I want to inform you that this shall be known as one of our soft and precious anthems! I welcome you to treasure it as much as I do~

So now I’m picturing this alternate universe where K9 and Company got picked up to series and we got to see seasons worth of Sarah Jane having fabulous 1980s adventures, building up a whole network of friends and allies and contacts and enemies, her faithful tin hound always at her side. Aunt Lavinia would drop in now and then, and Brendan would visit in school holidays, and Ian Marter would’ve been a very special guest star from time to time, with Sarah roping Harry in on her escapades whenever he’s available, and he’d bring with him tantalising hints about what he’s been up to in between, on missions variously with NATO and MI5 and back at UNIT or even just with the Navy, and they’d be the perfect best friends, getting into scrapes and enjoying wacky hijinks and commiserating one another on their disastrous love lives, always flirting with the idea of, but never quite actually, getting together, and it would’ve been funny and dramatic and silly and touching by turns…

…come on, we all know it would’ve been amazing!

I feel like doing a Doctor Who complete watch:

the original series

k9 and Company

nu who

sarah jane adventures



Which is a lot of watching but I love it.

I have a decent amount of the classic DVD’s and the whole classic on my hard drive

I’ve got too much other stuff to watch and I’ve already done two great who-a-thons, 1 including the spinoffs and 1 just the main series 

But damn it sounds nice

We will see


I’m up to season 23 of my Dr Who rewatch but I finally found a decent copy of K9 & Company to show on a projector. Everyone involved should have been shot (‘cept Elisabeth Sladen. I like Elisabeth Sladen). Knowing how impossible it was to even have the K9 prop function correctly much less manuver well enough to be an actual part of the show, this shouldn’t have even been presented as a series. The episode is actually not bad; the storyline is clear and the acting is by far better than the hammy characters Doctor Who gave us during that same time period. But a virtually immobile (he sits in the same room almost the entire episode) dog as the star? A parody, maybe, which is a slot the opening titles filled rather well. The Australian show from 2010(?) figured that out and made him mostly CGI so he could fly around and not be total shit.

Can’t wait to get to Torchwood.