k: first time


Seriously girls, this is REALLY important, especially if you’re still a virgin and you’re freaking out about this. Boys may be scared about it too, so why not take a look at it?

Damn it I wish I knew that before!! Whatever, it’s still a great information to know about.

You were my first love. You made me laugh harder than I had ever laughed before and you made me cry louder than I knew I could. My heart skipped more times in one hour with you than it had ever done before. And even though I knew it was stupid, I vowed that we’d stay together, that I wouldn’t give up and that one day I’d marry you. 

Guess that didn’t happen. 

Our First Place

The first place where they met means the world to them because of the moments they shared there. But even though the place is gone, the memories stay. And that’s enough. (rated M)

“Hey. You’re sitting in my spot.”

It was a grassy hill covered in rows of flowers and bits of nature, with a large plum blossom tree providing a great area of shade.

Sakura looked up through her sleepy eyes at the businessman standing in front of her, wearing an expensive suit. He folded his arms and tapped his foot impatiently against the grass.

“Mm?” Sakura asked, her head resting on the bark of the tree. “What spot?”

“That’s my spot,” the man said, his voice deep and fierce.

Sakura turned to observe the tree thoroughly. “I don’t see your name on it.”

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First Time- Luke

You and your boyfriend, Luke, had been dating for nine months now and you had yet to have sex. Being a virgin was a huge factor, but while he and the boys had been touring Europe for the past two months, you realized you were ready.
While his plane was landing, you cleaned up the house, trying to make it spotless. Still being in school, you were always focusing on homework and exams, but tonight was about you and Luke. You decorated the hallway with a line of rose petals that led to your room and onto the bed. Candles spotted shelves and bedside tables and the dresser, illuminating the dimly lit room. You even went out over the weekend to buy some new lingerie with a friend. It was pink, with bows, to make you look more innocent.
Suddenly, the front door creaked open. “Babe!” shouted a familiar voice.
Your heart began pounding and you scurried out of the bedroom. Luke had just closed the door and immediately dropped his bags when he saw you. Even though it’d only been two months, he looked taller and more built, as if he’d been working out constantly. You jumped into his arms, your erratic heartbeat never slowing down.
“I missed you so much,” you mumbled against his lips, as his hands squeezed your bum. He smiled softly.
“I missed you, too, (Y/N),” he grinned.
“Luke?” you pulled away, resting your forehead on his.
“(Y/N)?” he jokingly mocked you.
“I’m ready,” you whispered, almost inaudibly.
Luke’s blue eyes widened, as your heart felt as if it was about to burst out of your chest. You were nervous, of course, but you couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else, besides Luke. His breathing hitched slightly, but he didn’t saw anything. Still in his arms, he carried you down the hall, finally taking notice of the flower petals scattered about. He smiled.
“All for me?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “but there’s more.”
Luke lightly pushed open the door with his foor, taking in the scene you’d prepared for him. He beamed, looking at you.
“I love you.”
You smiled in response, too nervous to say anything back. He laid you gently on the bed, kissing you softly and sweetly. His lips moved to your neck, sucking and biting and gently licking. You knew tiny little bruises would be dotting your neck tomorrow. Luke’s hands tugged on the hem of your shirt: his way of asking you permission. He’d never actually seen you completely naked, but you silently agreed, sitting up straighter. There was a sharp intake of air as he stared at you in the lacy bra. Luke’s warm hands ran up and down your sides, your heart threatening to burst from all the nerves. Before you knew it, your bra was off and your arms were folded across your chest.
“Baby girl,” Luke grabbed your arms, looking into your eyes, as he telepathically pleaded with you. “Please.” You sighed, took a deep breath, and removed your arms.
He leaned in to kiss you passionately. “I think you’re beautiful, no matter what. Okay?”
You nodded, as your nervously roamed his body. He quickly pulled off his shirt, then shrugged out of his jeans and smiled at you. “Whatever I can do to make you less nervous.”
“I love you, dork,” you grinned, slowly beginning to unbutton your jeans. Most of the nerves still lingered, but you were breathing normally now, becoming more comfortable with Luke. He stared at your body, and you couldn’t help but blush and look away.
“You’re still beautiful,” he laughed, pulling you in to kiss you. His hands ran down your sides, and inbetween your thighs. Gently rubbing you, trying to relax and prepare you. They found the waistband of your panties, gradually pulling them down your legs. Luke tossed them to the side.
“Baby girl, you’re soaking wet,” he growled, gnawing on his lip ring. His lips curled up into a smile and you couldn’t help yourself become more turned on. Luke’s fingers lightly ran up your legs, finding their way to your core. His thumb tapped your clit, making you gasp.
“Feel good?” he drawled, slipping a finger into you.
“Luke,” you moaned, clenching around his finger.
You threw your head back against the pillow, your chest rising and falling every time he pumped his finger into you.
“I’ll take that a yes,” Luke chuckled.
A knot formed in your stomach, closer to your release, and just as you were about to come, Luke removed his hand. You shot up, about to ask why, when he put a finger to your lips.
“You’ll see, babe, ” he promised, pulling down his black briefs. “But it’s going to hurt, so if it becomes too much, let me know and I’ll stop immediately.”
“Okay, Luke,” you mumbled softly.
He hovered over you, connecting his lips with yours again. Your tongues fought for dominance, but you let him win. His cock pressed against your entrance, the pressure building in your stomach.
“Ready?” he asked.
He gently entered you and you couldn’t help but gasp from the pain. The stretching caused a burning sensation and even though his thrusts were slow, it was near unbearable.
“Breathe, baby girl, breathe,” he kissed you, trying to ride you through the pain. He groaned and suddenly, despite the pain, you wanted to continue. “Do you want to stop?”
“No, Luke, keep going,” you gritted your teeth.
You loved that he was making this all about you, but it was about the two of you. For nine months, he’d respected you and waited, and now, you could give him what he’d been wanting.
His thrusts were careful and passionate and he keep his eyes on you, as if monitoring your ability to handle the pain. He peppered you with kisses and nibbled on your lower lip and smiled at you, trying to distract you from the pain. But soon, his moans tumbled from his lips and you knew he was close. You leaned up, biting his neck, leaving little hickes.
“Come for me, babe,” you whispered in his ear.
Luke let out a jagged moan, as he hit his high. He rode through his orgasm, groaning your name and a string of expletives followed. When he finished, his chest knocked against yours from his heavy breathing and he slowly pulled out. You hissed, the emptyness strange, but still burning.
“Wait here for a second,” Luke leaned down to kiss as he hurried to the bathroom. You nodded, curling up under the covers. Exhausted, you heard the tub being drawn. A few minutes later, a sweaty looking Luke reappeared, grinning from ear to ear. He hoisted you up, bridal style and carried you into the bathroom. He’d mimicked your style, lighting candles all around the tub, with the lights lowered. He placed you in the water, before sliding in behind you. With his legs on either side of you, you rested against his chest, eyes closed.
Luke’s hand trailed circles around your stomach, lowering each time. Before you knew it, his hand was rubbing your core again. Startled, you tried pushing his hand away. You were sore and the pain still lingered.
“Calm down, babe,” he kissed your shoulders, his hand resting on your waist. “You made me feel amazing and I want to return the favor.” His finger found your clit, rubbing small circles. “I won’t go any lower.”
You gripped his thighs, eyes shut from the pure pleasure. It still hurt, but the pleasure overpowered it. The water sloshed around the tub as he rubbed faster, your stomach forming the familiar knot again.
“You’re so beautiful,” Luke mumbled. It sent you over the edge, as you moaned his name, your orgasm shooting throughout your entire body. Luke continued rubbing your clit, guiding you through your orgasm. Your breaths in short waves, you settled back against Luke’s chest. Your vision was blurred and you’d never been so worn out before.
“(Y/N),” Luke mumbled softly. “I love you.”
“I love you, too.