanted to stop you but your other hand was massaging his scalp with your acrylic nails, sending tingles down his spine.

He moaned softly when you gave his thigh a squeeze, feeling it flex under your fingers. “Ooh, you’re a big boy aren’t you? Tell me, honey, have you ever had a girl touch you like this before?” He instantly shakes his head when your hand brushes against his aching member.

You giggled triumphantly, this is the most fun you had at school all year. “Miss Y/LN.. we should stop before someone finds us.” He tried desperately to control his breathing but when your tongue worked around his earlobe, leaving him breathless. “Please…”

You chuckle and let go of him completely, “I think you’re right. I think I’ve had enough studying for the day.” He’s trying to regain his composure as you pack your things back into your backpack. “Thanks for the lesson, Si Cheng.”

You continued tutoring with Si Cheng, everyday you would tease him and get him all riled up, but today was different. You never thought he would retaliate but he did. You were walking to the very back of the library, passing a few students who either looked you up and down or drooled over you. You had went to get water, leaving Si Cheng in his seat with a hard on. You teased him just like any other day and it caused a tent to form in his pants.

Before you could sit down, he abruptly stood up and slammed you into the wall. The water fell from your hands and landed next to your feet with a thud.

“Hey…who the fuck do you think you are?” His voice was calm, like it always was but his words were the exact opposite of kind. His hands held your biceps and his gaze was hard and icy. Not once have you ever seen him act so…hot. You had to admit, he was incredibly sexy at the moment and your womanhood definitely agreed with you.

“Si Ch-” You started to say but stopped when his face came closer to yours. Now you were the one blushing.

“Shut up. Every day you come in here with these short skirts on,” His hand slid under your skirt and gripped your ass. “Teasing me and making me hard. Do you know how hard it is for me to keep my cool. Especially when you’re asking for a good fucking,” He smirks when you’re unable to look into his eyes, just like he had been the first time he met you. “What should I do with you?” He asked, more to himself than to you. He unbuttoned your uniform shirt and it’s thrown on the floor next to you.

“In public?” You place your hands on his shoulders as he tugs your skirt down, looking up at you.

“You weren’t complaining about it when you were rubbing my dick yesterday, were you?” You shake your head no and he pinches your thigh, “That’s what I thought.”

When your panties are off, he gives you the hungriest look and doesn’t leave you room to protest. His tongue is already lapping at your clit. The sudden wetness against your sensitive numb was enough to have you tangling your hand in his hair and tugging on it.

His arms wrap around your thighs and he pulls your pussy into his face, sliding his tongue past your wet folds. The back of your hand wasn’t doing anything to keep the whimpers from coming out of your mouth. His tongue moved inside of you so quickly, you were sure you were going to cum in mere seconds.

He hums against you and you bite your lip, trying with all your might to keep your moans quiet. Your knees start to shake when he focus on just your clit, flicking it rapidly with his tongue. Lewd moans left your mouth and he stopped.

“Look at you, I’ve barely started and you’re already about to cum. Maybe I’m the one who has control over you.” His pants fall to the ground after he unzips them. A week of fondling him through his boxers was not enough to prepare you for the size of his dick.

The tip was red, like a cherry and it leaked precum. Your attention was taken away from it when he lifted your leg. He slid into you slowly, his girth spread you out more than you ever were before, It hurt but the pleasure outweighed the pain.

“You don’t know how bad I want to fuck you into this wall and let everybody know who it is that’s making you scream.” It sounded like a damn good idea to you, but the chances of you two being caught was extremely high.

When he started, it wasn’t slow like regular Si Cheng would be, it was fast paced like horny Si Cheng is. You were almost completely naked, except for your bra that he left on. He pulled down the cups of it and squeezed your tit, taking the nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it and the very thought of it made you go wild. The cute and shy Si Cheng was not present anymore. You liked both sides of him, but this was the one that left you wanting more.

His pace never faltered. He kept pounded into you and it was so fast you could hear his skin connecting with yours. In a silent place like the library, this was not good.

His grunts are low and throaty, probably trying hard not to finish too quickly. But the way your walls gripped his cock made him dizzy with lust. He wanted nothing more than to fill you up with his fresh cum.

You wrapped your arms around his as your moans spilled from your mouth. You had to be more quiet or you were going to get caught. You brought his lips to your as he continued to plunge in and out of you. Your tongues tangled together in a hot makeout session.

He must have let you win because you were easily able to suck his tongue into your mouth. You break away at the same time to catch air. When he does, his lips are sucking on your neck, leaving hickeys. No, marking you.

“If people ask, you tell them it was Dong Si Cheng who left those on your neck, got it?” You moan and he closes his eyes, satisfied your answer. Your nails scratched at his clothed back and you came without warning.

Your pussy throbbed around his length and he followed suit, it twitched inside of you which only added to your pleasure and he pulled out, his cum slipped past your folds and onto the floor and you blushed.

In less than two seconds, Si Cheng is back to his old self. His whole face was red with embarrassment and he put his pants back on, readjusting them, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me and I just lost my virginity and please I d-” You cut him off with a kiss so passionate, it leaves him stunned, staring at you with wide eyes.

“Don’t apologize. I liked every single part of it. I kind of figured you were a virgin, you’re too kind. I just hope I was good enough for your first time.”

“Better than anyone I’ve ever had sex with!” You giggle at his joke.

“I’m the only one you’ve had sex with.”  Blushing, he helps you gather your clothes and put them back on, “I guess I could tell the teacher that I’m doing well in my studies.” You joked and he blushed again.

Si Cheng was shy, kind, and smart. Not the type you would consider to be in good in bed, but remember:

Never judge a book by its cover because one day that book might end up fucking you against a wall in your school’s library.


no one can convince me that this isn’t The Cutest picture on the entire planet oka y

  • Taeyong: Hands up if you feeling the vibe now
  • SM: that's great Taeyong just like that!
  • SM: Oh and hey wait here's a bunch more lines for you! ;)
  • Winwin: Hey Boss what bout me? Where my lines at?
  • SM: Dw i got it. here you go
  • Winwin: Whoop Whoop
  • Winwin: Wait what that's jus-
  • SM: Ah yes. My aesthetic ryt there. Much talent. Much inspiration. Much beauty. So gr8. 10/10 recommend. Yes good shit over here. So pleasing in the ears.
  • Winwin: ??
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Sehun: Dw bro ik how it feels -_-