k: dream high

Following Kim Pilsuks diet.

Eat like a

  • Queen for breakfast
  • Commoner for lunch
  • Begger for dinner

Jump rope 30 minutes a day and  don’t drink or eat after 7 pm.

As many of you know, this is Pilsuk’s diet from the Korean drama “Dream High.”

For the next 70 days, I plan to follow this diet and lose 15 kilograms.

Currently as of April 5 2014, I am 73 kilograms, and I plan to lose down to 58 Kilograms in seventy days.

Hopefuly by June 14, I can succesfully say that I am 15 kilograms lighter.

Hmm, think positively, I will lose be 15 kg lighter 8D

Good luck to me \O/ If there are other people who are losing weight, let’s be weight loss buddies! I don’t bite, so feel free to ask me questions, I love making friends. 8D