k: winwin

in the last episode of nct life in osaka

when they were revealing their manitos and exchanging presents and winwin gave his gift to his manito and he had like no money to spend on it so it was kind of a lame gift but he felt so bad he ALMOST C R I E D 

it was such a cringefest tbh but i swear to god if anyone ever makes winwin cry they better say goodbye to their kneecaps because my 5′4 ass is coming for them >:{ 


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Pairing: WinWin X Reader

Genre : fluff

Word Count: 621

summary: Calm beach day with friends, when a life changing encounter happens.

A/N: Sorry we haven’t posted in over a month, we’ve all been busy. Here’s a oneshot about WinWin! hope you enjoy <3


Finally, summer was here, it’s not as hot as you had wanted it to be, but it was just warm enough for your friends to drag you to the beach.  They had been blabbing the whole ride, talking about how only a few knew where the beach was hidden, you just let out a quiet laugh and began reading a fanfic that was recommended to you.

Being so deep in the story you didn’t realize that the car had already stopped, you quickly shut off your phone and grabbed the food bag from the back. “Well, here it is” shouted your friend. You looked at her confused, all you saw was a cliff and water, your other friends giggling at your expression and pointed for you to look down, you felt dizzy staring at a small rocky path going along the cliff leading to a small beach. “One wrong move and we could fall, is there another way,“ you said hopefully. They all screamed no and grabbed your hand tightly, leading you safely to the quiet beach. Before you knew it, you were already down.

After everyone was finished setting up the beach towels and umbrellas, they quickly ran to the clear water, they let out a sigh when they hit the water, saying it was so cool on this hot day. You just laugh and roll over to grab your phone to finish the fic you had started earlier. You reach back to grab your headphones when a large group of boys ran by kicking up sand. You jumped up as the boys laughed, at the end of the group a man yelled at them to stop kicking sand and sent you a sincere apology. Must be the mother of the group you thought. With the beach being very small, the boys ended up laying right beside you.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw all the boys run to the ocean, or so you thought, after 5 minutes you heard mumbling over you shoulder, looking back you see the most handsome boy, he took your breath away, his eyes looked so warm, you felt at ease for a moment before you remembered he was just reading over your shoulder.

"Excuse me, What are you doing?” You tried to sound strict, but your voice only allowed a soft voice to come out. The boy noticed it and smiled. “I like reading stories that fans write, I find them cute!” Giving you a smile that would have knocked you off your feet if you were standing.

Suddenly he’s s eyes lit up, “ you should read some NCT fic’s”. His smile fell when you gave him a confused look, “who?” You whispered. He was about to answer when his friends called him to swim. He quickly ran towards them, before his feet touched the water. He looked back yelling for you to look up the band.

Without thinking your hands quickly moved to the internet search, type in the band, you quickly ran over their information and realized that you had heard a few of their songs, just haven’t fully dived in, “ so this must be his favourite band” you mumbled.

Your breathing stopped as a member caught you eye, it’s him… the one that took your breath away. “WinWin” you said without thinking with a smile. Your eyes quickly caught feet standing in front of you, slowly looking up, you just smiled, “ you know my name now, so what’s yours? ” he smiled as he sat down beside you.  "Y/N, it’s nice to meet you”. Let’s just say, this isn’t the last time you’ll see each other.