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Teacher (WinWin Smut)

I fucking love this gif he looks so cudlly in this purple jumper. The next few text I’m goign to uplaod are probably all going to be Winwinie or at least NCT oneshots or so unless I get the sudden urge to write about other people. Which knowing me could quite possibly happen. I haven’t written in so long which is sad but things had been a little bit rough. 

Anyways so this is my first Winwin Smut which honestly took me ages till I was ready writing about him that way ever since he became my Biaswrecker.

Hope you enjoy it. ♥♥

Chores were boring but your dishwasher broke 2 weeks ago and now you had to wash and dry all your dishes by hand. But you weren’t alone Winwin was next to you being his usual happy self, grinning and whistling. Just being cute Winwin. He was drying the plates you’ve had washed in hopes you two were done quicker.

‘Baobei?’ He asked softly, drying hid plate diligently.

‘Yes Sichengie?’ You asked dunking the plate in the soapy water.

'Can you teach me something?’ He asked.

'What?’ You asked smiling at him while handing him the wet plate. 

'Errm. Sex?’ You dropped your plate in the water, a big splash shot up like a soapy fountain. It shot right into your face. You choked and we’re pretty sure the plate was now lying broken in your sink. You turned around to Winwin sure you had heard wrong. .He was shy Winwin not bluntly asking you if you two could have sex Winwin. He smiled and handed you the kitchen towel to dry your face. Laughing you dried your face then looked again at him. You needed clarification.

‘erm want me to what?’ you asked trying to look at unaffected as possible, when your mind was already racing about “teaching”. You never wanted to push him to do things as you knew he was very inexperienced but you had spent some nights laying in your bed thinking what he would be like in bed. 

'teach me…’ he fumbled with his rolled up shirt sleeves. 'how to have sex’ he said after a breather with a boost of confidence. So you heard him right. He was all red and flustered and shy. You placed the cloth down.

'what do you mean by teach?’ You asked looking at him he chuckled and brushed his fringe out of his way. Then he grinned and winked at you which made something inside you tingled. 

'You’re sure?’ You asked and he nodded smiling. 'Now?’ His eyes grew wider and he grinned.

'I don’t mind’ you could hear the excitement in his voice. You dried your hands on your jeans and walked to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed you laughed Winwin wasn’t there.

'Are you coming or not?’ You shouted. You could have sworn he was running, you flat was small but not that small but he must have slowed down right in front of the door as he came into the room casually walking in with the biggest grin on his face. Patting the spot next to you your mind was rushing  searching for good explanations. How were you supposed to teach him you always just did what felt right and to what your partner responded. There you had your answer. You turned towards him.

'So what do you know?’ You asked and he blushed.

'Well I talked to Yuta hyung’ he said looking at his lap fumbling with his fingers again.

'Oh gosh’ you laughed. You placed your hands on his shoulders turning his torso towards you. It was a bit awkward just looking at each other a lot of expectation in his in his eyes. 

'Erm you know what. Let your instincts take over. Just do what feels right for you. There is no point in talking it all out.’ You said and he looked a little bit confused. 

'But how do you know you like it?’ I smiled at his innocent question and brushed over his hair softly.

'trust me you will notice’ you winked and he grinned. 'Just follow me’ you instructed and he nodded. For a few more awkward moments you looked at each other. You thought for a second if you should tell him not to stress too much about it and have way too high expectations but you shook that thought aside it would sound weird to tell him don’t expect too much of this. Winwin raised one hand from his lap to place it on your cheek. His thumb brushed over your cheek and you two continued to smile at each other. Finally you had enough of grinning at each other (tbh Winwin could grin the whole day at me if he wants to😂😂) so you moved your face closer to him and placed a soft kiss onto his lips. Your lips moved slowly against each other. You felt Winwin getting more confident, holding your hip  and  your head in position. You pressed your chest a little bit more against him and wrapped your arms around him tighter. His tongue brushed across your bottom lip and opened your mouth determined yet softly. Making out for several minutes it got steamier and steamier. You both were pulling at each other trying to be closer. You had enough of just sitting next to him so you swung your leg over his lap and straddled him. Winwin looked at you a bit surprised and you put your forehead on his.

'Are you ok?’ You asked softly and he nodded.His face was a bit red and he was breathing fast. 

'If you feel uncomfortable just say so ok’ he nodded and pushed his chin upward to kiss you again. You supported yourself on your knees not fully sitting down softly pushing your chest against him. His arms were around your waist loosely. You let your hands wander down his chest, dragging your nails across his chest. His hands pulled you a little bit closer but he was still very shy. You made out a couple of times but you never got that heated. You pulled away looking at him.

‘you know you can touch me sichengie. Just do whatever feels good for you ok’ you softly took his hands and placed them on your hips. He smiled at, his hair ruffled a lot and his chest rising and falling quickly, a pink flush all over his face. You kissed him again this time you really sat on his lap you could feel his jeans pressing tight against you. You rolled your hips a little bit to rub against his bulge. He moaned silently and gripped your hips tighter. His hands moved under your shirt and you shivered in excitement. You started to feel hot and needed more friction so you pressed harder against him. His breath hitched and you let your hands wander down his body and under his shirt. You let your hands wander over his stomach to his chest then dragging the shirt he was wearing upwards over his head. Looking at him smiling you  raised your arms so he could take off yours too. You looked at each for a while until your lips crashed together again you pushed him backwards on the the mattress. Winwin seemed to have gained gained a whole lot of confidence and he hooked his arms around you flipped you over and dragged you upwards so you were fully laying on the bed. His hands caressed your skin as they were traveling down your body. You reached for his pants and cupped his erection over his jeans. You started to stroke him and he stopped in his tracks for a second then kissed your jaw and neck sucking and biting on your skin. You pressed your chest from the mattress. He kissed you right under the middle of your bra then looked up at you. His chin propped right where your last rips met, his lips were slightly parted, his cheeks were covered with a pink tint and his eyes sparkled like they never did before. 

'That feels good’ he mumbled and you placed one hand in his hair letting his soft locks run through your fingers. You grinned and nodded.

'Yes it does’ you looked at each other while his hands moved up your sides. He hugged you and his hands fumbled with your bra it took him some time and you smiled pushing Sicheng’s chest a bit sitting up. You were sitting with outstretched legs, Winwin kneeling between them. Winwin tried again trying to open your bra. He laughed in frustration trying to look over your shoulder to see what he was doing. 

'I’m sorry’ he mumbled you smiled and shook your head. 

'It’s fine’ he giggled and you kissed his shoulder stroking his back teasingly. After some more attempts he finally managed to open your bra. You pushed the bra off your shoulders and threw it over the edge of the bed. He looked at you his eyes clouded with lust. You felt the tension grow between the two of you. Both heavy breathing looking at each other seeing each other like this for the first time. You brushed over his chest and smiled at him. 

'Shall we take off the pants too?’ He asked quietly and you smiled pushing him a little bit. Your hands traveled down and opened his jeans. His hands were tangled in your hair and on your shoulder holding you close. 

'Baby get up please’ you whispered in his ear and he shuffled from the bed. He stood before you not knowing where to palace his hands he let them dangle motionless next to his torso. You tugged at his jeans letting them slip over his hips. He stepped out of the jeans looking at you being a little bit lost in the situation. You open your jeans that and stepped on the legs to wiggle free. Winwin observed you and then stepped closer after taking a good view of you.

'You look beautiful’ he whispered hovering his lips right over yours. Your lips connected again. Your hand wandered down to his boxershorts you could feel his erection below the thin fabric. Rubbing over his length his breath hitched. You felt a hand creep between your legs. Humming in approval you pressed against his hand. 

'Does that feel good?’ He husked and you nodded.

'Yes it does’ you moaned softly nibbling at his ear. His fingers moved your damp panties to the side. 

'Oh’ he said surprised brushing over your folds. You got goosebumps all over your body. 

'What?’ You whispered smiling at him nails running over his skin. 

'So wet’ he mumbled biting his lips. Looking into your eyes he slowly pushed one finger inside you. You closed your eyes slowly moaning under your breath.. 

'Does that feel good?’ He asked carefully curling your finger brushing against your walls.

'Oh yes’ your breath hitched and winwin smiled. He moved his fingers inside you over and over again. You rested your head on his shoulder breathing. You mimicked the paste he was pumping into stroking his member. Your legs started to get weak and you pulled away holding his hand. Winwin looked confused at you.

'Did I do something wrong?’ He asked and you pecked his lips.

'No no Baobei’ you slowly pulled those panties of you keeping eye contact. Slipping your hands under the waistband of the boxers you pulled them down. Grabbing his hand you let him back to the bed. Pushing him down onto the mattes you straddled him. His eyes lit up as you reached over and you took the small shiny package of your bedside table. Opening the condom package and rolling it over his member Winwin observed you attentive. His whole body was already glistening with a thin layer of sweat.

'You’re ready?’ He nodded quietly, there he was again. Your cute Winwinnie. His hands grabbed your thighs as you lowered yourself onto his length. You needed to adjust to his length hands on his chest. Winwin closed his eyes as you started moving your hips. Rocking on his lap you felt heatwaves rushing over your body. Winwin moaned looking at you holding your hips. You bent down to kiss him cupping his face. His hands moved up to your sides rolling over so he was on top. Taking your hands he intertwined your fingers. Speeding up Winwin pounded into you.

'Sicheng’ his name left your lips and Winwin looks at you grinning.

'I love the way you say my name’ he moaned thrusting harder into you. Heat was consuming your whole body and Winwin’s name mixed with all sorts of slurs as fire exploded inside of you. Tensing around his member you squeezed his hands. Close to the end of your orgasm Winwin also found release. Panting he collapsed next to you pulling you into his arms. Your head on his chest you both tried to catch your breath. You looked up at Winwin who was grinning widely.

'You’re happy?’ You asked smiling.

'Happier than I ever was’ he answered.

friends to lovers // winwin

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a/n: can i stop making everything school related 

  • winwin is my literal sON look at that gif i love that gif 
  • ok anyways leggo
  • you and sicheng are close friends from school and he’s your study buddy when it’s time for exams
  • your friendship can be described as very open i guess??
  • you always rant to him about your ugly boy problems
  • and he always offers to fight them for you
  • sometimes will be ur fake boyfriend
  • i mean yeah you get what i mean
  • so one day your math class starts doing ugly integral calculus
  • and you understand most of it
  • so sicheng always comes to u all the time for homework help
  • you go to his dorm or he comes to yours sometimes
  • ya know. homework buddies (useless conversations while watching pokémon)
  • one time he was at your dorm and you had a particularly rough day
  • while you were finishing your work you kinda just,,,,, fell asleep on top of ur books
  • sicheng was about to wake you up but he was like nah imma let them sleep
  • so he starts packing up his stuff and decides to leave a note for when you woke up
  • since he put everything away he had no pen so he reached for the one sitting dead under your limp hand
  • when he leaned in close to your face he was like “woah….. omg”
  • “wow so cute omg i have to take a pic aww snORES”
  • he forgot about the pen he was just staring at ur face like it was the starry night by van gogh
  • “wait is it normal to want to kiss ur friend”
  • the moment he thinks that he smacks himself
  • and he’s so flustered he runs out of your place and realized he forgot the note, so he texts you instead and literallt runs all the way back to his dorm
  • why is he running he doesn’t even know
  • the next day you see him and as usual go to him immediately
  • but he looks at you and runs agaIN
  • wtf sicheng
  • anyways you’re like eh he probably did something weird and doesn’t want me to know
  • this literally happens for 2 days
  • until you show up at his dorm one day and thank goodness his roommate let you in
  • you barge into sichengs room and he’s there sitting on his bed like someone came to arrest him for that candy he stole when he was 9
  • “i’m here to do homework….. bc i don’t want u failing ugly”
  • “i’m totally okay with calculus!! that’s why i didn’t ask for help the past few days”
  • you go to his desk and see on top his homework which he tried doing but ended up throwing in the garbage
  • “really bro”
  • “um”
  • so yeah you’re chilling on his bed doing work and sicheng is lying down with his homework and pencil in hand and his face is covered with the paper
  • in his defense,,, if he was too close to you he was gonna accidentally kiss u
  • you ask him what’s wrong and why he’s avoiding you but he doesn’t answer so you’re like bro i asked a question and his paper falls on his face
  • this boi fell asleep
  • “is he SERIOUS” but you don’t wanna wake him so you say it quietly
  • you take the paper from his face and start clearing the bed
  • when ur done you go to him and pull his blanket up and take his glasses off his face as well
  • “he’s kinda cute- wait wHAT”
  • you don’t even believe you said that yourself but then you look at his face again and realize that he is kinda cute
  • “wow i’d love to squish his cheeks aww”
  • at that moment you’re so fascinated by how someone could be so cute you do end up squishing his face (cue squish sound effect coming from ur mouth)
  • when you finally stop gushing over him you get up from his bed when a hand grabs at yours and pulls you back
  • typical drama scene i know bye
  • once again you’re like “so cute i can blackmail him with this”
  • unlike winwin u don’t hide the fact he’s cute and love it
  • so when y’all see each other the next day you’re just being all coy and hahahahahahah awww u the cutiest tbh and he’s like “oh no. do they know i wanna kiss them oh nO OH FUC”
  • “so sicheng….. why are u avoiding me today ;)))))))))))))”
  • “yeah okay,,, also you have a really nice face”
  • and he’s like “that wasn’t a dream!!!!” (his insides: ahhhh!!!!!)
  • and ur like nope!!!! you also have soft hands
  • you walk away and he’s like what..
  • but then realizes (his insides now: AHAAAAAHHHA!!! SHIT.)
  • ofc the poor boy is even more of a mess than last time so you tell him it’s okay and that you’ll forget about it
  • and also ofc u admit he is very cute and you wanna squish his cheeks until you die
  • “did i just plan an indirect marriage proposal”
  • ur hoping he doesn’t forget it
  • sicheng is also dying at the fact that you think he’s cute but he’s also dying even more to jusT KISS U ONCE BC YOUR LIPS LOOK SO FLUFFY
  • one day u guys are studying again and he’s pretty normal,,, almost too normal
  • then suddenly
  • “hey y/n i need to do something you just tell me if it’s okay after i do it”
  • “sicheng what”
  • he kisses ur cHEE k
  • forget calculus homework you forgot the square root of 1 at that moment
  • he observes your face to see if you liked it or not but you were so confused with so many feelings and he’s scared you didn’t like it
  • so he’s about to apologize but then you say that it was okay
  • but on the outside he’s suddenly very confident thank
  • “in that case i actually wanted to kiss ur lips but today cheek was enough”
  • so you’re like why!!!!  that’s so unfair
  • and he’s being half cocky at this point now that he’s sure you’re okay and aware of this new step in your ‘friendship’
  • “sicheng do iT NOW”
  • he’s just sitting there smiling and doing his work and ur like k fuck this
  • you grab his face and give him a quick kiss
  • and now it’s his turn to be dumbfounded
  • “one more time pleeeeeeeaasssse”
  • “no i think that was enough for today”
  • before you leave he tells you to “have a study session in the nearby cafe”
  • “is this a date”
  • “no…. i just wanna pass calculus”