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How to become a choreographer. by Lyle Beniga
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  • Interviewer: What do you think it takes to become a really great choreographer?
  • Lyle Beniga: Umm..to be a great choreographer you definitely have to know foundation. You know, a lot of times, like people that are in choreography, they have no foundational roots. People wanna be choreographers before they're dancers and I get those kind of messages all the time. You know people who'd never dance in their life. How do they become a choreographer? DANCE first. [...] You just have to, you know, learn the basic stuff, like people that see me on YouTube or anywhere else than YouTube, who wanna skip the steps, that we took to get there..you know..and just do that; not kowing that there's a very very solid foundation, whether it's locking, popping , grooving..you know..anything that we're doing and it translates to what we're doing now..you know..so..and..um..as far as choreography..you know..doubt to have foundation..Put it this way, like when you see popping, locking, bboying now it's..the person..to the untrained eye it's still amazing people, it's still amazing people. You see poppers, lockers and bboyers, that are getting down on the street and people were stop and say like "Wow," and clap "it's so amazing!" and that's forever! That has been around for like thirty years! It won't never get old, it won't nerver get old. So always learn your stuff and your long journey in the game of choreography will just last long enough. You'll pass the trends.
  • Interviewer: Mh, very cool.
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The INNERview - #29 Lyle Beniga

A 48 minute interview with the world wide amazing choreographer, Lyle Beniga.